007: Blood Stone Screenshots (Xbox 360)

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Xbox 360 version

Main menu.
Similar to previous Bond games, the story consists of about a dozen levels which can be replayed after reaching them.
Judi Dench in a reprising role of M during the prologue mission in Athens, Greece.
Parachuting at the ship of a known smuggler. Gameplay tips will be displayed to get you familiar with the controls.
Using a silenced pistol to take out the guard without alerting the others to your presence.
When close enough for hand-to-hand combat, you can execute a takedown, a silent one if you haven't been spotted.
Focus aims mean one shot one kill. You earn them by taking out the enemy in hand-to-hand combat.
A pursuit in a speeding boat.
Taking out the badguys during the speedboat pursuit.
Blow up the cars to take out nearby enemies.
A typical James Bond opening after the action-paced prologue.
Main title in the introductory video.
Arriving in Istanbul in search of professor Malcolm Tedworth.
It'll take a lot more than just helmet to protect you from all the dangers you'll encounter at this construction site.
Use your smartphone to track down enemy signals.
A silent takedown... that guard shouldn't have been leaning on that wall opening.
As a small side-quest, you can gather various intelligence during your missions.
In pursuit... it's going to be tricky to pass that taxi without a scratch.
Multiple contacts! But this time I'm armed with an AK74.
The only thing Bond title features as much as arms are ladies, but with guns at least you know it's your ally.
Enjoying the fireworks in Monaco, at least until you enter the villa full of armed guards.
Somewhere in Siberia... Bond is posing as a chauffeur.
Using your smartphone to hack and activate the car alarm.
Shotgun is deadly at close range, but at long one it may require an extra shot or two.
This game lets you drive almost all the trademark Bond cars, and we all know Aston Martin when we see one, especially if our protagonist is steering the wheel.
During the high-speed chases it only takes one small mistake to game over.
James is never cold, he wears on a tux even in life-threatening unfriendly climates.
Fighting the soldiers on a speeding hovercraft.
Tracking down the bug transmitters with your ever-so-handy smartphone.
That plane is flying awfully low.
Chasing down the assassin.
Using left analogue stick to shake off the Tuk Tuk before you can even consider chasing that huge truck ahead.
You can switch to first-person hood view during the car chase.
After wrecking havoc upon half of the city, the assassin still got away, and to makes things worse, the cops are all over the scene.
This silent takedown didn't go so silent as I hoped it would.
James won't kill the officers of the law, he'll use his fists and a stun gun instead.
What a predicament... good things these walls don't appear sturdy anymore.
This guard won't see me coming... that's what happens when you don't tie your prisoner the right way.
Fighting the military forces somewhere in the jungle.
You can rotate the camera during car chase, but due to a high speed you're driving at, it only takes a moment to crash into something.
You can pause and skip cut-scenes
Getting familiar with basic action controls
Proceeding on the starboard side
That explosion should take out the helicopter
Where James passes, there's nothing left standing behind
Scanning data from the laptop
Enemy reinforcements
Pinned down from multiple sides
Catching up with the train
You can rotate camera during driving missions, but not seeing the road ahead even for a second can be very dangerous