Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts Screenshots (Xbox 360)

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Xbox 360 version

Title Screen
The game sets the scene...
...and brings those who haven't played the originals up-to-date.
Banjo and Kazooie have gotten fat from eating pizza and sitting around playing video games!
He was dead. But he got better.
LOG stops yet another pointless fight, and issues the rivals with a challenge
Look at all these shiny objects to collect!
The contestants are told to choose their vehicles - Banjo goes for the safer option.
Even though Grunty's just a skull now, she's still going to be a dreadful nuisance for Banjo
Each box that you bring to Mumbo in Showdown Town contains parts you can build with
Mumbo teaches you how to build by rebuilding your trolley.
Driving the trolley around Showdown Town
Fetching the Game Globe and taking it to its plinth - the easy way.
Ah, where would we be without collecting random trinkets to unlock stuff?
Mumbo's Motors is right in the center of Showdown Town
Each game world has an intro that is a parody of a seventies TV show
Klungo, fighting for the side of good - by giving you Jiggies.
Quickly - get to the farm and put out the fire!
Once you get your first Jiggy, you must vend it from the machine and then bank it - just like in real life!
In this challenge, you must deliver the bomb to Bottles for him to defuse.
Grunty's causing trouble on the farm - beat her and it will be worth it!
With Grunty defeated, LOG rewards you with super grippy tyres that allow you to climb slopes
Ah, the arcade!
Quite possibly the best border art ever
It was his name-o.
Get some plane parts, and you'll soon be able to take to the skies
Ah, a perfect landing.
Inside LOG's gigantic video game console
Perhaps the stupid thing will finally stop overheating with a fan that size
Yes, it's completely impractical, but you CAN build a hovercraft shaped like a toilet.
Banjoland features plenty of homages to the previous games
A shopping trolley? Really? Someone needs to clean this place up.
Looks like the snowman from Banjo-Kazooie melted.
In this event, you must push off all the sumos as quickly as possible.
Launch yourself off the ramp for a high jump competition!