Aliens: Colonial Marines Credits

Gearbox Software

Gearbox Software isAwais Ahmed, Daniel Algood, John Charles Anderson, Robert Anderson, John Antal, Raul Aparicio, Aaron Apgar, Matthew Armstrong, Bjarni Thor Arnason, Erik Avalos, David Avery, Stephen Bahl, Ghent Bailey, Ray Barham, James Barnett, Tris Baybayan, Kyle Beasley, Brian Bekich, Christopher Black, Logan Blackburn, Dalton Boutte, Chris Brock, Jeffrey Broome, Anthony Burch, Brian Burleson, Ruben Cabrera, Wade Callender, Michael Carlson, James Cart, Sean Cavanaugh, Adam Chandler, Matthew Charles, Andrew Cheney, Christine Choate, Jacob Christopher, Jennifer Chung, Stephen Cole, Jeremy Cooke, Brian Cozzens, Peter Dannenberg, Trey Davenport, Joshua Davidson, Michael Davis, Patrick Deupree, Erik Doescher, Ben Donges, Kevin Duc, Erin Dudley, James Dwyer, Fredric Echols, David Eddings, Donald Eubanks, Hector Fajardo, Christopher Faylor, Manuel Fernandez, Ryan Fields, David Fisk, Rich Fleider, Adam Fletcher, Zach Ford, Jasper Foreman, Mark Forsyth, Brent Friedman, Brian Fuller, Ben Gettleman, Steven Gibson, Evan Gill, James Gilligan, Maarten Goldstein, Chris R. Guthery, Dia Hadley, Shaylyn Hamm, Ryan Heaton, Philip Hebert, Rob Heironimus, Paul Hellquist, Jonathan Hemingway, Andrew Hoffman, Brent Hollon, Stephen Houchard, James Ash-Houchen, Comb Hua, Richard Huenink, Jimmie Jackson, Brad Jacobs, Josh Jeffcoat, Skyler Jermyn, Richard Jessup, Neil Johnson, Stacie Johnston Williams, Steven Jones, Scott Kester, Damian Kim, Kyle King, Charles Kostick, Michael Krivacek, Brian Lam-Bentley, James Lee, Jesse Lemons, Justin Lightfoot, Matthew Link, Jonathan Lo, James Lopez, Jeff Macfee, Jeffrey Mahmoudi, Brian Martel, Adam May, David May, Curry McKnight, Casey McLauchlin, Mike McVay, Ryan Medeiros, Ryan Metcalf, Drew Mobley, John Mulkey, Aaron Nations, Jason Neal, Chris Neeley, Paul Nettle, Mike Neumann, Tu Nguyen, Shannon Norton, Ricky Oh, Josh Olson, Nathan Overman, Shane Paluski, Wes Parker, Kevin Penrod, Ben Perkins, Nick Peterson, Mark Petty, Hung Pham, Christopher Pickett, Randall S. Pitchford II, J. Kyle Pittman, Rick Porter, Sean Reardon, Josh Rearick, Jason Reiss, Ashley Rochelle, Kelly Romeo, Brian Roycewicz, James Sanders, Robert Santiago, Jett Sarrett, Keith Schuler, Chase Sensky, Eric Sexton, Darron Shaffer, Carl Shedd, Jason Shields, Jimmy Sieben, Leo Sieben, Bradley Sierzega, Gabriel Simon, Ryan Smith, Jasen Sparacino, Steven Strobel, Matias Tapia, Aaron Thibault, Brian Thomas, Graeme Timmins, Kyle Umbenhower, Gregory Vanderpool, Randall Varnell, Raison Varner, Scott Velasquez, Taku Wanifuchi, Michael Wardwell, Michael Weber, Tim Welch, Jennifer Wildes, Hayley Williamson, Nicholas Wilson, Kanon Wood, Lorin Wood, Hunter Wright, David Ziman, Gretchen Zuefeldt
Gearbox Quality Assurance TeamParker Amos, Josh Ball, Uriah Belletto, Chris Black, Brock Brown, Paul Burt, Christopher Camacho, Elizabeth Chao, Larry Colvin, Leigh-Ann Cox, Kandis Daniel, Seth DeKrey, Justin DeLiberis, Jasmine H. De Vore, Jeff Doering, Steven Fast, Patrick Fenn, Daniel Finnegan, Wes Girdler, Elliot Hamilton, Michael Hayes, Andrew Hoffman, Kirsten Kahler, Nick Kaun, Jesse Kirstein, Tyler Kuhlman, Colton Kurth, Brian Lam-Bentley, Justin Lightfoot, Lilith Lindwall, Casey McLauchlin, Mike McVay, Matthew Miller, Jeffrey Mitchell, Anthony Nicholson, Jason Orsatti, Cameron Ovandipour, Gilberto Perez, Andrew Reza, Christopher Roberts, Brad Rohr, Ken Ross, Timothy Roth, Bridget Scott-Shupe, Eric Shaddix, Greg Silva, Brett Simmons, Joshua White, Al Wood
Additional CreditsLee Amarakoon, Garrett Benoit, Patrick Blank, Steven Bodnar, Adam Bolton, Oreaser Brown, Charles Busby, Dave Calla, Mike Carlyle, Tyler Carson, Geoff Case, Peter Chapman, Andrew Coggin, Brian Cope, Kyle Davis, Eric Driensky, Thomas Eubanks, Chris Francis, Jeff Giron, Joshua Hall, Anthony Handy (SFC.), Collins Hatley, Sean Holloman, Robert Sloan Hood, Rick Johnson, David King, Alessandro Kitchener, Ed Lima, Leighton Luckey, Sean Maio, Derek Manns, Cameron Mask, Syd Mead, Craig Mullins, Michael Nestick, Ty Nichols, Jason O'Connell, Clayton Pace, Stephen Palmer, Matt E. Patterson, Daniel Phillips, Travis Poppenhusen, Matt Pritchard, Stephanie Puri, Jerrett Rearick, Martin Sawkins, Anthony Scales, Evan Schrembs ([JROTC] PVT.), Jim Shephard, Gabriel Simon, Chris Stark, Tracie Takatani, Keith Thompson, Benjamin Wagley, Matthew Weaver, Charlie Wiederhold, Dalton Wiley (and The Wiley Family), Lori Wilson, Tim Wilson, The Ant Farm, Epic China, Liquid Development, Metricminds, Renkewitz Studios, Shadows in Darkness, Thompson & Weddle, Virtuos, Vykarian, Dylan Hanlon (and The Hanlon Family), Simon Hurley
Gearbox BabiesVanna Miracle Callender, Audrey Elizabeth Dwyer, Evelyn Paige Eubanks, Aviel Peterson, Cohen James Shedd
