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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the actors' performances in the game (including voice acting). 3.8
AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 3.6
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 3.4
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 3.9
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 3.7
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.9
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed 3.5
Overall User Score (14 votes) 3.7

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Gamereactor (Finland) (Jun 20, 2008)
Taidolla viimeistelty kokonaisuus on puhdasta digitaalista euforiaa, josta on vaikea saada tarpeekseen. Pelistä hohkaa tekijöiden rakkaus tuotteeseensa ja vaikka kyseessä onkin tappamiseen keskittyvä pelikokemus, on lopputulos harvinaisen lämminhenkinen veijaritarina. Hajoavat ympäristöt, sekä loistavasti kirjoitettu ja huumorilla höystetty tarina nostavat Bad Companyn minun kirjoissani erääksi parhaimmista koskaan pelaamistani räiskintäpeleistä. Sotiminen ei ole koskaan ollut näin hauskaa.
Game Chronicles (Jul 08, 2008)
Bad Company blends unparalleled gameplay intensity with fast-action combat unlike any other game I’ve ever played. I was scrambling around battlefields trying to defend myself and find a secure location while the world around me was being blown apart. And even when these action-packed levels were juxtaposed with the more stealthy nighttime levels, I still came away from these gaming sessions with severe battle fatigue. Whether you are in this for the solo adventure or plan on spending the next six months kicking butt and taking names online, Bad Company delivers a solid combat experience for both types of gamer. This is truly a revolutionary new game experience and the ultimate evolution of the Battlefield franchise.
PGNx Media (Jun 29, 2008)
Battlefield: Bad Company is one of the most entertaining shooters ever released. Being able to destroy (nearly anything at your whim), a deep and fun multiplayer mode, and a fleshed out singleplayer mode make the game stand out.
Piling four guys into a jeep and rushing into a firefight is just as fun as Battlefield fans have come to expect, but it serves as a bitter-sweet reminder that all of the building blocks were there for a co-op campaign that will never be.
XboxAddict (Jul 11, 2008)
The inclusion of team chat or proximity chat would be a big plus in the game. Team chat could definitely add to the strategic value of the gameplay. Would love to see more stat varied weaponry as well and maybe the addition of some new unlockables or special equipment for each class. Overall though, great game.
TeamXbox (Jun 23, 2008)
Battlefield: Bad Company knows what it wants to do and does it. The gameplay is simple and easy to wrap your mind around, but opens up to a lot of different strategies. The explosions are visceral and fun, and the game looks great too. Yeah, I bitched about the color palette, but there are moments when you realize they’re going for that smoky, hazy look that a battle-ravaged landscape would have and it’s O.K. It may not be a magnum opus like GTA IV, but Battlefield: Bad Company is a great piece of mindless fun to waste away some hours with this summer.
AusGamers (Jul 14, 2008)
EA and DICE have done a commendable job of compacting the best parts of the popular Battlefield series and bundling it with an entertaining narrative. Battlefield Bad Company is a much more attractive console game than any straight-up port of a PC Battlefield title could be; A worthwhile purchase for any first person shooter fan looking for a bit of light-hearted fast-paced explosive action.
Brutal Gamer (Jul 16, 2008)
Overall this game is well worth a purchase on any console; it is a well rounded game and is a joy to play. I would possibly avoid this game if you did not have online because that is where this game truly comes alive. This, for me, has been one of the best games so far of 2008.
HardGamers (Jul 15, 2008)
Dice est devenu un maître dans le développement de jeux en ligne. Il suffit de voir la finition, les petits détails, les à-côtés de ce nouveau Battlefield pour réaliser à quel point ce studio a acquis une expertise incroyable. La jouabilité est huilée à la perfection, le fun est immédiat et la réalisation est sans faille. En bonus, une campagne solo qui malgré ses gros défauts, a le mérite de sortir des chantiers battus et offre quelques heures d’amusement supplémentaires. Assurément un prétendant au titre de jeu de l’année 2008.
Gameplanet (Jun 20, 2008)
Battlefield: Bad Company is an exceptional game. Its deformable environments will do for battlefields what Codemaster's DiRT and GRID have done for the racing genre. Having the larger part of your environment being deformable to the extent that it is in Battlefield: Bad Company is no small feat. It may lack the finesse in the single-player that some similar titles have, but it does a great job of making you feel the part as you roll into combat with guns blazing, your squad hooting and bellowing behind you. Add to this the multiplayer which is well rounded and realistic, yet big on the fun, and you have a great experience which could ultimately have you playing for months and months.
