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Mindless shooting is okay, but Without Warning doesn't ever hit the threshold of becoming compelling drama.
MS Xbox World (Nov 02, 2005)
Without Warning is a decent albeit an average 3rd person action game, which although showing some flaws, most noticeably the AI at times; remains engaging and fun. I think the idea of telling the same story from 6 characters points of view works well for the game and the only thing that really lets it down is its overall lack of ambition with the idea and its execution. There is some fun to be gained from this title but I think most people should perhaps rent it first. A decent idea let down by generic game play.
If generic terrorists are this decade's ubiquitous bad guy like the commies of the eighties, then it's likely that uninspired games like this will continue to use them to such dull effect. Consider this your warning.
TeamXbox (Oct 31, 2005)
Without Warning, on paper, has the elements which make up a good third-person action/shooter, but it doesn’t quite deliver as a complete product when it’s all said and done. Perhaps the biggest downfalls are the targeting and shooting systems (the heart of any third-person game involving guns) which are adventures in their own right, and make for some trying times throughout each mission. Pick this one up to bolster your third-person action collection, but you may want to wait until the price drops. A rental is a good idea too, but don’t tell me that I didn’t warn you about the shooting/projectile systems.
Game Vortex (Dec 06, 2005)
Taking into account that the developers ripped off 24, I’m surprised that they didn’t rip off games from the genre they were shooting for. None of the mechanics are anywhere near entertaining, and the gameplay is the exact same thing every single level. Though in theory the game should be great, there is no substance to back it up. However, since Without Warning is the first of its kind (in the execution of the story anyway), it may have laid down its life to open the door for other companies to walk through, and hopefully one of them will get it right.
GameSpy (Nov 01, 2005)
While it was a nice effort, Without Warning lacks the shimmering magic to be considered a "must- own" title. Those of you who've been curious about this game enough to give it a try would be better off seeking a rental or awaiting a pre-owned copy to hit the bargain bin. Of course, some of you may be eager to fork over the cash, having seen footage of the game and are will dismiss my criticisms as being way too critical. To those of you, I tip my hat with the genuine hope that you'll discover something that I couldn't find.
Cheat Code Central (Nov 14, 2005)
Without Warning could have been so much more. It focuses too much on the Timeline gimmick but doesn't quite make it feel like a natural part of the gameplay. It reminds me of the early 3D movies where the objective was to tantalize the audience with 3D effects like a magician rather than incorporate the gimmick into a well-told story. Maybe the sequel will explore this feature in more depth. A well-developed multi-player mode utilizing the Timeline feature wouldn't be a bad idea either.
Fragland.net (Mar 20, 2006)
Don't let these fun parts misguide you though. Most of the time you'll be cursing on the controls, the AI, the bad flurry graphics and the short levels. It's so to speak enough to walk up a stairs, go through a door and push a button to start watching the "loading next level" screen.
GameSpot (Nov 08, 2005)
Without Warning can't be blamed for wanting to try something a little bit different than the average shooter--the problem is that the only thing it does differently isn't done very well, and the remaining components are so generic and hackneyed that they completely murder what small measure of originality the game has to offer. It's a dumb, frustrating, and boring game that clearly needed a lot more time in the pipes to become something entertaining, and it's not worth your time.
Without Warning is one of those games whose concept greatly outshines the final product. Poor controls, shonky camera, lacklustre presentation and a whole bunch of glaring bugs and glitches spoil what is at times a pretty good fun action shooter. Individually you could overlook these issues, but when they all work together, and when the bugs have the potential to crash the game or make it unplayable, it becomes totally unforgivable. Do yourself a favour and avoid this game: you have been warned.
GameZone (Nov 23, 2005)
Completely flawed in almost every aspect, Without Warning is a good idea that just isn’t executed as smoothly as it should have been. Its more-than-interesting concept has all the makings of a unique action game but with awful controls, poor AI and uninteresting mini games there isn’t much here that will make gamers want to see this through to the end.
Gamer Within (Nov 14, 2005)
Simply put, Without Warning fails on every front. It fails to offer an engaging, interesting storyline that keeps you on the edge of your seat from start to finish. It fails to correctly incorporate the views of six different characters and combine them to form an overall storyline. It fails to offer captivating gameplay that is pleasing to be a part of. It fails to offer any form of decency in its voice acting and visuals. Without Warning ultimately feels like a game that spent no more than a week in development, a project that fails in every aspect and is certainly not worth spending any money on, regardless of how cheap you can get it in the bargain box.