Personal ThanksSpecial thanks to my wife Sobia; for her love and support while working on Aliens: Colonial Marines. - Awais Ahmed, I would like to thank my family; specially my mom and dad for always telling me to pursue those things that I wanted the most., The game community; for continuously inspiring and evolving., And most of all; the fans. Thank you for buying our games! :-] - Raul Aparicio, Mamma; Pabbi; Helga; Linda og Tómas; takk fyrir ao vera frâbær! Island; bezt u heimi! Superspecial thanks to Judy or being such a badass <3 - Bjarni Arnason, I would like to thank all my friends and family for making my life better in every way. I want to give a shout out to Jacob; James; Ryan; Matthew; Jesse; Hank; Michael and all my other friends back home. Miss you guys! - Josh Ball, Thank you to my beautiful wife; Brandy; for your love and support and a special thanks to Comb's mom. - Ray Barham, Number 2! Thanks to my friends and family. You guys are the shizz. - James Barnett, Thanks to my Family; Friends and Co-workers. You help make every day awesome. Thanks to my Playtesters too! - Kyle Beasley, Gotta move fast! Thanks for the support everyone! - TNT. - Uriah Belletto, Thanks to everyone in the DTX/ATX BUH Clan for being awesome. Alex; Mako; you guys are family for life. Much Love. Thanks for the fight TNT: QA to ashes! - Christopher Black, I would like to acknowledge the continual support of my family. I would also like to thank James' mom. - Dalton Boutte, Thank you to Sonja and Lilly for being the most understanding family you could possibly wish for. - Chris Brock, Thanks to all my friends and family who supported me and helped me get here. TNT. - Brock Brown, I want to thank my mom; dad and my brother for encouraging me throughout the years. I also want to thank my wife for supporting me through the long nights. I love all of you. TNT - Chris Camacho, I'd like to thank Jasen's Mom - James Cart, Thank you to Pecan House for all the good memories! - Matt Charles, For Natasha and Kieran. - Stephen Cole, Thank you for all your love and support; I love you Vivi! Mom and Dad thanks for making me. Oh; Kyle and Sean; you're in the credits! - TNT - Larry Colvin, I would like to thank my fiancé for all of his love and support. - Leigh-Ann Cox, I would like to thank my awesome Mom and Dad; My siblings; Kriss; Kevin; Keyonna; and AJ. My super friends: Adam; Ginger and Melina., And Everyone that put so much work into this game and accepted me as one of the team. Congrats to all of you and thank YOU for playing. - Kandis 'Mcfly' Daniel, Thank you to my amazing family and friends. I could never be where I am today without you. A big thank you to all of my co-workers at Gearbox who both amaze and inspire me everyday. This truly is a place to call home. - Peter Dannenberg, Raymond Haas, Patricia Haas, Richard De Vore, I would like to thank Raymond and Patricia Haas for being so supportive and understanding during everything; and Richard De Vore for being an awesome husband. I love you guys. - Jasmine De Vore, Thank you Allie for being there for me and supporting me in everything that I do. Love you babe! - Seth Dekrey, Thanks to the brightest stars in my night sky: Anabella; Audrey and Christie. You are the fabric of my dreams; my compass; and my destination. - James 'the CMO' Dwyer, Dedicated to my family for always believing; and to Pamela for her unreserved love and support. - Fredric Echols, Eddie Eddings, Thanks to my father; Eddie Eddings; for letting me watch Alien when I was 9 years old. And thanks to the theater employee who looked the other way when I was only 15 and purchased a ticket for Aliens. - David Eddings, Thanks to Stephanie and Evelyn; my two lovely ladies. - Don Eubanks, For my favorite military family: Edo; Erinn nee-chan; and young master Kieran. Stay strong. And thanks to my parents; for buying me all those Alien toys as a kid. - Steven Fast, Shaddix [shad-icks] v. shaddixed; shaddixing; shaddixes, 1. To shoot an underbarrel grenade at a Xenomorph at close range in order to prevent it from killing the marine; and instead allow both the Xenomorph and the marine to die., 2. Killing a Xenomorph with a grenade at close range; and the marine inexplicably survives. - Patrick Fenn, Kelly; I love you. Thank you for all your love and patience. Mom and Dad; thanks for letting me do so much 'research' growing up. Love you guys. - Ryan Fields, Dale Smith, Mark Strasser, Billy Suguitan, Jared Peccarelli, I would like to thank my homies Dale Smith; Mark Strasser; Billy Suguitan; Jared Peccarelli... and Gretchen's mom! - David Fisk, My sincerest apologies go to my lovely geeky wife Angela for all the late nights spent at the office. I