Whacked! Credits (Xbox)

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Whacked! Credits


MANAGEMENTMichel Kripalani, David Flanagan, Greg Uhler
PROGRAMMINGMax Elliott (technical director), Michael Saladino (lead), Andy Schatz, John Schultz, Tony Caton
MUSIC & SOUNDJamey Scott (composer), Daniel Achterman
ANIMATIONMike Brown (lead), Dan Paladin
LEVELSNate Clowar (technical director), Keith Self-Ballard, Jared Bailey, Jose Albanil, Casey Steffen
TEXTURESKelly Paige Standard (lead), Tracy Koehring, Mike Posis, James Rochelle
DESIGNPhil Saunders (lead), Ron Lemen, Eric Nguyen, Shane Nakamura, Jeff Carlisle, Francis Tsai
STORYMatthew Weinhold (lead writer)


PROGRAM MANAGEMENTThomas Zuccotti (producer), Gordon Hee (program manager)
PRODUCT PLANNINGChristine Hill, Phil Platt
PRODUCT MANAGEMENTBarbara Hagen, Chad Ellman
ARTJay Dee Alley
TESTHarris Thurmond (lead), Cory Alexander, Barbara Pritchard, Matt Coggan (Volt), Dylan Eddy (Volt), Matt Edington (Volt), David Eim (Volt), Collin Moore (Volt), Ty Roberts (Volt), Chris Lee (Volt)
USER EXPERIENCEDana Fos, Jason Groce, Dana Ludwig, Peter Tysver (Volt)
LOCALIZATIONJennifer Bixler, Warren Wright (Volt)

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Credits for this game were contributed by Xoleras (66900)