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AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 2.7
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 2.8
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 3.0
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 2.6
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.0
Overall User Score (11 votes) 2.8

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IGN (Feb 08, 2002)
WWF Raw has a fantastic wrestling engine which goes a long way towards making this game enjoyable. It looks and feels like you're in control of a WWF match from beginning to end and this is what wrestling games are supposed to give us. I was a huge fan of No Mercy and Wrestlemania 2000 on N64 and this feels like a huge next generation leap forward from those games in terms of gameplay. I'm not sure how Wrestlemania X8 is going to turn out on GameCube, but I know long time Nintendo/wrestling fans would definitely want something like Raw.
Game Chronicles (Mar 11, 2002)
The Xbox platform has yet another great title to add to its collection with THQ & Takk Pacific Inc.’s WWF RAW. With its fourteen type of matches and the many characters to choose from, as well as the option to create your own, the gamer has many hours of enjoyment ahead. The graphical and audio quality that is presented with this game only adds to the enjoyment for anyone who plays this well constructed game. If you have the slightest interest in wrestling or the WWF then this is a must-have title for any Xbox owner.
Xbox Exclusive (Feb, 2002)
From the time you start playing to the point where you stop, you feel like your watching a match on TV. The lack of match types and gameplay modes does hurt the game some, but Raw's outstanding gameplay and graphics more then make up for that. No other wrestling game has brought the WWF to life like Raw does. If you are a fan of the WWF at all, and you can over look a lack of options for great gameplay and graphics, then Raw is a must buy.
GameSpy (Mar, 2002)
WWF Raw is a great wrestling game, or would be if it felt more finished. The lack of a save during the tournaments, especially given the Xbox hard drive is an omission that's hard to understand. Still, the game features terrific graphics, sound, and a presentation that does what WWF fans really want a game to do -- recreate the whole experience in their living room! With solid controls and decent AI it's worthwhile in single-player, but get a few friends together and it's a heck of a party game too.
Gaming Target (Feb 21, 2002)
Raw is littered with problems that cover a variety of categories, but it still some how turned out to be a quality wrestling title that fits nicely as the Xbox’s first. Of course, hardcore wrestling fans can easily overlook a majority of the misgivings and enjoy the game fully, but just to be safe, casual fans might want to give it a rental first. Nevertheless, with excellent gameplay, gorgeous graphics, and a magnificent presentation, WWF Raw is definitely a keeper. Now let’s see some WWF Raw 2!
GamersMark (Feb 15, 2002)
The game is amazing. But it could have been a lot better if THQ/Anchor wouldn’t have removed the good features in the game, which the people wanted. But the game overall is a must rent before buy, unless you’re like me and pre-ordered it before you knew that the good features you wanted got removed.
Gamesmania.de (Oct 24, 2002)
WWE Raw ist Wrestling pur! Auch Ignoranten des amerikanischen Wrestlings sollten einen Blick riskieren, denn an der Spielkonsole wird aus der Show ein echter Fight, dessen Ausgang nicht geplant ist. Somit präsentiert THQ mit diesem Titel alle Vorteile der Megashow, ohne die damit verbundenen Nachteile. Insgesamt ist dieses Spiel eine gelungene Umsetzung, die jedoch noch viel Raum für eine bessere Fortsetzung lässt.
GameZone (Feb 05, 2002)
Graphically, this is a remarkable program. The controls take time to get acquainted with, but once you have them down – and assuming that you are a fan of the WWF – you are in for an animated treat. The action can be very unrealistic, just in terms of physical reality, and that is a major drawback.
Game Over Online (Mar 14, 2002)
When the final bell rings, WWF Raw wins by disqualification; after all, there’s no other wrestling game out there for the Xbox. But that would be selling WWF Raw short. Despite its various shortcomings, including inconsistent gameplay, a lack of commentary and absent features, WWF Raw is a fun and challenging game; qualities every wrestling title should strive to achieve.