look forward to making it up to you!, As for all the dedicated and passionate Artists that contributed to this project; you should be genuinely proud of the results of your sacrifice. - Rich Fleider, Thanks to my Mom; Dad; and Brother. Also huge thanks to my good friends including Richard and my dog Toby. Thanks for not taking a dump on my bed during long nights! - Adam Fletcher, I want to thank my loving and supportive wife Meredith and my entire family., I also want to thank Chase; Palmer; Chawlee and the entire Pecan House for very fond memories., Congrats to the entire Aliens team for shipping this title., And of course thanks to our fans; for without them we wouldn't be making games in the first place! - @zaford20, Thank-you to my beautiful wife; Lindy and my sons; Draven and Tavin. - Mark Forsyth, Thanks; Katie. I like your face. - Brian Fuller, Richard Pollack, James Webb, It's nobody birthday but mine - with Richard Pollock and James Webb - Ben Gettleman, Thanks to my family for not abandoning me at a rest stop as a child., Thanks to my friends for listening to me talk about my job incessantly., Thanks be to Shaddix for bequeathing upon us the gift of Shaddixing., And thanks to my coworkers for not beating me unconscious with a tire iron every time I launch into a rant about politics. - Ell Hamilton, Special thanks to my supportive family; friends and HR for taking away my tire iron before I did something we'd all [mildly] regret. - Jeff Doering, A special thanks to my brother; my sister; and Claire. Also; Jeff's mom. - Comb Hua, Thanks to my family for supporting me; my friends for tolerating my absence; and to my wonderful co-workers for making the long hours and weekends bearable. Pecan team is a perfect team. - Nick Kaun, Special thanks to my parents; living in Seoul; Korea. Happy 2013! - Damian Kim, A special thanks to my wife Emily; without her support; I never would have been able to make such a good career choice and come to Gearbox. - Michael Krivacek, I would like to thank my friends and family; TNT; O'Neal for kicking down the doors; and all the awesome people at Gearbox! - Tyler Kuhlman, Thanks to everyone in QA for keeping each other smiling and laughing throughout this project. Also; go TNT! - Colton Kurth, To my friends and family for their love and support; and to my wife Kristen for being the bee's knees. - James Lopez, To Jenna and Addie; thanks for being the best. I Love you guys. - Adam May, Thanks to my wife Missy and the rest of my friends and family; especially to my boy Norman. - David May, Big thanks to Sharon for eating alone all those nights. And all my friends and family. You rock! - Ryan Medeiros, Thanks to Laura; Mary; and the rest of my family for putting up with crazy hours; impromptu anecdotes; and the occasional rant. This was an amazing project to be a part of; and I love you all! TNT. - Matt Miller, A special thanks to my wife Leslie and my daughters Lydia and Diana for putting up with me not being there... but more importantly; putting up with me on those occasions when I was. - John Mulkey, To my awesome family and friends; thank you for being there; love you all. And remember; 'You can't make a thirsty man drink water.' - Tu Nguyen, I thank my beautiful wife Ashley and our son Anthony II for understanding daddy's late nights and also my whole family for their constant support; love ya'll! Phil 4:13 - Anthony Nicholson, Aw yeah; Aliens! Big thanks to the Brians and fellow GBXers for bringing me in way back then; I've had lots of fun memories with Pecan. Cheers! P.S. Amy; you still smell. :D - Ricky Oh, Thank you to my amazing wife Jackie. Thanks to my friends and family and especially my parents who have always supported me in everything I do. - John Olson, Thanks to all my friends and family who have supported me; even the crazy ones! - Jason Orsatti, Kim; Avali; Melissa; and Lyn; thank you for your love and support. I would be lost without you all. Love; Gilberto Perez, To the extended Perkins Clan; with its various affiliates; new additions; and honorary members: Love you all; :-D - Ben Perkins, Thanks to my wife for being ok with the long hours necessary at times; and for being an amazing mother to my small brood. - Nick Peterson, Kristy Pitchford, Randall S. Pitchford II, Ridley Scott, James Cameron, Endless love and thanks to my best friend and better half; Kristy Junio Pitcford; and to our son; Randall S. Pitchford III., Thank you to Ridley Scott and James Cameron and the teams behind your films for the inspiration; blue print and reference material. - Randy Pitchford., Thanks David Kim Thomas Dad Mom Sammy Lara burritos you. - Kyle Pittman, Thanks to all the fans; especially those who came out to live events and