GameSpy (Jun 23, 2008)
Battlefield: Bad Company may look like other FPSes on the market in terms of theme and graphics, but there are enough key gameplay differences to set it apart from the crowd. One could easily say that Bad Company expands the genre itself with its combination of great story, destructible environment and surprisingly deep single-mode multiplayer. Throw in DICE's promises of future (free) content and this is one game that just might meet your wildest desires for both blowing things up and online competition.
GameDaily (Jun 23, 2008)
Those minor issues aside, Battlefield: Bad Company is awesome and there's plenty to do, both by yourself and with friends online. This is definitely Company worth keeping, even if it's a dumb ass like Haggard.
Totally Gaming Network (Jun 29, 2008)
Huge, immersive and always intense, Battlefield: Bad Company proves that you may not need the prettiest graphics in the world or design the most original game in order to provide one of the most essential purchases on 360 this year so far. Single players may feel slightly left out because the game really benefits from its multiplayer side, but even if you never take it online you will at least get a flavour of just how manic and heart-pumpingly chaotic the Battlefield series can be, and Bad Company is right up there with best of them.
90 (Jul 02, 2008)
Bad Company offers one of the best online experiences I have had for a long time and there is no let up in the action. The online menu is quick and simple to use, allowing for quick and custom matches and giving you the option to look at you’re in game awards and achievements. The single player game aint too bad either.
MS Xbox World (Jul 03, 2008)
What can I say, the Battlefield name has had a long history, ever since Battlefield 1942 the Battlefield series has been well known and well loved, but the core gameplay has never really been shaken up, it was never a risk DICE has taken, but they tried it with Battlefield Bad Company and they really have pulled it off. Battlefield Bad Company is one of very few shooters to come out this summer for the Xbox 360 out of a collection of so many overall, but Battlefield Bad Company surely isn’t going to be the breaking point for this genre as its dark humour and explosive gameplay is keeping us thirsty for more. As long as we see some of these promised weapons and rumoured maps in the future, this game will be a keeper for a real long time. I say, just keep the shooters coming.
Jolt (UK) (Jul 08, 2008)
It’s not as often as we’d like that a shooter comes along in which can you plough through the single player and then spend many more hours in the multiplayer without feeling like you’ve seen and done it all before. Battlefield: Bad Company is definitely one of those games, and the tongue-in-cheek tone and dialogue of the game is perfectly matched to the intense and chaotic action. For dedicated online FPS players, it isn’t necessarily going to unsettle Call of Duty 4, but for weekend warriors that want less talk and more explosions, it’s nearly the perfect game.
Console Monster (Jul 09, 2008)
Battlefield Bad Company is something which console gamers have been crying out for, and to a certain extent have already been given with Call of Duty 4. Whilst Bad Company comes into the race a little late, the value and enjoyment available easily make the title worthwhile of a purchase, and give first person shooter fans yet another game to pick up their pad for. We certainly look forward to where the Frostbite engine will take future DICE games, and in the meantime we hope to see you on the battlefield!
Armchair Empire, The (Jul 10, 2008)
With improved visuals, a larger and gleefully-fun-to-destroy destructive gaming environment, still-great online play and a single-player mode that gamers will want to fight through to the end (although Hotswapping from Battlefield 2: Modern Combat is gone), this new Battlefield is in good company with the previous Battlefield titles. It may not surpass the game-of-the-year quality of Call of Duty 4, but certainly is a very good alternative, especially for those looking to fight the online battle with vehicular manslaughter as part of their killing repertoire.
Bad Company represents a new direction for the Battlefield series, and it makes its debut as a console exclusive with a building-blasting bang. There is a lot of action-packed and enjoyable gameplay crammed into this game, and I can't wait to see what's in store for it in the future.
Console Obsession (Jul 17, 2008)
Battlefield: Bad Company, with its excellent, though flawed single player campaign and intense Gold Rush multiplayer mode is pure gaming gold (joke very much intended). Bad Company certainly makes for good company on this occasion, just don’t tell your loved ones.
90 (Jul 11, 2008)
Bad Company is een waardige Battlefield-game. Het spel introduceert op een goede manier een singleplay-avontuur in de serie, zonder dat daarbij de basis van het Battlefield-concept verloren gaat. De singleplaymodus is goed uitgewerkt en ziet er prima uit, mits je na een tijdje gewend raakt aan de stijl. De verschillende personages zijn wandelende karikaturen van zichzelf en zorgen voor een flinke dosis humor. De spelwereld kan vrijwel volledig met de grond gelijk worden gemaakt, wat zowel in singleplay als in multiplay voor interessante gameplay zorgt. De multiplaymodus kent nog te weinig variatie, maar wellicht wordt dat nog via downloadable content verholpen. Hoe dan ook is Battlefield: Bad Company een heerlijke game om de regenachtige zomerdagen mee door te komen.
