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80 (Dec 18, 2009)
Xbox Live Arcade und das PSN entwickeln sich langsam aber sicher zu einer guten Adresse für Fans alter Amiga-Shooter. Vor zwei Jahren bekam Super Stardust ein gelungenes Remake und nun sorgt Team 17 für unterhaltsamen Baller-Nachschub: Obwohl die Flure breiter geworden sind, strahlt Alien Breed Evolution die gleiche Atmosphäre aus wie seine Vorgänger. Das grau-blaue Weltraum-Szenario wirkt auf den ersten Blick zwar genauso ausgenudelt wie das einfache Spielprinzip - trotzdem hat mir der Trip ins All viel Spaß gemacht: Der Rhythmus aus Erforschen und Kämpfen, aus Ruhe und Hektik wirkt so gelungen, dass ich schnell ins Spiel versunken bin. Schön auch, dass man sich zu zweit über's Netz gegen die Säure spuckende Brut in die Schlacht ziehen darf.
80 (Jun 18, 2010)
Alien Breed Evolution is the first episodic adventure in the Alien Breed series, with the promise of more gruesome space odysseys on the horizon. The next episode; Alien Breed 2: Assault, has been announced recently, so perhaps it’s time to don your exo-suit, download ABE and get filled in with all the back story before episode 2 arrives.
78 (Jan 05, 2010)
As I mentioned earlier, how much you enjoy Alien Breed Evolution will probably come down to what you expect from it. Personally I loved its retro game in modern clothes feel but I can imagine some will find its unashamedly dated design sours their trip down memory lane. As an example of how to bring old games back to life on XBLA this should be held up and admired, as a modern game it perhaps doesn't quite stand up to extended play. However, for anyone with fond memories of the original or a love of classic top down shooters this is well worth the time.
70 (UK) (Dec 16, 2009)
On the face of it, Alien Breed Evolution offers everything that fans of the 16-bit incarnations could wish for, with strong production values and focused design contributing to a sympathetic update that stays true to the source material. But sadly, a flawed approach to co-op play and an inherent lack of variety ultimately count against it. With two more instalments to come, we can only hope there's time for Team 17 to build on the many positive elements in this first episode.
GameSpot (Dec 18, 2009)
Alien Breed Evolution is exactly what its title suggests it is--it's an evolution of a classic game that wouldn't hold up too well if you were to go back and play it today. With more varied gameplay, and with a protagonist and a story that you could care about, this might have been the Alien Breed remake that fans of the original game have been asking for all these years. As it is, though, the first episode of Alien Breed Evolution (a trilogy is planned) is merely a mildly entertaining meander through an alien-infested spaceship that's unlikely to get you excited about episode two.