got slaughtered by Xenos. Now it's your turn., Thanks to my friends for your love and encouragement. Thanks to my sons; may you learn the passion and joy of games from me. Thanks to Gearbox for a home. - Rick Porter, Thanks Stefanie and my family for all the support. TNT. - Ken Ross, Alex Roycewicz, Laura Obenhaus, My thanks go to my father; Oggie; my mother; Eva; and my brothers; Alex Roycewicz for unconditional support as well as a monstertruck load of thanks to Laura Obenhaus for putting up with all of the late Friday nights., And thanks to you! Yes; you for reading this right now! Email me and say hi! - Brian Roycewicz, Becki Sanders, Sofia Sanders, Sara Sanders, Thanks to Becki Sanders; Sofia Sanders; Sara Sanders; and the USMC. - Jim Sanders, Robert Santiago, I would like to thank Robert Santiago Environment Artist. - Robert Santiago, Special thanks to all Pecan team members past and present. I'll never forget all the great times we shared at the Pecan House... <3 - Chase Senky, Still reading? Here's some useless trivia for you. Aliens is the only movie I've seen in St. Louis., Do you want another? Dwayne Hicks is the master of the Theremin. I made that one up. Xenos made me do it., Enormous thanks to the underbarrel grenade launcher. Deciphering acrostics can be fun! - Eric Shaddix, Thank you to Julie; Mom; Dad; Todd & Dennis. Cheers to Sergey for all the hard work. - Jason Shields, I actually got to work on a game that my parents know a thing or two about for once. I hope you guys are proud., Thanks to all my family and friends who are always there for me. I couldn't have done this without you. - Brad Sierzega, Thank you; Julia; for being so patient and supportive. I love your guts. And thank you for every single cookie. TNT. - Greg Silva, Micah Duniho, Braxton Love, Aaron Orr, Doug Fore, I would like to thank Micah Duniho; Braxton Love; Aaron Orr; and Doug Fore for being some of the best gamer friends Evar!, Also; a very special thanks to David's mom. - Jason Sparacino, Thanks to my family for their continuous support; Team Awesome for all the great times; and the people I've never had the chance to thank for all the influence they had on my life., Rob Denbleyker, Andreas U.; BriCo; Eric A.; Gabe M.; J-Stew; Patty G.; R.D.D.; Tony T.; Rob Debleyker; and of course Z., I wouldn't be who I am or where I'm at without the support of ALL of my friends. - Steven Strobel, Richard Howdy, Kristy List, Brace Timmins, Reed Timmins, Dayne Timmins, Thanks to Richard Howdy; Kristy List; Brace; Reed and Dayne Timmins. - Graeme Timmins, Lynea Loeffler, Rob Umbenhower, Janice Umberhower, Megan Umbenhower, Emily Umbenhower, Thanks to Lynea Loeffler; Rob Umbenhower; Janice Umberhower; Megan Umbenhower; Emily Umbenhower for their love and support. - Kyle Umbenhower, Big thanks to everyone at Gearbox and my family; especially grandma; who told me I would never make money playing video games. - Greg Vanderpool, Thank you Annie for your love and support! To Carter; Daddy loves you very much! To all my friends and family back in the Northeast I love and miss you all! - Tim Roth, To my Chancey - I love you; darling. To my Gearbox Family - Congratulations MELTING MY FACE OFF with all your hard work and ass-kicking! - Hayley Williamson, Gunpei Yokoi, Lorin Wood, To the exhausted Aliens team: Thank you for empowering me to do my best work on this game; daily!, Outside Gearbox I would like to thank my family [for their patience]; our A:CM forum moderators [for their loyalty]; Gunpei Yokoi [for inspiring me]; and also Lorin Wood [for reminding us how famous he really is]. - Nicholas Wilson, John Basile, Michael Castro (Archangel), Thanks to my friends; the Wood and Eilers families; John Basile; VGCorps; and Michael 'Archangel' Castro. I miss you; you Handsome Devil. - Al Wood, Many thanks to my wife Jessica; my daughter Hanna; and all my family and friends. - Hunter Wright, I want to thank Philip for always being there for me. Also; Ray's mom. - Gretchen Zuefeldt, Thanks to everyone at Gearbox that made this game awesome. Especially me - Elizabeth Chao, Tamyra McCartney, I'd like to thank my wonderful girlfriend Tamyra McCartney; my parents and my friends; my dog Poppy; and all of the UKCM and USCM that helped us at all the tradeshows!, Matthew J. Powers, Also the best Sega Producer: Sir Matthew Powers Knight of Grandiocious! - Brian Burleson, Thanks to all of the UKCM and USCM who helped us in the development and presentation of ACM., Sean Maio, Angela Duplis, Chris Duplis, Paul Maitland, Kris Kobus, Gareth Ellner, Matt Bradley, Chris Hohenkerk, Liz Hohenkerk, Terran Roberts, Christian Matzke, Mike Rizzuto, Darren Kemp, Melissa Klassen, Dan Callaghan, Paul Brugnoli-Elms, Steve Pasek

