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Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 4.0
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Overall User Score (10 votes) 3.9

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Atomic Gamer (Oct 22, 2007)
Overall, Beautiful Katamari is definitely a game I recommend to anyone with a 360. For Katamari fans that made the move to Microsoft's system, here's a chance to play your favorite series once more. For those that bought the system and are trying to get a non gamer friend into things, this one is easy to pick up. And for those that are gamers but never heard of the series, this is a chance to see just what you've been missing out on. Really, there's no way you can go wrong with this purchase, especially considering it is only 39.99 for a complete package. And at 2.50 a stage, the downloadable content really isn't all that badly priced, either.
Beautiful Katamari has arrived and it is here to stay. With the same great controls, bizarre in game text and a soundtrack that will make hardcore anime fans jump for joy. This game will most likely get left behind with all the FPS games that are out now, but that doesn’t mean it is a bad game. Everything from the last Katamari game I played is here with the added bonus of multiplayer and online play. You may not be spending an hour on Xbox Live with this title any time soon which is fine; the single player experience will have you coming back for more.
Game Revolution (Oct 29, 2007)
Once you've rolled up the entire world, where else is there to go? Sure, Beautiful Katamari is a little short on new ideas and online play has yet to prove itself. But the game is still blindingly bright, and a bargain at $40. Where this game shines is where it always has – presentation, music, and the elation you'll feel when you accomplish the ultimate task. Domo arigato.
Gaming Target (Oct 23, 2007)
Beautiful Katamari is a great game for fans, but not something that will interest those who didn't like the first three. And for those who weren't super hardcore about it, this fourth game might make you think the once-innovative style is getting a bit long in the tooth, which it probably is.
XboxAchievements (Nov 01, 2007)
Overall, the game is short and sweet, but it has a very high amount of replay value. Finding all the items, cousins and presents can be downright addictive. The quick online battles can be frustrating if you're losing, but very fun if you're winning. It is a very unique game, and because of that you'll definitely find yourself strangely drawn to it. The ridiculousness of it will make you chuckle ever so slightly almost every time you play, and there really is something to be said for a game that doesn't try to do too much, but instead does one thing extremely well.
Das Spielprinzip ist einfach einzigartig und packt wohl jeden, der sich nur ein wenig für das Geschicklichkeitsgenre interessiert. Schon das Original auf der Playstation 2 gefiel, was auch die vorliegende Version von Katamari für die aktuelle Konsolengeneration schafft. Dies ist aber auch einer der grössten Kritikpunkte: die aktuelle Generation hat mehr Power, als hier ausgenutzt wird, denn ausser High-Definition ist kaum ein gigantischer Unterschied zum Original festzustellen. Zudem hat man an einem Zock-Abend das meiste von Beautiful Katamari gesehen, so dass es eigentlich günstiger als ein Vollpreistitel sein sollte. Schade, etwas mehr Entwicklungszeit, frische Ideen und es wäre ein Hit-Titel - das Potential ist vorhanden.
Video Game Generation (Feb 23, 2008)
Besides all the minor flaws, this is a great offbeat game. The music is addictive and entertaining, much better than the music selection from We Love Katamari, and the rolling is almost as good as the classic Katamari Damacy. If you’ve never picked up a Katamari game before and have a next gen console (all signs seem to point to a PS3 version also coming soon), you owe it to yourself to get this game. If you loved the originals, you’ll like this also.
GameDaily (Oct 18, 2007)
Even with the minor visual quibbles and the meager Xbox Live support, Beautiful Katamari rolls its way to a recommendation. The gameplay is addictive, the music's hot and the King of All Cosmos, lederhosen and all, is a laugh riot. It would be nice to see the series spin into a much bigger masterpiece, but at least it has the right amount of momentum to keep the ball rolling.
Single-player is undoubtedly Beautiful Katamari's strength. And although it doesn't represent a proper generational leap from its predecessors on the PS2, Beautiful Katamari is - as far as we're aware - the only Xbox 360 game where you can spend an afternoon in the company of an absurdist King, rolling around inside a Japanese convenience store and listening to hyper-hi-fi J-pop sung by 16-year-old idols. For that, then, an 8.
GamesRadar (Oct 19, 2007)
Why? Because there's still only one series like this and it's wonderful. If you miss a certain racing game, you can turn the key on the one right behind it; if you miss a certain first-person shooter, there will be three more within a month. But if you miss Beautiful Katamari... you're just missing out.
GameTrailers (Oct 16, 2007)
The novelty of the series may be gone, but its core stands as a good game idea. It won’t win any beauty pageants, but a big enough Katamari could win a county fair.