GameZone (Jun 23, 2008)
Battlefield: Bad Company is a solid shooter that is a blast to play. The single-player mode is very fleshed out, and the light-hearted atmosphere works well, while the multiplayer elements are still a lot of fun. While the lack of a co-op mode is a bummer, there’s still a lot here for fans of the FPS genre.
Atomic Gamer (Jun 25, 2008)
Battlefield: Bad Company doesn't do everything, but what it does, it does right. The campaign is a lot of fun and the mixed-bag of comedy at least livens things up a bit, while the multiplayer is a full-fledged Battlefield experience with all of the depth you'd expect out of a serious PC shooter. There's no cooperative play, online or off, and the unlockables won't take you far, so you'll likely need to get into the competitive online play to really get your money's worth out of it. But in this summer, with mediocre Hollywood games that are boring after 45 minutes (yet still have the same $60 price tag as everything else), Bad Company should definitely be a breath of fresh air for you. It's got some kinks and quirks, but I think any console FPS fan will have a great time with this one.
Game Over Online (Jul 08, 2008)
It’s funny, the incompetent friendly AI makes the single-player campaign a lot more challenging than it should be, but the presence of the unlimited health needle and “no-penalty” respawn system negates that additional difficulty altogether. Ultimately, with its massive, destructible environments and amazing selection of vehicles and weapons, the single-player story is a blast to play, literally. There’s currently only one multiplayer mode available, Gold Rush, but it’s well conceived and will have you coming back over and over to earn new ranks. And to top it all off, Bad Company is one of, if not the best sounding game of the year. If you’re looking for a shooter to carry you through the hot summer months, I highly recommend you enlist in Battlefield: Bad Company.
Cheat Code Central (Jun, 2008)
Battlefield: Bad Company is definitely one of my favorite games of the year. It's not entirely perfect, but it is thoroughly enjoyable. If you've found yourself stuck in a gaming rut, I'd suggest combating it with a little levity and a great story. Bad Company has all the components of a great game and will provide you with hours of delight.
Daily Game (Jul 22, 2008)
The only things missing from Battlefield: Bad Company are a compelling ending, co-op play and the inclusion of Conquest mode, in which players capture control points a la the BF games of yore. Fortunately, although EA and DICE can't do much about the lackluster last few hours or lack of co-op, they plan to release a Conquest mode as a free downloadable update on PS3 and Xbox 360. This update will give Battlefield veterans yet another reason to play the new outing while giving BF newbies another new mode with which to experiment. And hey, maybe DICE can incorporate online co-op in the B-company's next outing. If so, count us first in line for the sequel.
87 (Jul 11, 2008)
Factor in the fun-filled single-player campaign alongside the quality multiplayer component that the Battlefield series is synonymous with, and Battlefield: Bad Company emerges as a super entrant to the bulging first-person shooter genre that successfully blasts through its periodic glitches by remaining focused on delivering nothing but a thrill ride of environmental obliteration and heart-pumping, bullet-fuelled action. Quite simply, it's easily the best shooter of the year thus far.
IGN (Jun 20, 2008)
Battlefield: Bad Company is a great addition to the long-running series, despite the fact that it leaves the comfy confines of the PC world. The added storyline gives newfound depth to the formerly shallow single-player mode, despite the fact that the dramatization pales in comparison to what we’ve seen from Call of Duty 4. Where Bad Company truly shines is in its multiplayer and the technology that drives the game forward. Both raise the bar in their own right and give the competition something to strive for. In this summer relatively devoid of solid first-person shooters, Bad Company does enough to earn your hard-earned dough.
85 (Jul 24, 2008)
Battlefield has promise, but hasn’t delivered on that yet. The lack of modes in multiplayer is ridiculous, and I’m not sure I’d really give the game a ‘must buy’ recommendation until there’s some variety there. Adding in Conquest will help that out, whenever that arrives, but you’ll have to be the judge as to whether or not only two online modes are enough for you.
games xtreme (Jul 25, 2008)
Bad Company isn't a revolution in the team-based shooter genre, but it's a great game packed with some humorous moments and solid multiplayer support. DICE's pedigree shows through once more and the lack of Conquest doesn't hinder Bad Company too much!