TimeGate Studios

Executive ProducersAlan B. Chaveleh, Adel Chaveleh
Game DiretorBrett Norton
Design DirectorBrett Norton
Art DirectorZachary Forcher
Creative DirectorPhillip Morales
Production DirectorRobert Siwiak
Programming DirectorDenis Papp
ProducerTom Ashley
Lead AnimatorMatthew P. Zehner
AnimationRichard Hopper, Lydia Hall, Aaron Marroquin
Additional AnimationMaxie Antinone, Ruben Garza Jr., Angel Ruiz, Kevin Worth
Lead Character ArtEnrique Piña III
Character ArtHector Salinas Jr.
Additional Character ArtChristopher George, Andrew Hunt, XPEC
Concept ArtNick Black, Manuel Gomez III, Ignacio Bazan Lazcano, William Smith
Additional Concept ArtCarlos Cabrera, Steven Carruthers, Isaac Choi, Pablo Palomeque
Lead Environment ArtThomas Woods
Environment ArtJeremy Brown, David King, Hung Nguyen, Chris Percle, Amanda Stewart, Joshua Stubbles, Tuan Tran, Yingpei Games
Additional Environment ArtRoger Castro, Ryan Hawkins, Robert McCoin
Lead Technical ArtAli Mayyasi
Technical ArtAustin Adams
Lead UI ArtSergey Trubetskoy
UI ArtJohn Merritt
Lead Visual EffectsEric Greenlief
Visual EffectsJeremy Baldwin, Jaewon Lee
Additional Visual EffectsAmirali Shojaei
Principal Game DesignDrew Rechner
Game DesignKeith Turkowski, Mark Yetter
Additional Game DesignDaniel Capes, Marcel Macaulay, Thomas Bonner, Kevin Hsu
Lead Level DesignerSteve Baroski
Level DesignJames Brawley, Robert Hallwood, Chris McCrimmons, Samuel Villarreal, Nathaniel Wood, Steve Young
Project ManagerLianne Papp
ProductionCody Bradley, Marcel Macaulay, Chris Nelson
Additional ProductionTucker George, Matt Moore, Bryan Perez, Jeff Solomon
Lead ProgrammerPaul Watkins
Lead Engine ProgrammerMatthew Bailey
Lead Online ProgrammerChris Mueller
ProgrammingKevin Barrington, Seth Chadwick, Jia Cheng, Anthony Davis, Brian Kay, Chris Lierman, Josh Mahan, Michael Schaadt, Jeff Smith, Thang Hong To, Jesse Ziglar
Additional ProgrammingJoey Alfeche, Seth Black, Priyesh Dixit, Danny Dyer, Thomas Key, Kenneth Morales, Julius Pedersen
Lead Tools ProgrammrMichael Jelley
Tools ProgrammingMichael Jahn, Christian Selbrede, Jacob Washenfelder
Additional Sound DesignRyan Vincent Jaeger, Bob Strenger
Quality Assurance LeadJeffrey Ma
Associate Quality Assurance LeadAndrew Montgomery
Quality AssuranceDaniel Capes, Matt Moore
Additional Quality AssuranceJoshua Hakakian, Nicholas Huerta, Samuel Onofrey, Dylan Moore, Christoph Mueller, Joseph Orphe, David Pollan, Harry Truong, John Van Anglen, Adrian Yearby, Jesse Ziglar
AdministrationMary Beth Friebele, Ronnie Hobbs, Larry McMichael, Ashley Reck
Human ResourcesAaran Pate, Brooke Silverstein
TimeGate Development BabiesPenelope Rose Bailey, Maya Mercedes Gomez, Sam Lierman, Traius Merritt, Cruz Xavier Morales, Henry Reid Zehner
Special ThanksMort Baharloo, Mark Winters, David Tyer, Joe Gallegos, Liz Orphe, Scott Weiss, ColonialMarines.Net, Our Families and Friends
Additional Special ThanksAMD, Epic Games, Intel, Nvidia
Dedicated to the memory ofHenry Reid Zehner

