Aliens: Colonial Marines Screenshots (Xbox 360)

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Xbox 360 version

Title screen... check the name of the ship in the background!
Main menu
In-game tutorial explaining the scanner.
Fend off an attack with your NPC buddies.
No one understands this scene in the game... it just does not make sense.
Ammo pick-up
Aliens will expose you to acid when killed... so keep some distance.
You will also fight human enemies.
Space Oddity
Dead enemies usually drop all sorts of items for your arsenal.
Ammo needs to be replenished as well.
Some life support pods. Guess they did not really help in the end.
Your character will earn levels while playing in order to unlock weapon upgrades.
Collectibles: dog tags
Some doors need to be welded open (or closed at some stage).
Inventory screen
Weapon upgrade screen
Locker room... someone named Vasquez used this one.
You will also land on the planet... still the same gloomy graphics though.
Dude, you look awefully familiar even though you do not want to look at me.
Smartgun targeting system... very nice weapon.
Sometimes the atmosphere is not that bad really.
An alien charging you.
You do not look that healthy.
Sewers... seriously?
Usable objects have a blue hue.
Hey buddy, how you doing?
Empty husks...
...and some weird exploding aliens hiding among them.
Loader 1 - Alien 0
Challenges menu
The infamous facehugger
Collectibles: audio logs
Level details including current mission and collectibles.
Finally: The Space Jockey
O'Neal in action. He sometimes does support you.
Special weapons are being displayed in gold.
Your first close encounter with an alien
If you get too close to a closed pod, a facehugger might jump out
Another alien closing in.
Why am I here again?
Oh, right!