GameSpy (Oct 19, 2007)
If you've been playing Katamari since its inception, you'll definitely get a "been there, done that" vibe from Beautiful. This new entry even loses some of the "novelty" stages from the previous console game like the underwater and racing levels in favor of a more basic approach. Newcomers, though, are in for a treat. There's a reason that people fell in love with Katamari Damacy a few years ago -- it's an addicting and utterly charming experience.
The best addition to this new Katamari is the online play. The game is fun all over again, and just as addictive as the old PS2 titles.
TalkXbox (Nov 11, 2007)
Those who have lost interest in the katamari series may feel disappointed as no advancements on the formula have been made since the inception of the series.
IGN (Oct 11, 2007)
Right from the opening movie you know that Beautiful Katamari is something special. Its wacky style is guaranteed to bring a grin to the face of the most hardcore gamer and it’s a welcome addition to the barren category of family friendly games on 360. There’s a decent attempt to extend game through online multiplayer but once again Katamari’s biggest downfall is that the magic is short lived. Even with the few problems I’ve mentioned the game is still a joy to behold and a guaranteed smile in a box.
GameZone (Oct 25, 2007)
Beautiful Katamari for the Xbox 360 doesn’t try anything new or changes anything we haven’t already played in past games in the Katamari franchise but it’s still a fun game nonetheless.
Power Unlimited (Feb 06, 2008)
De stap van PS2 naar 360 heeft weinig vernieuwingen met zich mee gebracht, waardoor eenieder die de eerste drie delen heeft gespeeld bij zichzelf te raden moet gaan of hij of zij inmiddels nog niet is uitgerold. Evengoed houdt de gameplay stand en blijft het op een vreemde manier vermakelijk om de grootst mogelijke Katamari te rollen.
IGN Australia (Mar 04, 2008)
It's hard to fully get behind Beautiful Katamari. Arriving very late to the party in Australia, it is a little buggy (the game's camera perspective still clips through many objects, routinely obscuring your vision) and definitely suffering from quick-job content porting (although levels are new, the objects and environments look identical in quality to the PS2. Perhaps most unforgivably, then, is that four stages are offered as DLC from XBLM – and these downloads simply unlock the content that is mostly already present on the disc. No wonder the game's single-player seems a little short. Still, it's as addictive and amusing as it ever has been, so if you can put up with the quirks and shortcomings, take The Prince for a roll.
Game Over Online (Nov 16, 2007)
As it is, I’d recommend it only for series veterans dying for more katamari-rolling action and have the ability to make use of the well-executed online multi-player modes, otherwise, just sticking with the earlier games will probably suffice. For people new to the series, download the demo and see if the gameplay clicks with you. If it does, then you’ll probably get your money’s worth out of a purchase.
GamePro (US) (Oct 16, 2007)
In spite of its plainly apparent faults, Beautiful Katamari is a lot of fun, even if the formula hasn't evolved much since the original. The game is also rather short, but when every outrageous environment is so chock full of goodies, and the atmosphere so relentlessly positive, it's still hard to resist playing just one more time.
Gaming Age (2007)
If you love the series, then you know what to expect. Beautiful Katamari is a great way to spend an afternoon picking up stuff, even if things around your own house suffer from it. For new gamers experiencing this for the first time, welcome and enjoy the ride. For the rest of us, it's a routine that does need a bit of innovation. Just don't stray too far away from the formula or you may find your fanbase decrease like the stars in the sky after a day with the King.
Planet Xbox 360 (Oct 25, 2007)
Was I ever surprised when I found myself recommending this game for my ten-year old nephew as well as my twenty-three-year old wife. This game can remind even the most serious gamer of what it was like to play games when they were a child. The storyline is ridiculous, the gameplay is simple, the controls are somewhat difficult, and the graphics are old school but overall this game pulled me in and got me hooked.
GameSpot (Oct 16, 2007)
Beautiful Katamari includes few surprises, but it does offer up more of the enchanting gameplay and charming atmosphere the series is known for.
Gamernode (Oct 28, 2007)
If you're new to the series, this is a great one to start at. It combines most aspects of the older titles and upgrades them into the world of high def. While the original "wow" factor is no longer there, it's still worth it.
75 (Nov 01, 2007)
One can't help but feel that Beautiful Katamari could have used a few more new features. It is still a solid title, but it doesn't truly offer anything over its last generational sibling games.