Nerve Software

Nerve Studio HeadBrandon James
Nerve ArtBryan Cavett, Chris Edmiston, James Gresko, Aaron Hausmann, Kristian Kane, Jomaro Kindred, Steven Maines, Ethan McCaughey, David Mitchell, Nick Pappas, Shawn Spetch
Nerve CodeAaron Cole, Roger Kort
Nerve DesignIan Childs, Ronn Harbin, Richard Heath, Joel Martin, Russell Meakim, Todd Rose, Michael Stone
Nerve Additional SupportLisa Loewecke, Mason Lucas
Nerve Special ThanksHugo C. Beyer, Ed Crane

Demiurge Studios

Art LeadDavid D. Flamburis
ArtAndrew Cormier, Anthony Feliciano, Phroilan Gardner, Katie Stampf, Lee Hepler, Eric B. Orr, Chen-Jun Jae Tsai
AudioNick Poole
Design LeadsJoshua Glavine, Daniel Chretien
DesignLes Nelken, Evan Nikolich, Jared Goldberg
Engineering LeadsAlex Rice, Chris Linder
EngineeringTim Condon, David Elder, Andrea M. Fonger, Kwasi Mensah, Andrew Moise, Morgan Quirk, Eddie Scholtz, Adam Rosenfield, Andrew Wesson, Joseph Zupko
ProducersTom Lin, Kurt Reiner, Bart Simon
Associate ProducerJustin Lokey
Quality Assurance LeadJimmy Storey
Quality AssuranceChris Chung, Michael Leone, Mike Patti, Brian Relay, Kyle Todesca, John Tseng, Nathanael Newby-Kew, Zachary Waegell
Demiurge Studios Is...Keri Beckwith, Will Jennings, Liang Li, Albert Reed, Bill Reed, Kevin Teich

Shadows in Darkness

Shadows Executive TeamRick Daniels, Hugh Falk, Nick Schreiber, Devon Browne
Project ManagersNelson Izquierdo, Jorge Verea
Art DirectorRodney Walden
Art LeadsKaren Sanok, Henrique Naspolini
Animation DirectorDevon Browne
AnimatorsLuis Batista, Neal Sukkert, Catalin Balaceanu, Tarun Sharma, Kevin Kao, Ruth Agada, Ricardo Velez, Cory Collins
Lead Level DesignerJon Cooper
Level DesignAnthony Alvarez, Eli Stevenson
ArtistsAdam Glueckert, Steve Buchholz, Udell Infante, Craig Schiller, Sean Couture, Jeremiah Bigley, Marisa Ainsworth, Josh Dampman, Tyler Bronis, Sam Moses, Jaco Herbst, Paul Tosca, Jesse Sandifer, Ken LeSaint
Technical ArtKen Mayfield

Funky Rustic

Additional Sound DesignAlexander Brandon, Levon Louis


CastMichael Biehn (Hicks), Lance Henriksen (Bishop), Mark Rolston (Drake), Al Matthews (Apone), Travis Willingham (O'Neal), Derek Phillips (Winter), Nisa Ward (Bella), Jason Douglas (Cruz), Matthew Mercer (Keys), Ashly Burch (Reid), Andrew Bowens (Hudson), Kimberly D. Brooks (Redding), Markus Lloyd (Short), Ernesto Jason Liebrecht (Quintaro)
MarinesAdam Ray, Anastasia Munoz, James Logan, Joel Johnstone, Sam Brent Riegel, Steve Braun, Tiffany Hobbs, Khary Payton, Paul Brindley, Marlus Lloyd, Ernesto Jason Liebrecht
Weyland YutaniFeodor Chin, David B. Fouquette, Jesse Mackey, Dan White, Peter D. Jessop, Sunil Malhorta, Arif S. Kinchen, Keith Silverstein (as Kieth Silverstein)
Additional VoicesAdam Epstein, Jason Foster, Zach Hanks


Casting and Production SupervisorTimothy Cubbison
Production AssociatesAustin Snyder, Poppy Orphanides
Additional Dialogue WritersDana Melton, Chad Quandt, Nick Bennett, Kal-El Bogdanove, Chris Faiella
Additional CastingBrenda Marie Phillips
Voice DirectorsWes Gleason, Kal-El Bogdanove
Dialogue RecordistsDan Montes, Will Volkmann, Ben Rauscher
Voice Production CoordinatorsLucas Hirl, Harry Buerkle, Chris Faiella
Dialogue EditorsJ. David Atherton, Greg Sais
Audio Quality AssuranceClint Corley, Cesar Marenco, Blair Tindall

SEGA of America, Inc.

