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    If realism was the name of the game, Pro Evolution Soccer 4™ wins hands down – this is the definitive football experience, taking realism to a whole new level on Xbox. Featuring hundreds of new animations, players not only look like their real-life counterpart, they also move and react like them.

    Lead your squad into 90-minutes of gruelling action against pitch-perfect AI, or compete with the world online with XboxLive. A word of advice, watch your tackles, with a referee now present on-field the whole match, it’s going to need skill to stay in this game.

    • Online: Kick off the action in real-time with players from every corner of the world on Xbox Live.
    • Realism: Faithfully recreated players, from physical appearance, to facial expressions, to temperament and movement on the pitch.
    • Licensed: Official licenses for 56 original clubs and over 3,000 licensed players.
    • Techniques: Practice and master new free kick, set piece and penalty techniques.
    • Multiplayer: Go head-to-head or team up with up to three friends on one Xbox.

    Contributed by havoc of smeg (22311) on Sep 30, 2010.

    The Pro Evolution Soccer series inspires fervour among football fans with every new iteration, with an unparalleled level of control and sense of realism. And it's no different with Pro Evolution Soccer 4, which ups the bar still further.

    New control techniques allow for free kicks to be taken with a second kicker, offering more options and control from set pieces, and a greater set of moves has been slickly implemented into the fluid, convincing football action.


    Further improvements have been made to the dribbling system, offering players more control and options while taking opponents on one-to-one. Getting into the ideal position for a pin-point cross or defence-splitting through-pass is now more achievable and satisfying - given practice!

    It's not just the gameplay that's been improved. Graphics are better than ever, with far more recognisable players and, for the first time, an on-pitch referee presiding over the action. Referees are more sophisticated than in any Pro Evolution Soccer game so far, with more intelligent use of playing advantage.

    Off the pitch, control over your team's formation, tactics and line-up is more complete than ever before. The ever-popular Master League, meanwhile, has been vastly improved. You can now save a 'My Best Eleven' team for prosperity, made up of the finest players you have cultivated. You'll also have to be more adaptable than ever, as particularly nasty injuries can force players to retire mid-way through a Master League season.

    In certain cases, you'll have to think hard to restructure your team effectively, if you lose an important player. It's the ultimate test of your football acumen, married to the ultimate test of your football skill!

    In keeping with the unrivalled realism of the action, Konami has acquired licenses for the Dutch, Italian and Spanish leagues. Access to world famous teams like Real Madrid, Ajax and Juventus is now a reality within a Pro Evo game! It keeps getting better...


  • The latest in Konami's series of football masterpieces

  • Revamped Master League offers more depth than ever

  • New set piece options allow for more variety

  • The referee is now on the pitch, and cleverer than ever

    Contributed by Xoleras (66865) on Nov 03, 2004.