74 (Nov 18, 2007)
Without question, Beautiful Katamari is an entertaining game, especially for newcomers to the series. However, it is not hard for veterans to see that this series is losing it edge as Beautiful Katamari, the fourth game in the series, is essentially the same as the first game on PS2, the second game on PS2, and even the PSP version. If a new Katamari game is to be made, there will need to be some type of new gameplay element to keep the series fresh, exciting, and above all, playable. Paying the full price of this 360 is asking a little too much, especially because it does not really offer anything new except for a mediocre online Vs mode. Because of this, newbies to Katamari will enjoy this title more than veterans.
Game Captain (Apr 16, 2008)
We Love Katamari war nicht frei von Fehlern, machte aber vieles durch seinen schrägen Charme wett. Durch die Wiederholung der Schwachpunkte auf der neuen Konsolengeneration hat das Spielprinzip nun leider doch einiges von seinem eigenartigen Reiz eingebüßt. Fans der Reihe und aufgeschlossene, neugierige Geschicklichkeitsspieler werden dank der verrückten Aufmachung wieder ihre Freude daran haben, für eine eventuelle Fortsetzung sollten sich die Entwickler aber am besten etwas mehr anstrengen.
The game’s title screams of beauty, but in truth, with the single player experience not being up to spec, this is the ugly duckling of the Katamari series. It just doesn’t have that wow factor going for it like the previous entries did. It’s a decent game, but fans have seen far better.
72 (Mar 28, 2008)
Beautiful Katamari is especially fun for those who haven't played a Katamari game before and who aren't afraid of something completely nuts. It takes a bit getting used to the controls and the concept but it gets really fun when you are able to roll up humans, cars and whole cities. If you do have experience with Katamari, you will find this game to be more of the same and not the least innovative. It is the first next-gen version but you can't really see that.
72 (Oct 18, 2007)
So what’s the verdict? Fans of the series won’t be disappointed, but as a member of that club I can vouch that we’re pretty easy to impress. Give us the Prince and the King and a big ball of crap and we’re pretty much happy. If you haven’t played this game before, chances are strong that you’ll have a good time with Beautiful Katamari. Newbies may be confused by the unique gameplay or bizarre story, but this series has a way of endearing itself to you rather quickly. It’s quirky, it’s cute, it’s fun – it’s a great game. The only problem is that it’s just not enough content to be the sequel it should’ve been. There are plans to release downloadable levels and extra content, so hopefully those will help to expand this game without inflating the price point too much. Only time will tell. For now, however, I’m off to re-create another celestial body as I sink back into the blissful buzz of rolling.
TeamXbox (Oct 23, 2007)
Ok, so Beautiful Katamari is only forty bucks, but that still doesn’t change our minds much about this game coming in its own box. Fans of the franchise will dig the Leaderboard and online functionality, but are probably be over the “katamari effect” by this time. Those new to the series will surely admire Beautiful Katamari for its quirkiness and general addictive quality, but might have a hard time justifying the forty dollar price tag a few hours in. Our suggestion? Rent it first to see just how much you enjoy making junk balls.
Gamer 2.0 (Oct 22, 2007)
Despite the admittedly addicting gameplay, Beautiful Katamari falls short on every other front. From sub-par graphics, mediocre sound, lack of story, and few stages supported by a lack of fresh new gameplay mechanics, the title fails to justify its $40 price tag. Newcomers to the franchise should definitely see what all the hype is about, but err on the side of rental rather than purchase Beautiful Katamari. If Namco and Microsoft really wanted to sell the title, Beautiful Katamari would have been released as a downloadable game via the Xbox Live Arcade.
Le Geek (Jul, 2008)
Beautiful Katamari isn't the best in the series—that distinction belongs to We ♥ Katamari on the PS2, but it plays a solid version and the Xbox Live features are a welcome addition. If the downloadable levels weren't so expensive I would easily rate it a 4 out of 5. If you're someone who likes quirky games and doesn't have access to a PS2 (or you're a Katamari fan, hungry for more), I highly recommended it.
UOL Jogos (Nov 02, 2007)
"Beautiful Katamari" é uma extensão da série: pouco conteúdo inédito, mas a mesma diversão e animação contagiante de sempre. O multiplayer, ainda que limitado, compensa o curtíssimo modo para um jogador. É uma fórmula simples que, aliada ao estilo visual insólito e uma trilha sonora variada, consegue entreter até aqueles que tem pouco contato com os games.
GameLemon (Dec 13, 2007)
Sadly, the game regresses by being shorter and less innovative than it's predecessors, and I'm left wondering if this series isn't just a one-trick pony repackaged with pretty graphics and a new soundtrack. As much as I hate to say it, if the Immaculate Katamari or whatever the next game is called doesn't bring something new to the table, this may be my last trip into the Cosmos.