Director of DevelopmentTodd Hartwig
Senior ProducerMatthew J. Powers
ProducerMatthew Hickman
Design DirectorChristopher Porter
CEOTatsuyuki Miyazaki
PresidentJohn Cheng
CFOJohn Cheng
COOJohn Cheng
CCOMasanao Maeda
Senior Marketing DirectorMarcella Churchill
Brand ManagerDaniel Gallardo
Affiliate Marketing ManagerCraig Harris
Senior Public Relations ManagerKerstin Müeller
Director of Creative Services and First PartyJenifer Groeling
Senior Media and Events ManagerTeri A. Higgins
Production ManagerMary Disbrow
Senior Graphic DesignerMarco Garcia
Video Production ManagerCarl Smolka
Video EditorGreg Ammen
Web ManagerMichael Dobbins
First Party CoordinatorAndrew Wong
Director of LicensingChris Ironfield
Licensing CoordinatorAnthony Gaccione
Licensing ManagerCindy Chau
Community ManagersKellie Parker, Julian Mehlfeld
Vice President of SalesKeith R. Gerhardt
Senior Director, Sales OperationsLaurie Mendez
Director, Channel MarketingScott Lambrecht
Regional Sales DirectorsJeremiah Wehler, Frank Chiechi, Michael Kacz
Senior Operations SpecialistAndy Navarro
Director of LegalLiana Larson
Legal CounselJerusha Herman, Cindy Lin
Contracts AdministratorEdison Haywood
Development Operations DirectorJohn Merlino
Development Operations SupervisorStephen Akana
Project LeadAnthony Banks
Project Assistant LeadJake Alejo
Squad LeadsJeffrey Campbell, Bob Muniz
TestersKevan Arrington, Carlos Bandera, Teng Chea, Christopher Fletes, Dante Gainer, Phillip Guadagna, Brian Harris, John Herber, Peter Hoang, Andrew Hutcheson, Orell Jackson, Kyle Jones, Jason Kelly, Schuyler Ko, Andrew Lee, Jun Lenh, Daniel Lewis (Alex), Jarryd Ludovico, Jose Maldonado, Lamar McHaney, Diego Melo, Erik Montoya, John Nelson, Tom Paton, Joey Reliford, Eugene Smilovitsky, Bobby Smart, William Tompkins, Traye Turner, William Voss, Joseph Baldenweck, Kyle Brabender, Sean Lavender, Tony Lo, Christopher Rilles, Andrew Roquemore, Samuel Soukkampha, Karl Hodtwalker, Carlo Pelaez, Raluca Romero, Jason Lam, Don Escueta, Jomokian Arbuckle
Quality Assurance Standards LeadsDan Buchman, Dmitryi Khlynin, Christine Letheby, Rodolfo Junior Sison
Standards TestersHarold Butchart, Jayson Cook, Robert Hamiter, Rhianna Kellom, Charles Lam, Tony Stamer
Mastering Lab SupervisorRey Casto Buzon
Mastering Lab TechnicianDmitryi Khlynin
Hardware TechnicianMatthew Ellison

SEGA of Europe Ltd.