Softpedia (Sep 05, 2008)
Buy the game. It's perfect for today's gamer. Not too long, as I went through it in under 18 hours. Not too hard, as the instant respawn kicks in and is paired with comrades that never kick the bucket. Not too easy, as some of the fights, especially the ones that imply helicopters and heavy armor, are pretty tough, especially while aiming with the Xbox 360 controller. Not to serious, with well laid out characters and nice story telling. Not too funny, because even if some of the jokes are off, there's solid gameplay which you can always look forward to. At times, the game is too easy but other than that, it is a very enjoyable experience.
85 (Jul 04, 2008)
Die Entwickler haben es geschafft, aus "Battlefield: Bad Company" ein Actionspektakel zu kreieren, dass für Teamplayer eine ebenso runde Sache ist, wie für Solisten. Die Einzelspieler-Kampagne ist in motivierende Etappen unterteilt, die zum stetigen Weiterkommen anregen. Frustmomente gibt es daher kaum. Auch der Mehrspieler-Bereich ist gut gelungen, auch wenn ein wenig mehr Vielfalt, sowie ein paar weitere Maps noch die Krönung gewesen wären. Dabei ist man dem „Battlefield“-Stil trotz einiger Änderungen treu geblieben. Die Umgebungen sind gesäumt von weiträumigen Außenarealen, in denen dann und wann Gebäude stehen und auch die Atmosphäre deutet ganz und gar auf einen Titel hin, der sich nahtlos in die Shooter-Reihe einfügt. Auch der Witz kommt dieses Mal nicht zu kurz, denn die Charaktere sind trotz des Ernstes der Lage immer zu einem kleinen Scherz bereit. Untermalt wird das Spiel dazu mit einem Soundtrack, der ebenfalls unverkennbar zur Serie gehört.
XboxAchievements (Jul 05, 2008)
In this day and age of first person shooters, it’s pretty much standard protocol to create a decent single player campaign and tack on an average multiplayer mode... However, DICE like to be different. Bad Company boasts a competent and fairly entertaining single player mode but their multiplayer mode is most definitely their fundamental selling point. One of the best multiplayer modes and battle systems on the Xbox 360 as far as I’m concerned. When the Conquest pack hits, Call of Duty could have a bit of competition... We hope.
IGN UK (Jun 20, 2008)
In spite of its sluggish opening, Battlefield: Bad Company goes on to produce one of the most entertaining first-person shooters since last year’s Call of Duty 4. Bold and bright in tone, it’s blockbuster fare that combines DICE’s first-person expertise with a small sprinkling of innovation that’s enough to ensure it’s a perfect way to shoot the summer breeze.
Xbox Gazette (Jul 24, 2008)
Au final, Battlefield : Bad Company nous surprend là où on ne l'attendait pas vraiment : sa campagne solo. Malgré quelques imperfections techniques, une aventure un peu courte et facile et une IA ennemi peu convaincante, ce titre séduit par son scénario à l'humour décalé, la crédibilité et l'immensité de ses environnements ou encore le fait de pouvoir pratiquement tout détruire qui apporte une toute autre dimension à ce genre. Si on ajoute à cela un mode multijoueur addictif, on obtient une excellente alternative à Call of Duty 4 et surtout, jusqu'à maintenant, le meilleur FPS de l'année sur Xbox 360.
Gamernode (Jun 25, 2008)
If you were worried about DICE's first Xbox 360 effort, you can relax. While Bad Company is far from perfect and could have used some better AI and a few more weeks in testing, the game still stands tall and proud amongst the other big name war-based shooters. The writing is good, the characters are great, and the destructible environment actually plays an integral role in the game rather than just serving as a claim to place on a sticker to move copies at Wal-Mart. Bad Company may not be the best game of the year, but it's easily the king of the FPS heap so far in 2008.
Whilst it’s not quite perfect, Bad Company’s legacy will most definitely be its satisfying use of tactical destruction. In no other FPS does changing environment factor so heavily into combat, or in such a fun way. Its single player could have used a little polish but the game’s multiplayer shines as one of the best available on console to date.
Battlefield Bad Company is a great game and continues the excellent fun found in every game in the Battlefield series that I've played so far. The single player campaign is worth at least a couple of play throughs (it would have been more fun in co-op mode though) and the multiplayer, even with only one game mode, should keep you going for months. All the classes are balanced quite nicely and even the unlockable weapons don't feel like they'd sway the action in any direction unfairly.