4Players.de (Oct 13, 2002)
Das größte Manko von Raw liegt am Alter. Die mehr als acht Monate Unterschied zwischen US- und Deutschland-Release merkt man dabei vor allem der Grafik an, die abgesehen von den stimmigen Einmärschen der Athleten und der TV-Präsentation gerade mal durchschnittliche Animationen bietet. Spielerisch zwischen der Smackdown!-Serie und den hervorragenden N64-Wrestlern angesiedelt, haben die Entwickler mit den Energie- und Zuschauerleisten zwei schöne neue Elemente eingebaut. Da es aber deutlich an Matchtypen und Variationsmöglichkeiten mangelt und auch aktuelle Top-Wrestler nicht vertreten sind, sollten sich nur eingefleischte WWE-Fans an Raw versuchen. Trotzdem wird man das Gefühl nicht los (vor allem wenn man über die Schulter auf Smackdown! 3 und das demnächst erscheinende Smackdown! 4 schaut), dass bei Raw viel zu viele Ideen verschenkt oder nur angekratzt wurden.
Lacking most of the modes that the increasingly jaded wrestling fans demand in today’s version of the sport, such as extreme cage matches, Hell in the Cell and so forth, WWF Raw instead delivers vanilla one-on-one and variations on three and four man matches. Multiplayer games will have more appeal than the single player due to the item system. Adding some replayability to the game, there are lots of tournament structures to be found, and as you climb your way through the ranks you can unlock new wrestlers, belts and so forth in the championship mode. Another pastime involves hunting for more props, since they’re only available to the extensive Create a Wrestler mode once found at ringside. All of these little diversions still can’t flesh out this fairly skeletal frame, and while this is clearly a very solid foundation, we’ll have to wait for WWF Raw‘s sequel to see the necessary additions, improvements to AI and so forth that would make this an amazing title.
GamePro (US) (Feb 26, 2002)
The first WWF game for the Xbox is definitely Raw, but its actual gameplay might just leave you sore. Reviewing a wrestling game is hard work. No matter what you say about the game, wrestling fans will tend to buy them anyway. That said, WWF Raw is a game no Xbox-owning WWF fanatic should be without but it’s not a particularly good game by any stretch of the imagination.
TeamXbox (Feb 18, 2002)
All in all, Raw is a fine game. Its graphics are second to none, the create a wrestler mode, complete with a create an entrance mode, is one of the most thorough to ever appear in a wrestling game licensed by ECW, WWF, or WCW. The gameplay has it's quirks, like the fickle crowd and the inability to grapple a kneeling opponent, but is surprisingly deep, fun, and a welcome change of pace for those of us sick of the arcade style Smackdown series. Sure, Raw doesn't have many game modes or match types, but for a base wrestling game it's match selection is adequate. Besides, the extra match types are being saved for the sequel. What's important in the first wrestling game of a series is solid gameplay, graphics, and presentation, and Raw excels in all of those areas.
Sadly, Raw has convinced me it's impossible to make a wrestling game that tells a story and flows like an actual match. The only source of enjoyment was collecting the obscure items and weapons (hats, fruit, chairs), akin to Smash Bros.' trophies. Sorry, Triple H, but it's not time to play this game.
With all of this game's pluses and minuses you are probably asking yourself why should I buy this? Well here is the lowdown, are you a wrestling fan? Do you play lots of multi-player gaming? Do you enjoy the best grappling system in the world? If you answered yet to at least two of these questions then by all means buy this title. If a steep learning curve is too much for you to handle and cheap AI makes you break controllers then stay away! Otherwise grab this awesome first attempt at wrasslin' on the XBox, now can you smell what the XBox is cookin'? Cheesy I know...ZT
GameSpot (Feb 11, 2002)
In the end, WWF Raw is a valiant effort by Anchor, which has succeeded in creating a formidable game engine that allows for a number of really great future possibilities. The many items to find and use are an absolute riot, and despite a truckload of missing features, the create-a-wrestler mode is solid. Those who absolutely need a wrestling game for their Xbox will obviously eat this one up--it's not hard to look past the considerable flaws and laud the virtues of what is easily the best-looking wrestling game currently available. The discriminating player, however, would do well to rent this one first.
Certainly, the character models look fantastic, but their movements are extremely awkward – appearing as though they were subject to a nasty backstage wedgie. Of equal distress, the computer AI doesn’t appear to know a thing about wrestling. The only fascination I had with the game was the ability to create a custom entrance and the overabundance of items you can collect.