COOJurgen Post
CFOJohn Ward
Senior Vice President, Business PlanningYusuke Suai
Director, Development Services Sega WestJim Woods
Head of Localisation and ESDCharlotte Harris O'Connor
ProducerCorinne Callois
Eastern European Localisation ProducerMariusz Szlanta
General Manager - Aliens FranchiseMatt Eyre
Senior Brand ManagersRowan Tafler, Amy Hutchison
Assistant Brand ManagerStefano Barolo
Head of Web DesignNick McKenzie
Senior Web DesignerMac Adanc
Head of OperationsNatalie Forsyth
Commercial DirectorDean Trotman
Head of LicensingPeter Chan, Nivine Emeran
Head of Business DevelopmentPeter Chan
Vice President, Digital DistributionJohn Clark
Director of Digital DistributionJames Schall
Digital Download Account ManagerAnh Luong
Online Financial AnalystMark Prince
Directors of Legal & Business AffairsNicky Ormrod, Theo Shum
Senior Legal CounselNichelle Carr
Legal ExecutiveMarine Cabour
Legal and Licensing ExecutiveEdwina Haddon
Director of Creative ServicesAlison Peat-Borrelli
Traffic ManagerJeff Webber
Creative Team ManagerArnoud Tempelaere
Creative ArtworkersRanjan Vekaria, Ed Bostock
Traffic CoordinatorAsha Chauhan
Submissions CoordinatorMichael Power
Multimedia ProducerElliot Kidner
Video EditorAkane Hiraoka
European Marketing DirectorAmanda Farr
Senior Product ManagersBen Walker, Anna Downing, Sam Sadeghi
Senior International PR ManagerStefan McGarry
UK PR ExecutiveSarah Head
PR AsssistantJim Dyer
Marketing AssistantJim Dyer
Director of International SalesAlison Gould
Head of International SalesSimon Inch
International Account ExecutiveLee Norton
Head of Program OfficeMark LeBreton
Submissions ManagerDavid Pither
Process and TCM ManagerBen Howell
Head of Quality Assurance & Localisation Quality AssuranceGhulam Khan
Production ManagerTeressa Wright
Resource ManagerBen Jackson
Localisation ManagerMarta Lois González
Localisation Project SupervisorAntonella Marras
Lead TranslatorsJesús Álvarez Sánchez, Luis J. Paredes, Nicole Thomer
TranslatorsAnaïs Maniaval, Chiara Canu, Daniela Kaynert, Gabriel Casas, Giulia Checchi, Giuseppe Rosa, Ronan Salon, Sebastián Pérez Salguero, Tatjana Nath
Mastering & Equipment ManagerPhil Adams
Senior Mastering TechnicianMichael Veness
Assistant Mastering TechniciansPaul Hann, Shaun Young
Project LeadLuke Tarasek
Functionality SupervisorJulie Metior
Project MonitorsRobert De Jager, Alex Williams, Christopher Dadswell, Colin Perman
Senior TestersChris Evans, Simon Ta, Charles Ali, Nathan Pragasam, Laurence Hart
TestersStefan James, Jason Goonery, Matt Martin, Sam Wolffel, Francis Lam, David Brooks, Clint Gibson, Dominic Taggart, Ian Evans, Matthew Dolan, Troy Germain, Scott Bone, Ade Benjamin, Alexis Trust, Chris Gibson, Murat Demir, Michael James Pettitt, Stephanie Cave, Kaile Walker, Richard Kirk, Gregory Frame, Jason Cini, Ricky Hetherington, Ross Peacock, Stephen Macconville, Santino Molinaro, Nicola Gelnar, Michael James, Joe Stannard, Josh King, Billy McCarthy, Harley Palmer
Compliance SupervisorDarran Wall
Compliance CoordinatorsArron Caney, Chris Barnett, Mohammed Ajaib
Compliance Senior TechniciansChris Brownsell, Leo Paine, Martin Walker
Compliance TechniciansAlexander Abbott, Anthony Phillips, Bryan Mencias, Chris Nash, Daniel Oviedo Alarcon, Dennis Allen, Gary Becker, Gary Miller, Haren Patel, Harley Palmer, Kevin Murphy, Louis Li, Marvin Andrews, Michael Webb, Miles Monty, Ollie White
Language Quality Assurance SupervisorAlessandro Irranca
Language Team LeadRuggero Varisco
Language Team Lead SupportPedro L. Ortega
Language Assistant Team LeadAndrea Massa
Language Assistant Team Lead SupportRicardo Silvestre Valle
Language TestersAlexandre Julia, Ana Belen Casado, Carlos Sánchez, Caroline Rajcom, Daniele Viola, Daryl Sautter, David Juanes, Dorane Sejean, Eleonora Villella, Elfriede Tillian, Endika Posadas, Erica Berghi, Etienne Dumont, Firas Al Sekran, Giovanni Baldasseroni, Hugues Bondoux, Irene Schauermann, Jérémie Maréchau, Juan Jiménez, Juan Ortega, Maddalena Di Rosa, Melanie Schicker, Mercedes Tarrío, Raquel Uzal-Gómez, Rocío de la Flor Román, Sébastien Kernst, Serenella Grimaldi, Stephanie Homa, Thomas Gillmann, Una Marzorati, Wissam Bounejra
Administration and Finance CoordinatorChris Bien
Quality Assurance AdministratorChris Geiles
Shift MonitorsChristian Bailey, Tony Langan

SEGA Special Thanks

Style and DesignCedric Lebreton (Mac Fly), Charles Leonard (Leonarts), Paul-Claude Epin (Polo), Xavier Carpentier (Comte D'Arcy)

Twentieth Century Fox - Consumer Products

PresidentJeffrey Godsick
Sr. Vice President, Interactive GamesGary Rosenfeld
Sr. Vice President, Business and Legal AffairsRichard Borsini
Vice President, Interactive Games Production & DevelopmentMike Doyle
Director, MarketingJennifer Daniels
Director, CreativeDavid Swift
Manager, MarketingJosh Espinosa
Assistant ProducerAndrew Krensky
Production CoordinatorBen Lioe
Special ThanksSteve Asbell, Andre Emerson, Ryan Boyle, Janie Freedman, Sean Nagasawa

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Credits for this game were contributed by Simon Hurley (189) and Sciere (505796)