Advertising Blurbs

Frog the Door Games press release:

    Is carrying out a lifetime of the same task the bastion of futility or human resilience? We may never know, but at least Alawishus Pixel is fun! Play through 40 levels of platforming mayhem as you test your mind and dexterity in the newest indie from Frog The Door Games.

    It’s a single screen platformer done in a retro 8/16-bit style. Alawishus was exploring the mountains one day when he saw a cave and decided to enter. What follows is series of levels with one simple task to complete. In each level is a block you must push from the start to the finish. It should be simple right?

    Alas, everything is out to get you including ogres, cyborg bumble bees, robots, and even automated gun turrets that shoot from every direction. Throw-back obstacles like moving platforms, switches and conveyor belts abound as the gameplay mechanic is heightened by the addition of world wrapping when the edge of the screen is reached.

    Your only help is the obscure ramblings of another block pusher who went into the caves before you. Every now and then he was able to leave a sign for his would be rescuer to keep his hope alive. The signs serve as a tutorial for the player and give a story about the experience of someone playing these levels from another perspective.

    Passing each board brings you deeper and deeper underground as the puzzles grow more complex while you unravel the mystery of the labyrinth. It features 40 levels full of dark humor, true old-school tests of dexterity, and may even make you think a little about the absurdity of man and our relation to the “Myth of Sisyphus”.

    Contributed by Patrick Bregger (198868) on May 05, 2011.