Banjo-Kazooie Screenshots (Xbox 360)

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Xbox 360 version

Title screen
Grunty is furious that her cauldron says that she isn't fairest of them all!
Running through the fields of Spiral Mountain
Gruntilda's Lair looms overhead
Fill in the puzzles with the Jiggies you receive to complete them and open new worlds
Getting a Jiggy from a monkey
Items can be found all over the world, even up the mountains!
Rescuing all the Jinjos earns Banjo another Jiggy
Mumbo Jumbo, the boastful shaman, needs tokens to perform his magic
The final Jiggy atop the termite mound!
If you have enough notes, you'll break open Note Doors like this one.
Nipper the crab cuts Banjo down to size
Rescuing the treasure from the flooded hold for Captain Blubber
Atop this mountain lies one of the famous Stop 'n' Swop items!
At the top of the lighthouse lies another Jiggy
These monsters in Clanker's Cavern can pop out and push you off ledges
Clanker lies submerged in filthy sewer water
This key will free Clanker...but how to turn it?
Clanker bobs up and down in the water
Riding Clanker's bolt will take you even higher!
Swim through these rings to raise the water level
Sometimes you'll need to quickly get to Jiggies before they disappear
Help Tanktup's numb feet by stomping on them
Banjo can't enter Gobi's Valley just yet...
Why would Grunty have a large mural with Banjo on it, anyway? Is she a stalker?
Banjo can't handle swimming in the icy water of Freezeezy Peak
That's the second biggest scarf I've ever seen!
Gliding over to Mumbo's Hut
Hiding from the snowmen under the water
Finding a hidden section in Wozza's cave