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Impulse Gamer (Aug, 2009)
At the end of the day, Battle Fantasia will definitely be not everyone's cup of tea, however if you're looking for a game from yesteryear with a twist that includes 21st century gameplay mechanics, than I would urge you to investigate this title.
With 3-D fighters taking over the market it is nice to see a game like Battle Fantasia come out. The game does have some pretty big flaws, but with more people learning about the game then the biggest flaw, online mode, will be fixed. Battle Fantasia is defiantly worth while if you are a fan of 2-D fighters; make sure you check this one out before Street Fighter IV comes out next year.
Cheat Code Central (Oct, 2008)
In other words, once Battle Fantasia grabs hold of a player, there's no telling how many hours of enjoyment it's good for. However, given that fighting fans can already spend full price to get Soul Calibur IV, download classic brawlers for dirt cheap, and even buy compilation discs loaded with old-school punch-and-kick action, this title doesn't quite have what it takes to justify its price tag.
TeamXbox (Sep 18, 2008)
There are only a few fighters that are more lighthearted and pick-up-and-play-enjoyable than Battle Fantasia, but such whimsy and simplicity come at a premium price in the land of fighting games. Pick Battle Fantasia up if you’re a hardcore, money-is-no-object fighting gamer, or, if money loot is simply no object– that is, you’re loaded. The rest of you would be better off keeping your eyes on the used game bins, unless of course you can convince Watson the magical bunny to produce a copy for you out of his magical bunny hat.
Considering this game hails from the same company that created the insanity that is Guilty Gear, you might expect Battle Fantasia to play as fast as the Flash with a caffeine buzz. While it offers up a fair amount of craziness, BF turns out to be a slightly slower, more technical fighter. The characters and environments are all 3D, but the action takes place on a 2D plane. Visually, the game is a charmer, with all the vibrancy and artistic style of an anime. Unfortunately, BF doesn’t do anything to break the mold in terms of gameplay. While the characters are original (where else can you see a magical rabbit fighting a baby in knight’s armor?) their move sets are not. The combat also feels too basic compared to most modern fighters. The long-winded story segments show that BF was trying to do something different and exciting. Too bad it’s not enough to carry the title to success.
Gaming Age (Nov 25, 2008)
Still, while Battle Fantasia's mechanics seem to work well enough, it's also a little barebones for today's fighting market. The visuals are pretty, big, and for the most part the designs are really solid, but it's not a game that'll get heavy replay value from the single player department. There's some unlockable stuff with galleries and music, but nothing that I came across with extra characters, and while going thru each story mode could take a few days or so, once you're done with that you've seen most of what the game has to offer. In the end it'll boil down to whether or not you can find a group to play competitively with, either for a tourney or just for fun like a lot of fighters. Thankfully, there is online support with XBLA, so even if you don't have a local scene for fighters, you can find some players to go against there. If you do, then rest assured Battle Fantasia is quite a bit of fun, just don't go into expecting too much, and it won't disappoint.
70 (UK) (Feb 13, 2009)
The main criticism though is the by-the-numbers gameplay, which adds little we haven't seen before, and while the styling is a nice departure, many will find the overly twee presentation a bit too sugary for their fighter tastes. Some would also argue that the small character roster is a bit stingy, although for my money it represents a level and tight playing field far removed from Arc System Works' shenanigans with the Hokuto no Ken licence. Unsurprisingly then, Battle Fantasia certainly isn't going to have anyone cancelling their pre-order for Street Fighter IV; it's not even in the same league as Capcom's superlative re-envisioning. But if you've room in your life for more than one 2D fighter, then Battle Fantasia is a polished if slightly standard gem worthy of any would-be fighter's time.
Worth Playing (Nov 25, 2008)
There's fun to be had with Battle Fantasia. It's a title that's reasonably easy to pick up and play but has enough technical depth to take some time to master. There isn't enough depth in the content and fighting to appeal to the hardcore fighting game fan. Compared to the other big fighters on the market today, Battle Fantasia is a fun little distraction, but with a limited (although brilliantly designed) cast of characters, dead online community, and what feels like a subpar offering of content. Even at the "reduced" price of $50, Battle Fantasia is a hard recommendation. If you've got a rainy day you want to spend with a friend by beating up each other's virtual personalities, then go ahead and give this a rent. Otherwise, Battle Fantasia is a title that most gamers should pass on.
1UP (Sep 16, 2008)
It's also odd that Battle Fantasia's only on Xbox 360 in North America -- it's also on PlayStation 3 in Japan, and we presume it might make it here after a full English voiceover treatment -- but for now, it's 360 only. For those of you allied with the bigger-budget, more complex fighting games mentioned above -- or those with an aversion to fairy-tale art styles -- Battle Fantasia probably isn't going to pique your interest. Regardless, it's an enjoyable fighter even with its flaws, and it's a pleasing sidestep from Arc's edgy world of Guilty Gear.
65 (Jan 26, 2009)
Sur le papier Battle Fantasia avait tout pour devenir un excellent jeu de baston : un univers original, des combattants attachants, les antécédents impressionnants de ses créateurs... Mais il faut pourtant reconnaître que le résultat n'est pas tout à fait à la hauteur des attentes suscitées. Les graphismes n'ont rien d'exceptionnel et on ne compte que 12 personnages. Battle Fantasia parviendra tout de même à distraire les amateurs de jeux de combat à l'ancienne et marque le début d'une nouvelle série plutôt prometteuse.
IGN (Sep 16, 2008)
Battle Fantasia is a decent distraction but can’t compete with the high profile fighters, both out now on Xbox 360 and on the way, in looks, depth, or feature set. The character design is about the only thing that sets this game apart from the pack. You’ll probably have some fun with this fighter for a few hours before relegating it to the shelf.
Official XBox Magazine (Sep 18, 2008)
The fast, masher-friendly gameplay works as good as it looks; having gorgeously animated 3D characters in a 2D plane gives the game a modern sheen with familiar mechanics. Color-coding the damage blasts would have certainly been nice, but the special attacks look stellar, and the Japanese voice-overs help the game retain its authenticity. Battle Fantasia may be a niche game for a specific audience, but otaku will live happily ever after.
Spazio Games (Mar 07, 2009)
Il discreto potenziale legato alla particolare struttura narrativa ed al contesto in cui il gioco è ambientato non viene purtroppo sfruttato in maniera opportuna a causa di una realizzazione tecnica tutto sommato gradevole, che però non è affiancata da una struttura altrettanto solida ed articolata. Le poche modalità a disposizione unite ad un gameplay decisamente semplice e povero di contenuti, rendono questo prodotto decisamente inferiore rispetto agli standard raggiunti nel recente periodo dagli sviluppatori Arc System Works ed è un peccato perché a conti fatti vi sarebbero state tutte le possibilità per raggiungere ben altri risultati in termini qualitativi. In definitiva consigliamo l'acquisto del gioco soltanto a chi, riuscendo ad andare oltre a considerazioni puramente tecniche, riesce a cogliere in questo titolo tutta l'essenza di un progetto che va oltre le leggi del mercato presentando un'esperienza ludica particolare e meritevole almeno di riflessione.
UOL Jogos (Sep 25, 2008)
"Battle Fantasia" é um jogo de luta com uma mecânica clássica em 2D, mas embalado com gráficos 3D bem chamativos. O design pouco usual de personagens é muito interessante; são todos simpáticos e atiçam a curiosidade, mas o balanceamento estranho e a mecânica simples impedem que o jogo prenda a atenção dos fãs do gênero por muito tempo.