WWF Raw has a ton of potential, but this year's effort lacks entirely too many of the options that wrestling games have developed in recent years. But most of all, the game's speed makes you feel as though you're in constant slow motion. If you're really, really into the World Wresting Federation or wrestling games in general, then maybe you will want to pick up a copy of Raw for the Xbox. Otherwise, I would strongly suggest either picking up Smackdown! (if you also own a PS2) or waiting until next year's Raw is released. Maybe if they begin work now, the developers will give us the quality they always promise.
Game Freaks 365 (Apr 19, 2003)
Diehard fans will notice something right off the get-go. Specifically, there is no Career Mode, no Royal Rumble, no Cage Match, no Table Match, no Ladder Match, no storylines of character interaction, no Tag Team moves, no backstage areas, and no other arenas. About the only thing this has that stands out, is the create-a-wrestler feature, which is one of the best around. You can tweak almost everything and make it look almost exactly the way you want it to or the way you wish you looked. Even though there are many unlockables, that alone won't keep you in this game very long. With barely any features at all, this could be maybe completed in only an afternoon if you tried to unlock every item.
GamingTrend (Oct, 2005)
This game is crap. Much like Smackdown this fails to live up to the best AKI/Asmik has put forward in this genre. However this game falls even below Smackdown in my mind. At least Smackdown had options for gimmick matches and careers from the beginning, this game has none of that. This game is a rental at best but if you must own all wrestling games you have been warned.
Extreme Gamer (Dec 16, 2002)
The game is a great foundation for a good wrestling title, but overall it seems like an unfinished build of something that will be better. K-Kwik is in the roster, if that doesn't say it i don't know what will. The graphics and sound are decent, but they half finished some wrestlers models. I am surprised HHH doesn't go down to the studio and lay the smack down on the artist who worked on his face. Enough about Raw, I am getting sick!
AceGamez (Oct, 2004)
WWE RAW is a technically faithful wrestling game, with plenty of game modes and customisable options. The graphics, animation and sound are all good, but surely not pushing the Xbox anywhere near to its limits and it fails to capture the essence of WWE, feeling outdated and sluggish to play. Best avoid this one until a real next-gen wrestler comes along.
Gaming Age (Feb 22, 2002)
So basically it boils down to just how badly you want to play WWF on your Xbox. Frankly, if you can find yourself an N64 and a used copy of No Mercy, you're much better off than purchasing this unfinished game. The innovative gameplay and sweet graphics keep WWF RAW from receiving a failing grade, but the bare bones gameplay options, limited CAW menu, flaky single-player AI and overall anemic offerings here really hurt this game, especially when compared to others in the THQ line. Don't bother trying to shoot the messenger - point the finger at the publisher for raising the bar (and our expectations) to such a high degree with games like Smackdown and No Mercy. Hopefully another year's development time will result in a fully furnished game for the Xbox next time around, because WWF RAW is not worth the price being asked. An occasional rental or a used purchase is more in line with what the pittance being offered here.
Game Revolution (Mar, 2002)
The lack of modes and overly complex control could be forgiven. Hell, I could even overlook the lack of voices (characters and announcers), but no save feature? WWF Raw really feels half-finished. It promised features that never made it into the finished product, which is a big disappointment. It's the Xbox's best (and only) wrestling title out there, but it could have been so much more.
Mygamer.com (Aug 28, 2004)
WWF Raw has little or no replay value at all. I soon found myself tired of the game after just one or two days of play. Good thing I got the game at Funcoland! Form your own opinion of the game, though, but perhaps you'd be wise to rent it before you think about a purchase. Terrible!
GamesFirst! (Apr 02, 2002)
Those who feel compelled after reading this that they need to still buy this game, don't. Rent it first because at best RAW is a renter even for those who are die hard fans. There is just too much going against this game to warrant a purchase. Sure there are some great graphics, but in a time where graphics are becoming more spectacular every day, a greater emphasis should be placed on the gameplay and overall completeness. I would have waited another year to ensure that I played the spectacular game that was promised.
Jeuxvideo.com (Oct 09, 2002)
WWE Raw est très décevant. Après un WWF Smackdown sur PS2, on pensait que THQ avait enfin trouvé la recette pour faire des bons jeux de catch, mais non. Ce nouveau titre Xbox n'apporte absolument rien au genre et dispose en outre d'une réalisation indigne de la console.