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Indie Game Magazine (Nov 23, 2010)
Ancients of Ooga is a good quality game at a fair price. The story is well put together and worth playing through and while the game seems geared more towards kids with some of its over-the-top wackiness and easy puzzles, it’s still a solid puzzle platformer. Ancients is not my favorite NinjaBee game, but it is a solid entry into their already solid portfolio.
80 (UK) (Jul 02, 2010)
With its twisted humour and mutated style lending a pleasantly Oddworld vibe to proceedings, this is a crafted effort for those of us with a tendency to mutter that they don't make 'em like they used to. Apparently they do.
Extreme Gamer (Jul 05, 2010)
‘Ancients of Ooga’ is a game with a great premise, promising gameworld/mythology, and fun/unique gameplay. However, the repetitive nature of the levels/puzzles and the lack of any real complex puzzles make this otherwise great title tedious at times. It should be noted that the game is rated “E10 for Everyone” and this might explain the lack of complexity, but does not explain the lack of variety. Still, I hope a sequel is made because there is so much potential for a deep and complex puzzle game and the Ooganis are such great characters that it would be a shame to never to see them again.
IGN (Jul 06, 2010)
Ancients of Ooga is a lengthy puzzle platformer that hearkens back to the simpler days of 16-bit gaming. Younger players, in particular, will enjoy the lighthearted humor and simple challenges. I suspect even some older gamers looking for a relaxing romp will be delighted by the Oogani.
GameSpot (Jul 13, 2010)
With some nice but underexploited ideas and without any truly tricky puzzles to overcome, Ancients of Ooga is no more or less than a fun and simple puzzle-based platformer. At eight or nine hours per play-through, it's a good-value download, with moderate replayability supplied by collectables (bones and edible items). The minor difficulty progression and cartoony humour make it best suited to younger players. Consider checking it out in a dry spell of must-have downloads and indie sleepers--just don't go ahead and cancel your weekend plans for it.
RetroManiac (Dec, 2010)
Viendo la historia y la mecánica del juego, esta claro que va enfocado hacia los más pequeños de la casa, los cuales disfrutaran de él, ya que está repleto de chistes fáciles, como onomatopeyas sonoras y demás, pero el jugador hardcore tiene muchas más opciones en XBLA, ya que el juego no es un chute de adrenalina en nuestra consola.
GameZone (Jul 11, 2010)
To put it best, NinjaBee’s latest title falls just above the “average” category. It is hardly a bad game by any means, but its limited appeal will only interest long-time fans of the genre or younger kids looking to experience something different. The gameplay is solid, but aside from a few quirky twists, it won’t blow you away. Perhaps if the potential for the characters and story were properly represented by exciting cut-scenes with spoken dialogue, Ancients of Ooga would be a bit more exciting.
TalkXbox (Jul 03, 2010)
Therein lays the problem with Ancients of Ooga. Despite its attempts to stand up above the crowd and be unique, it’s just a forgettable experience that just isn’t much fun. It isn’t a bad game at ten dollars by any stretch of the word, some enjoyment can be squeezed from it if you play it in short bursts, but with other XBLA titles coming down the pipeline, the Ancients of Ooga should pardon you if you give this game a pass.