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AusGamers (Mar 07, 2011)
At the end of the day, Gaijin has done another solid job of faithfully translating a PC flight simulator franchise to the console world. With a bit more spit and polish as well as a more robust cooperative system (and some people to play with), this title would have been wholly recommendable.
Xboxdynasty (XD) (Dec 02, 2010)
Flugsimulatoren sind rar gesät, vor allem auf der Xbox 360. Umso erfreulicher ist es dann, wenn tatsächlich mal einer seinen Weg auf Microsofts Konsole findet. Doch es ist anzunehmen, dass Apache Air Assault dasselbe Schicksal erwartet wie viele seiner Genrekollegen: Geliebt von den Fans, geschmäht vom Mainstream-Zocker. Das Spiel ist schlichtweg zu unzugänglich und schwer zu erlernen, bevor es richtig Spaß macht. Zwar nimmt der Training-Modus ein wenig von dem Frust weg, die Lernkurve bleibt trotzdem steil. Die ummotivierende Geschichte und die mangelnde Abwechslung stellen zwei weitere Hindernisse dar. Wer sich allerdings erst in die komplexen Steuerungsmechanismen reingefuchst hat, der findet in Apache Air Assault einen gelungenen Vertreter des Genres. Die actiongeladenen Luftschlachten mit realistischen Kampfbedingungen und lizenzierten Hubschraubern machen Spaß, sofern ihr es könnt. Frustresistente und Fortgeschrittene greifen zu.
GameSpot (Nov 22, 2010)
Once you and a friend have your coordination down, you can take your Apache skills online or to the game's highly customizable Mission mode (or you can hit them solo). These modes inject a little more variety into the simple go-here, kill-this formula found throughout the campaign. High-flying helicopter races and a mission where you scout ahead to paint targets for your Apache allies in a tiny scout helicopter help to mix things up. You can also create a custom skirmish match and modify the details down to the ground forces and weapon loadouts on either side. Ultimately, Apache: Air Assault delivers on just about everything for which an enthusiast could ask. While it may not convert many new players into pilots, a keen attention to detail and a good number of customization options help keep things feeling fresh.
75 (Nov 19, 2010)
Apache Air Assault n'est pas une grande simulation bardée de paramètres indigestes, et il lui manque parfois une variété et de polish, mais il offre une expérience réaliste accessible à ceux qui ont un penchant pour les hélicoptères de combat et qui sont prêts à lui consacrer un peu de temps. Et puis on ne peut pas dire qu'il croule sous la concurrence.
IGN (Nov 18, 2010)
Apache: Air Assault is a title that a niche audience of hardcore flight sim fans will love, and the rest of us with a passing interesting in flying a chopper will get some fun out of. I recommend playing it on Training for anyone who isn’t up to putting in the many hours of time to master the more intense Realistic settings, but it’s cool that Gaijin put those in for the hardcore fans they know are going to pick this up. The combat is a sight to behold, but the missions are more than little formulaic thanks to the nature of the aircraft. Apaches are made to kill, and they do it well. I just don't think that’s enough for most gamers out there.
71 (Nov 24, 2010)
Die gute Präsentation und herausfordernde Steuerung heben den Heli in Wertungshöhen - die lahmen Missionen und der enttäuschende Mehrspielermodus sorgen für den Absturz.
Brash Games (Nov 27, 2010)
Apache: Air Assault certainly won’t be for everyone. Despite the Training difficulty setting aimed at making the game a viable option for casual players, this is first and foremost a title developed for a niche market that has been starved of a decent console flight sim for far too long. With little to no serious competition out there, I’m sure fans sick of the OTT aesthetic and handholding mentality of recent air combat releases will lap this up. For the rest, well, as long as you know what you’re getting yourself into, there is a lot to like here. The Training difficulty helps ease players into the experience and while presentation and variety may not be the games strong point, there is enough in the way of satisfying combat and content to make Apache: Air Assault well worth a look.