84 (Jun 27, 2008)
Auch wenn Battlefield: Bad Company nicht an die Komplexität der großen PC-Brüder heran reicht, hat es die Deppen-Truppe ganz schön in sich und sorgt mit lässigen Sprüchen und einer insgesamt sehr unterhaltsamen Kampagne für viel Spaß – und Chaos! Auch wenn die Beschädigungen der Kulisse teilweise etwas geskriptet wirken und ihr doch nicht alles dem Erdboden gleich machen könnt, ist diese brachiale Zerstörungsorgie einer der großen Pluspunkte von Bad Company. Leider verhindern einige KI-Aussetzer sowie die etwas zu passiv agierenden Teamkameraden die Eroberung der Hit-Auszeichnung und auch das etwas nervige Hantieren mit den Heilspritzen sowie die übermächtigen Luftschläge waren nicht unbedingt die besten Ideen. Dafür fällt die Kampagne herrlich abwechslungsreich aus und die Wortgefechte zwischen den Jungs sowie weitere witzige Situationen peppen das Geschehen mit einer ordentlichen Prise Humor auf.
Game Freaks 365 (Jul, 2008)
All in all, Battlefield: Bad Company is a purchase that you will not likely regret. If you are looking for a new multi-player game to play for the summer, Battlefield: Bad Company is a good bet. Imagine playing Battlefield with a hint of Call of Duty 4. It probably isn't going to win any awards, but it is a good game to give you an excuse to stay inside in the cool AC and get through the scorching heat.
Video Game Generation (Aug 17, 2008)
Battlefield: Bad Company is by no means perfect. Having said that, it is still one of the most enjoyable and entertaining shooters of the year. The single player is a short but enjoyable campaign with fairly likable characters, and the online mode is incredibly addictive. This sandbox shooter is a bit of harmless, destructive fun, and is certainly worth your money. If you aren’t prepared to shell out the full price for this game, it makes for one hell of a good rental.
IC-Games (Jul 04, 2008)
Overall the open sandbox style of gameplay and allowing you the non-linear gameplay to complete the mission in your own way works very well. The character interaction and voice talent is some of the best (even if it is cheesy in the extreme) seen in a while and is fun to listen to. Whilst the single player gameplay is pretty good the single option on multiplay and some of the odd spawn points do detract from it. Now Battlefield: Bad Company isn't a bad game, it just isn't as good as it could have been, certainly if fixes are made and extra options to the multiplayer game can be added, it'd be worth a few more points on the score. I feel it would be worth a rental before you buy however, but you should find some fun times never-the-less, no matter what.
GameTrailers (Jun, 2008)
Bad Company set out to deliver a successful single-player campaign, and it succeeds. This isn’t a unique feat and it’s not a new high standard, but it’s definitely a first for the series. The game’s multiplayer mode finally brings the PC experience to the consoles and will hold up for quite a while with the promise of downloadable content, but there is definitely a hole left for conquest mode to fill. Even so, this Battlefield is definitely worth returning to.
GamingTrend (Jun, 2008)
It’s hard to sum up a game like this as you never know what the next few months will bring. The single player and multiplayer are built on an incredible engine, and there is no doubt that the game is a good bag of popcorn fun. The writing is corny, but the action is furious. While the controls often seem a bit constrained or flat out wrong, the learning curve is so gradual that you likely won’t even know you are on it. This is a blessing and a curse as the difficulty level is a bit too forgiving as a result. When playing online, gamers are treated to a lag-free affair, but the thought of EA shutting down the dedicated servers at some point in the future could leave you with a drink coaster.
Power Unlimited (Jul 30, 2008)
De nieuwe aanpak in Battlefield: Bad Company zal niet de originaliteitprijs winnen en andere developers hebben dit ook al beter gedaan. Maar niet veel beter, waardoor ik gerust kan stellen dat EA iets moois heeft gemaakt wat lekker weg knalt voor sofa-Rambo’s zoals ondergetekende.
Give it up for Electronic Arts and Digital Illusions CE. Battlefield: Bad Company is a superior shooter, mixing a highly entertaining single-player story mode which should last most players 10 to 15 hours with a solid online component which more than lives up to its predecessors. Any moments of frustration - over too-accurate enemies, the lack of co-op pay, and... well... that's pretty much it - are quickly overridden by the sheer joy which comes from blowing the crap out of everything and everyone around you.
Gaming Age (Jul 03, 2008)
Battlefield: Bad Company may not be the award winner that COD 4 was, but it is damn near as entertaining and a lot easier to get into. This is a war game for the casual gamer who just wants to have fun blowing stuff up.
Worth Playing (Jul 01, 2008)
Battlefield: Bad Company is a decent change of pace for the series. DICE's newest take on the virtual battlefield does a lot of things right, despite firing a few blanks along the way, such as the lack of a co-op mode in the main campaign. Going solo is still a lot of fun, thanks to the company that you'll be keeping throughout your AWOL adventure, but the multiplayer is where the real action will be for many players who take the chance of signing up for a stint with Bad Company.
