Aliens vs Predator Screenshots (Xbox 360)

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Xbox 360 version

Uh-oh. Those wily Predators have destroyed your ship!
The cast of Marine characters prepare for a nasty drop.
Spooky hallways...
Spookier lighting...
Weyland-Yutani's empty colony.
.... oh, darn.
They're comin' out of the walls, man! ...err, and the floors!
Oh right, there's Predators too.
Jungles of the planet.
The Marine sniper scope outlines targets.
Meanwhile, the Alien crawls around the sewer tunnels.
Tracking our prey from the ceiling. Aliens can climb on any surface.
Should have looked up, chum.
Much of the Alien game involves separating Marines for easy kills.
Grab enemies from behind for gruesome animated kills.
The Alien can harvest unarmed civilians. He's all yours, facehuggie!
The Predator and his toys are on the scene.
Icons signify where you can leap as a Predator.
Zoom in to get info on your prey.
That'll look nice on my mantle!
Aliens vs Predator.
Melee is based on light and strong attacks, plus blocks and counters.
Hold out against increasingly tougher waves in Survivor mode
The smartgun targets foes for you. Rock 'n roll!
Fire for prolonged periods and the gun's barrel glows red-hot.
Predator Hunt multiplayer mode. Whoever kills the Pred becomes him.
All the Pred's filmic advantages play against his Marine prey.
Sniping with shoulder cannon from the treetops.
Cloaked and ready to throw a spear.
Marine teamwork can bring down a Predator.
"Pyramid" map based on the AvP movie. Hallways and doors shift as in the film.