Afro Samurai Screenshots (Xbox 360)

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Xbox 360 version

Title screen.
Main menu.
Loading screens tell parts of the story.
Afro Samurai himself.
Samuel L. Jackson voices Ninja Ninja, a smartass specter guide.
Afro's got the Number Two headband. He wants to challenge Number One.
Cut through groups with sword chain attacks.
Press D-pad down and Ninja Ninja drops a smoke bomb in the direction you should go.
Split screen shows action happening nearby.
Enter Focus mode with the left trigger. Hit an attack when the sword sparkles...
... to get an instant kill.
Overfocus mode slows time and kills enemies in one hit.
Fighting outside a manor.
You can precision-slice limbs in focus mode.
Your pendant sparkles when Overfocus mode is ready.
Chain regular attacks to charge up Overfocus mode.
Afro confronts his teacher's brother.
Occasional platform challenges.
Afro glows red when his health is low.