Factornews (Aug 10, 2008)
Je me rends compte que j’ai écrit une sacré tartine sur Battlefield: Bad Company mais il le mérite bien plus qu’un certain Call of Duty 4 : Modern Warfare. Alors qu’Infinity Ward s’est enfoncé dans les clichés et l’immobilisme, DICE a eu le courage de proposer quelque chose de neuf et de frais en multi comme en solo en dynamitant les codes du genre.
UOL Jogos (Jul 11, 2008)
"Battlefield: Bad Company" é uma boa pedida para os fãs de jogo de tiro em primeira pessoa. O primeiro jogo inédito para consoles ainda não é perfeito, sofre com alguns problemas técnicos e de um modo para um jogador bastante inconsistente, mas há ainda muitas qualidades. Os controles são ótimos, o novo sistema de destruição de objetos deu nova dinâmica aos combates e o multiplayer é, como sempre, viciante e desafiador.
Video Game Generation (Aug 17, 2008)
While multiplayer is limited to just Gold Rush for now, an interesting rewards system – one that has proved to be far more addicting than both Xbox 360 Achievements and PS3 Trophies – kept me playing so much that I now see blue dots that follow people I know, even when they walk out of sight. And instead of being historically accurate or trying to shove drama down your throat, the story, with its campy setup, interesting characters and priceless dialogue, is more like the sort of action romp you’d want to head to a cool theater and see during the heat of the summer. Plus, they even left it open for a sequel, which is something I’d wholeheartedly approve of it is anything like the original.
Video Games Daily (Aug 14, 2008)
If there's something that could spoil the experience for those teetering on the edge, it's EA's servers, which I found to be unreliable more often that I'd like. Still, this is an immensely enjoyable experience that will only play better if you're in good company.
X-Box Gamer (Jul 10, 2008)
Comme ses prédécesseurs, Battlefield : Bad Company s’impose comme un immanquable pour les mordus de FPS multijoueurs. En plus de proposer un mode en ligne tout simplement addictif, le titre de DICE offre une expérience unique en solitaire, avec un vrai mode solo scénarisé, drôle et efficace. Ajoutez à cela un moteur graphique très convaincant, une durée de vie honnête et la puissance du moteur Frostbite permettant de détruire l’intégralité des décors qui vous entourent et vous comprendrez que ce nouveau Battlefield remplit pleinement son contrat. Reste quelques légers défauts et l’implacable comparaison avec Call of Duty 4 qui rend les choses forcément plus compliquées…
80 (Jun 27, 2008)
Aussi surprenant que cela puisse paraître, DICE a réussi son pari un peu dingue de faire du solo avec des principes de multi. Bad Company n'est pas le FPS de l'année, il compte même un bon nombre de défauts et de lacunes mais son ambiance délirante, son rythme endiablé et son gameplay bourrin et rapide en font un titre parfait pour vous occuper en solo cet été. La suite sera assurée par un multijoueur un peu maigre mais solide. Une bonne surprise, tout le monde n'en attendait pas autant.
JeuxActu (Jul 04, 2008)
Bref, Battlefield : Bad Company est un titre qui vous dégourdira les doigts jusqu’à la rentrée, même s’il est difficile de passer derrière Call of Duty 4 : Modern Warfare.
Gamekult (Jun 27, 2008)
Bad Company ne propose peut-être pas des graphismes aussi impressionnants que Call of Duty 4, mais il sait se montrer prenant et spectaculaire d'une façon certes différente mais toute aussi efficace. Avec en plus un mode online complet, bien pensé et explosif, Bad Company a vraiment tout pour séduire les amateurs du genre. Bref, voilà un jeu qui porte décidément très mal son nom.
80 (Jun 23, 2008)
Battlefield Bad Company might look like just another FPS but it feels very different. The open-world levels make for some unique gameplay opportunities and the multiplayer mode looks like it should gain a very large online community. The lack of any stand-out set-pieces and the initially twitchy controls prevent Bad Company from earning top marks, but it's a solid effort from DICE that any FPS fan is advised to pick up.
80 (UK) (Jun 23, 2008)
Once you've experienced the various highs and lows that Bad Company has to offer, it feels like an immensely polished, ambitious effort that will build up a strong following for all the right reasons. The single player portion, while never less than hugely entertaining, stops short of true greatness thanks to a few fundamental design shortcuts which offer easy health restoring concepts seemingly at the expense of balanced AI. Some of this is irrelevant in the online mode, and the profound implications of a massively destructible environment make it a unique proposition in online gaming right now - albeit a riotous chaotic one. Riccitiello needn't have worried.