AceGamez (Nov 26, 2005)
Without Warning is a pretty-looking but utterly mediocre gaming experience that's little more than space invaders with terrorists. The concept is sound, the storyline is okay, but the implementation just doesn't work. It's not incompetent, but shooting wave after wave of terrorists, or sneaking around them, while defusing bombs and rewiring circuits in between, isn't half as interesting as it should be, and has been in many other great games, such as good old Splinter Cell for example, from which this is a world apart. Anyway, if you still give this game a go, when you realise that it really is as boring as I've said it is, just don't complain that you were without any warning…
IGN (Nov 04, 2005)
Without Warning really isn't very good... Its shooting is tame, forward progress is tedious, most enemies are foolish, the environment is dreary, and the unprofessionally delivered storyline is predictable and quite unentertaining. But perhaps Without Warning's biggest problem is the gimmicky multi perspective system it employs to distinguish itself from other action titles. Despite being conceptually sound, six kinds of the same uninteresting story and gameplay isn't at all satisfying.
4Players.de (Nov 12, 2005)
Wie kann man nach jahrzehntelanger Erfahrung im Videospielbereich eine an sich spannende Idee wie die von Without Warning nur so lieblos und dilettantisch umsetzen? Der Titel krankt an so vielen Mängeln, dass man eigentlich darauf wetten würde, es handle sich um eine überhastete Filmadaption. Mit großem Kino hat die spannungsarme Terroristenhatz aber reichlich wenig zu tun: Handlung, Dialoge und Charaktere sind so flach wie die Bergwelt Hollands und der im Mittelpunkt stehende Figuren- bzw. Perspektivenwechsel so dramatisch wie die Live-Übertragung eines Häkelturniers. Und welcher stumpfsinnige Sadist hat sich bitte diese spastische Steuerung bzw. Zielerfassung ausgedacht? Wahrscheinlich derselbe, der auch die hirnamputierte Gegner-KI und die haarsträubende Kollisionsabfrage auf dem Kerbholz hat... Na ja, das kommt halt davon, wenn man sich die Kosten für eine Qualitätsprüfung sparen will und jeden unbeaufsichtigt das machen lässt, was er am wenigsten kann.
Gaming Age (Dec 16, 2005)
A simple, one dimensional story, horrible voice acting and frustratingly boring and inconsistent gameplay make Without Warning an easy game to skip this holiday. Fair graphics keep it from being a complete waste of time, but with so much competition in the realm of first person shooters, there's no reason to seriously consider it.
Jeuxvideo.com (Nov 02, 2005)
Without Warning avait un bon concept de départ qui passe complètement inaperçu, d'une part parce qu'il est sous-exploité, d'autre part parce qu'il est noyé par un monceau de défauts. Pourvu d'une maniabilité à coucher dehors et d'un gameplay ultra basique, Without Warning entre par la porte et sort directement par la fenêtre.
Game Shark (Dec 05, 2005)
Without Warning just isn't a fun or even interesting experience - most of the time it's just a frustrating mess that you wish you weren't experiencing. The game concept could have worked if not for the myriad or problems that plague this title. Playing from six different perspectives, having multiple plot paths and a decent story could have been fun - it's a great idea, after all - but Without Warning drops the ball and kicks it under the bleachers. Players looking for a 24 type game experience should stick to watching that show on television or waiting for the officially licensed game to release.
Without Warning is a definitive D-list game. Sycophantically pilfering a 24-like plotline and offering six 'unique' perspectives of mediocre game design, Without Warning is a waste of time and money. Built around and wringing every drop from its on-the-nose temporal motif, Without Warning is sure to remind you of everything else you should be doing with your time instead of wasting your day with an ill conceived, poorly executed, and predominately pointless game.
Lawrence (Nov 27, 2005)
The easiest way to sum up Without Warning is with this sentence: You will not have fun playing it. Conceptually, it has potential, but the execution is atrocious. In the right hands, this type of game could be very interesting. You’d be much better off waiting for the actual 24 game than wasting time and money on this disappointment.
Don't let the promising premise behind Without Warning -- terrorists have taken over a power plant, and you have 12 hours to stop them while playing as six different characters with overlapping storylines -- fool you: This is easily the worst Xbox game in recent memory.