Written by  :  Chris Jeremic (160)
Written on  :  Jun 03, 2010
Platform  :  Xbox 360
Rating  :  4.57 Stars4.57 Stars4.57 Stars4.57 Stars4.57 Stars
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The Modern Warfare killer.

The Good

I am going to jump straight to multiplayer on this one, in short, this game has multiplayer that BEATS Call Of duty to the ground. Honestly. It is the best online experience I have ever had. It has everything you could want, vehicles, destructible environments and all. Most people complain that vehicles are over powered, well, not really. Seeing as the only way to acquire a vehicle is by returning to your start point it is not a problem. Destructible environments add a whole new element to gameplay, remember that the wall the are behind can not always protect you from an explosion and hiding in a building does not make you invulnerable to a tank, it adds such suspense that you have to plan where you go and how to avoid being hit by enemy fire. One note I want to bring up is that the User Interface for the 360 version felt a bit cluttered and troublesome, but that is excusable because it is still functional. Great features like joining a "Squad" and then being able to spawn next to your squadmates in the field also adds allot to the gameplay. I also find that there are allot less children playing this game, most people are mature adults/young adults, and the reason is that children are looking for games like Call Of Duty where you run around and simply kill, that is where BC2 differs. Bad Company 2 requires you to strategize and not just run n' gun.

The Bad

Well, the single player experience is a bit lacking. It uses exactly the same mechanics as the Multiplayer, but that has its flaws. In one mission you where supposed to fight through a large number of enemies to get to a vehicle to escape with your team, I simply went around where the enemy's are and got to vehicle ending the mission, so I essentially skipped a large portion of a map that I was supposed to play through with my team members. Also the game has quite a few minor glitches, like you can start reloading, enter water, and then when you exit the water you are done reloading, witch is a major issue seeing as this also works with weapons like the RPG allowing a player near water to take out a tank in less than 15 seconds. Also it is near impossible to hit flying vehicles with any early explosive weapons, requiring either luck, or a high level player to take them out.

The Bottom Line

The real question is, is this game better than its main competitor, Modern Warfare 2, the short answer, YES, the long answer is whether you are looking for a strategic, difficult, mature experience or a immature 12 year old Run n' fun fest. So gamers looking for more than run n' gun gameplay, pick up Bad Company 2, young gamers looking for Killing, Killing, and screaming over a microphone, please, I beg of you, just play Modern Warfare 2 and leave real gamers alone.