NZGamer (Jun 24, 2008)
If you’re more of a single player person – or if your New Zealand broadband just can’t handle the multiplayer – then you might want to try renting this one first. It’s a much better effort from the developers than their first console Battlefield, and manages to differentiate itself from the superior Call of Duty 4 with a couple of great gameplay additions. So if you’re not tired of war-based shooters, give this one a whirl – it’s far from the worst thing you could ever spend your money on.
G4 TV: X-Play (Jun, 2008)
Battlefield: Bad Company is the most console-feeling Battlefield ever produced. It's mindless fun that's not going to take you away from better games like Grand Theft Auto IV or Call of Duty 4, but it's a great way to while away the summer days that are left after you finish all those triple-A titles.
Gamervision (Jun 30, 2008)
Battlefield doesn’t put a scratch on Call of Duty 4 in either the multiplayer or single player departments, but it doesn’t really try to. Bad Company refuses to let you take it too seriously, and the constant humor and over-the-top gameplay blend together well to create a unique experience. Most gamers, by now, have played all there is to play of Call of Duty 4, Halo 3, and just about every other first-person-shooter released in the past two years. If you fall into this group, and you probably do, then Battlefield: Bad Company is waiting.
ActionTrip (Jun 30, 2008)
I guess, ultimately, EA and DICE decided to emphasize the fun factor as opposed to the aspect of tactics, enemy intelligence and realistic combat. Which is fine in our book. You can have a jolly good time with BF: Bad Company just by demolishing half the environment. Still, certain design flaws and gameplay weaknesses might ward off tactical shooter aficionados and anyone who expects tougher enemies. This doesn't mean you should dismiss the single-player completely. It's funny and it has its moments, even though it may not take you too long to finish it (like most shooters). Alas, Bad Company's lasting qualities reside in its multiplayer, rather than the main campaign, which doesn't come as much of a shock considering DICE's reputation. Oh well, at least they gave it a shot and came up with a reasonably enjoyable single-player and a damn fine multiplayer experience.
Hooked Gamers (Jun 30, 2008)
Battlefield: Bad Company is a perfect example of a talented developer taking an established franchise and fine tuning it to create a different experience. The new Frostbite Engine gives the destructibility of no other game out there. Online’s unique push and pull style of gameplay is very addicting. A much less serious story line is a welcome change to the now mundane “bad-ass marine” cliché that comes in so many games. With only a few shortcomings of just one gametype, slipper vehicle controls and cosmetic destruction this is still a great game. This has shown that the Battlefield franchise is anything but stale, they can take the series in any direction they want and it’s great to see more developers having that freedom. You won’t find a better military action game on of this scale on consoles period.
Boomtown (Jul 01, 2008)
Battlefield: Bad Company is a really damn fine game that just falls short of greatness on a few issues. But DICE came awful close and I'm sure they'll nail it next time.
GameCell UK (Jul, 2008)
But the real bad news for FPS and clan game aficionados out there is that you need to get your wallet out again; Battlefield Bad Company is yet another one to add to your collection. The Frostbite game engine might get a little twitchy at times, but it does things others just aren’t capable of, and DICE should be proud.
Thunderbolt Games (Jul 10, 2008)
All in all, Bad Company is a success. As a console exclusive, it delivers a great campaign with unique features that set it apart from the majority of first-person shooters on the platform. The multiplayer is just as fantastic, although it only has one mode. (Gold Rush, a variation on attack and defend) As of this writing, a second mode has been promised for free. With great characters, solid gameplay, and jaw-dropping presentation, Bad Company provides a brilliant Battlefield game for consoles without sacrificing too much of what made the PC versions so popular.
GamersMark (Jul 14, 2008)
But those are minor gripes. Bad Company is an extremely well-rounded game; its single-player mode is enjoyable and nicely fleshed-out, and its multiplayer mode is deep and infinitely playable. Good stuff, no doubt. Maybe it’s not so bad being in Bad Company after all.
DarkZero (Jun 17, 2008)
Microsoft’s Xbox 360 already has masses of First Person Shooters on the shelf, so Battlefield: Bad Company was going to have to do something great to stick out, and it does. It’s the best multiplayer game to be released this year and is certainly up there with Call of Duty 4. It’s a different type of multiplayer to that game, but it’s a worthy investment. It might not feature a class based objective system like Quake Wars, but it’s sure a damn better multiplayer experience than that port. If you enjoy shooters then you shouldn’t shy away from Bad Company, which really has the wrong title because this game will be a great companion for your games collection.
