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A Kingdom for Keflings (Xbox 360)

ESRB Rating
100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

A Kingdom for Keflings Credits

Developed by NinjaBee

Game DesignSteven H. Taylor, Kevin Heap, Jeremy Throckmorton, Jason Freston, Ben Bascom, Shelly Bjorkquist-Skuza, Mike Nielson, The rest of the NinjaBee team
ProgrammingKevin Heap, Bryce Bangerter, Dan Stevens, Eric Pattison, Larry A. Bowen
ArtJamin LeFave, Jacob Sutch, Shannon Bjorkquist, Brady Dalton, Taylor Eshelman, Alex Hall, Isaac Stewart, Shawn Boyles, Jeffry Wiggins, Abbey Ash
MusicEric Nunamaker, Alex Hall, Mike Nielson
SoundEric Nunamaker, Alex Hall, Mike Nielson
TestJason Freston, James Black, Lucinda Ward, Michael Cope, McKay Voiles
Team LeaderJustin Hakanson
ManagementSteven H. Taylor, Lane Kiriyama, Brent Fox, Valerie Cope

Xbox LIVE Arcade Team

Program ManagementKevin Hathaway
Microsoft Test LeadChad Dylan Long
Release Manager TeamShu-I Chang, Alex Shogren (Excell Data Corporation)
Group Program ManagerTony Harlich
Microsoft Software Test ManagerMatt Golz
Product Planning & Business TeamPaul Jensen, Cherie Lutz, Jim Sink, David J. Edery
MarketingJeremy Wacksman, Kristen Miyake
PRKari Dilloo
Special ThanksOliver Miyashita, Kevin Salcedo
VMC Test ManagerEdward McPherson
VMC MAT TesterTyler Barrett
VMC Senior Test LeadScott R. Griffiths
VMC Test LeadErin Davis
VMC TestAnthony Tregre, Jeremy Bento, Michael Swick, Jeff Loynd, Stephen Bonaci, Wes McDaniel, Ian T. Doble, Ezra Gould, Mark McClarin, Zach Guptil, Robert C. Minnick, Omri Alon, Rial Lerum, Jeffrey Ryan Call, David Laffranchi, Matt Bombard
LocalizationCastle Associates

Developed by NinjaBee

The Keflings Give A Giant Thanks ToWhitney Heap, Jennifer Hakanson, Katie Stone Perez

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