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Xbox version

Page-flipping Marvel Logo
Shot from Raven's logo movie
Main Menu
Opening Cinematic
Opening Cinematic
The first character you control is Wolverine. New York is in shambles because Magma lost control of her powers.
You can change your team configuration between missions.
X-mansion loading screen
You control Magma, a newly discovered mutant, between missions, and can converse with the X-men.
Talking with Wolverine outside the Danger Room.
You can visit Healer from the Morlocks when you fulfill certain objectives. He sells you various potions.
Forge can sell you items in exchange for Tech Bits which you gather from missions.
Uh-oh, the Sentinels have attacked New York.
If you time your mutant attacks right with your team, you can do combos which deal an incredible amount of damage. This Optic Claw combo made short work of a Sentinel.
Each character has their own loading screen.
The Juggernaut on a rampage on Muir Island.
Cyclops and Iceman deal a devastating combo to Juggernaut.
To Wolvie, from Alpha Flight
Nice touch in Beasts room