Planet Xbox 360 (Jul 29, 2008)
Fans of the first-person shooter genre will find that Battlefield: Bad Company is an all right game with a few interesting features that’ll keep their attention for a few days or so. But when you have played all of the eight maps and finish the lousy storyline, players will venture back to their favorite FPS – whatever it may be – after their short diversion through Bad Company. Battlefield: Bad Company isn’t a game that’ll win any awards this holiday when the year is over with. If it wasn’t for the smooth online gameplay or incredibly fun Frostbite Engine, I’d almost advise skipping over Bad Company altogether. But you should at least rent Bad Company to see what hype is all about.
gameZine (UK) (Jul, 2008)
Bad Company is both generic and inventive at the same time. It’s a breath of fresh air to see a storyline and relatable characters in this type of game, yet it is the traditional macho pro-US brainwash we’ve seen before. The destruction is a nice touch and we’d love to see it implemented in other games, but it doesn’t really change the genre, just improve it. It’s well worth a look-in and is likely to keep you busy over a weekend.
Game Positive (Jul 18, 2008)
In the end, Battlefield: Bad Company is by no means a bad first-person shooter, but it's also far from the best. It's a shame that the game has so many excellent parts that are lessened by what the developers didn't do. Better level design in the single player game and more multiplayer options could have rendered Bad Company a must buy. Unfortunately, as it is, it's more likely to get lost in the sea of shooters that already line the shelves.
1UP (Jun 23, 2008)
When raspy- and robotic-sounding players on Xbox Live hear inbound artillery, they know to get to a house's bottom floors before the roof is blasted off and anything beneath it is blown away. Henpecked by sharpshooting, they deforest a sniper's blind; cornered, they demolish a back wall and beat their retreat. Developer DICE dodges the trap it's laid for itself (i.e., games devolving into grenade-launcher duels) by reducing splash damage. Unless it detonates in his face, a single explosive shell stands a greater chance of dazing an enemy than killing him outright -- one smart move among the many (such as inspired map design) that make Bad Company a very good multiplayer game.
Computer Bild Spiele (Jul 02, 2008)
Der Kampf ums Gold bringt frischen Wind in die Battlefield-Serie. Der Einzelspielerfeldzug ist solide gemacht und abwechslungsreich. Die vermeintlich lustigen Kommentare Ihrer Computerkameraden wird nicht jeder unterhaltsam finden, doch sie schaffen Atmospähre. Die Mehrspielergefechte machen übrigens immer noch mehr Spaß als die einsamen Feldzüge, zumal sie ausgefeilte Kampftaktiken erfordern.
Blend Games (Jun 29, 2008)
There's not really much to say about the multiplayer other than, "If you liked other Battlefield games, you'll like this." I'll go even further and say that if you're a first person shooter fan, you'll like Battlefield: Bad Company. It's not the cliché-smashing, comic FPS that I thought it would be but it's still a solid shooter. It shares the weak points of other games in the genre but many of their strengths as well. Bad Company's ending leaves the door open for a sequel and while I could care less about the story, I'm interested to see how DICE will build on this game's core gameplay in a future installment.
TotalVideoGames (TVG) (Jun 25, 2008)
With support for up to 24 players, the Gold Rush mode challenges two teams to attack and defend crates of gold. The catch being that the defending team have infinite respawns, whilst the attacking team have a limited number to complete the objective. Playing closer to a traditional Battlefield experience, the missing components from the single-player game, namely lying prone and parachutes, seem more apparent in the multiplayer and likely to cause some frustrations amongst ardent BF players. Nevertheless, a Battlefield-lite experience with the Frostbite engine will be an appealing prospect for many Xbox 360 and PS3 owners and likely to become a popular online title in the most played lists.
Gamestyle (Jul, 2008)
Ultimately, Battlefield: Bad Company is a game that promises a lot but struggles to deliver more than a slightly above average FPS experience. Most frustrating though is the clear potential of how good Bad Company could be online, if you could field a team comprised of 12 friends and talk to each other. In terms of team-based mayhem, there isn’t a comparable game on the 360, but as it stands, the game’s flaws outweigh the positives.
Game Revolution (Jul 22, 2008)
That’s Bad Company in a nutshell: It’s got some fresh, entertaining details, and though the game experience is shallow and a little frustrating, you can hop into a mortar cannon and knock down an enemy entrenchment to make you feel better. If that doesn’t entertain the good-old boy or girl in you, it’s time to knock your standards down a peg and laugh a little.