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Xbox 360 version

Main title.
Main menu.
Light is your primary barrier against the enemies
Our anti-hero : Alan Wake (cgi)
Once an enemy is weakened by the light, he can be shot with conventional fire weapons.
Light spots provide life regeneration and supply boxes.
Here comes trouble.
The lighthouse, the safest place on Earth.
You can collect coffee thermos during the game to get an achievement.
Bright Falls seems to be a quiet little town.
There's a lot of secondary characters in the game who will be very important for the plot.
Alan Wake is discovering locals habits and events.
Alan is chatting with the locals, many background conversations were scripted for the game.
Start the generators to provide you with so needed light.
A cabin on Diver's Isle, a place where nightmares come true.
Alan wakes up after a crash and realizes he lost one week of his life... now he has to find out what happened during that time.
Approaching the timber yard, a place that reeks of horror.
Some parts will take you in the past before you came to Bright Falls.
Telling your wife the story about The Clicker, the key object in the game.
In the sheriff's office, the sheriff has agreed to help you look for your wife.
Some obstacles can be kicked down.
Talking to Rusty, the park ranger, about the hotel room vacancy.
There's a long way to reach that hill... and only way to reach it is through the dark woods.
After taking the last enemy on the screen, final move will go in slow-motion so you can know there's no more of them running around.
Follow the yellow painted signs that can only be seen in the light to find the secret stash left for you.
When focus icon appears, you can focus your view on the item of interest by holding the button pressed.
The police and FBI are hunting you... too bad for them they don't know what they're up against.
Use binoculars to see distant places of interest.
During driving missions, there will be plenty of vehicles to switch to as vehicles too can be destroyed.
Pick up manuscript pages to find out what is going to happen.
Use flares to repel enemies and also hurt the shadow that's possessing them.
Possessed objects can only be hurt by a light source, not by firearms.
Flash grenades will turn the screen white and obliterate any non-boss nearby enemies almost instantly.
When driving a vehicle, taking out hordes of taken is much easier due to car's headlights being stronger than your regular flashlight.
Barry, your manager, came all the way from New York to see what's happening with you.
Destroy dark goo with your flashlight so you can walk freely.
Birds are attacking swiftly, aim your flashlight quickly or you'll soon be done for.
You can run and hurt them by aiming flashlight at them just the same.
Evade when enemy is swinging at you or throwing an axe at you because it only takes a few hits for you to die.
Welcome to Night Springs
This is not such a good place to have a car trouble at
First encounter with the Taken
Flare gun is a powerful weapon, but ammo is scarce at best
Meeting new people on the ferry
Your wife seems to be scared of the dark
Something made a big hole in the wall
FBI Agent Nightingale is out to get you for good, and he's a type that shoots first and asks questions later
Aim for the gas canisters to try and take out multiple nearby enemies
Use the car's headlights to destroy possessed objects being hurled at you