Thunderbolt Games (Mar 28, 2008)
To say the Katamari series is becoming stale is something of an overstatement, it’s still as enjoyable as ever but if the next instalment (if there is one) doesn’t take the series in a new direction both on and offline, then this cult series in great danger of killing itself off by the lack of the one thing it brought a bundle of, originality.
70 (Feb 27, 2008)
Véritable ovni, Beautiful Katamari s'inscrit dans la droite ligne de ses prédécesseurs et diffuse sa magie et sa bonne humeur dès les premières secondes. On pourra effectivement lui reprocher sa faiblesse technique, mais comment ne pas se laisser embarquer par l'innocence dévastatrice et la force de son concept ? Ce dernier peut d'ailleurs être décrit comme "simple" et "accrocheur", des adjectifs que l'on accole généralement aux grands jeux. Quoi qu'il en soit, le titre de Namco, qui ne va malheureusement pas sans son petit cortège de défauts, a tout de même la mérite d'apporter beaucoup de fraîcheur dans une ludothèque qui se cantonne un petit peu trop aux FPS. Allez, roulez jeunesse !
Game Tap (Oct 16, 2007)
All the charming things that people fell in love with about the first Katamari game are here. The King's dialogue is still hilariously biting and goofy, the cute cartoony graphics are still charming, and it's still fun to create spheres of items ranging from thumbtacks to tractors. And for those who didn't check out the PlayStation 2 and PSP games, it will feel fresh and fun. For the rest of us? It's still fun, as long as you're not looking for much in the way of change.
1UP (Oct 16, 2007)
Similar to other mainstay series -- the Tony Hawks come to mind -- the fundamental gameplay entertains to such a degree that it's hard not to have fun despite the game's failings.
Gameswelt (Mar 12, 2008)
Der einst so faszinierend kultigen Kugelei geht langsam, aber sicher die Puste aus. Natürlich macht das Spielprinzip nach wie vor Spaß, es ist aber schon sehr frech, wie die Entwickler sich abseits der neuen Mehrspieler-Features jeglichen frischen Ideen verweigern. Dazu kommt eine mitunter katastrophale technische Umsetzung, die eigentlich unverzeihlich ist. Umso ärgerlicher, dass der angestaubte “PS2-Titel“ auf der X360 fast zum Vollpreis in den Handel kommt. So nicht, Namco!
Worth Playing (Nov 05, 2007)
Beautiful Katamari holds out as a well-crafted cash-in of the Katamari formula, seeking to bring it to a new, potentially larger, audience. Unfortunately, "cash-in" still applies, and in spite of some great additions, it's still the same old Katamari. If you haven't experienced Katamari before, go get this quickly and enjoy it, and We say this unequivocally in spite of the flaws the game may have. If you have, however, enjoyed previous ones, just wait a year or so until you're really hankering for some roll-ups of the non-fruit variety and the price has dropped several notches. Namco overpriced and underdelivered to the existing fans, but the cake is still beautiful and sweet for those new to the formula, and when the price drops some, it will be all the sweeter for those who have enjoyed it before. Trust Us; it is not a lie.
62 (Mar 06, 2008)
Beautiful Katamari wirft mich in ein Wechselbad der Gefühle. Auf der einen Seite fesselt mich das unglaublich beschwingte, wahnsinnig motivierende Aufrollen von ALLEM, das auf dem Bildschirm jauchzt, rollt und blödelt. Das goldige Menü zieht die Mundwinkel in Richtung Wangenknochen, der peppige Soundtrack gibt den lockeren Rhythmus vor und schon als meine erste Kugel nur zehn Zentimeter gewachsen war, hatte mich fast die alte Sucht gepackt. Fast! Denn Namco schlachtet ein Spiel, das vor vier Jahren das Synonym für Einfallsreichtum war, rücksichtsloser aus, als EA Sports seine letzten PC-Titel recycelt hat: Wo die Amerikaner wenigstens eine Hand voll neuer Ideen einwerfen, liefern die Japaner sogar weniger als ihre letzte PS2-Version bot. Mir fehlen spezielle Herausforderungen, die witzigen Zwischensequenzen und wenigstens der Ansatz einer Neuerung. Das aktuelle Katamari wirkt somit nicht nur technisch lieblos; es zehrt auch spielerisch nur noch vom Glanz vergangener Tage.
Lawrence (Nov 02, 2007)
It’s official: I’m completely over the novelty of rolling shit up into a ball. It’s a shame too, because I absolutely loved the first Katamari Damacy thanks to its novel gameplay and hilarious presentation. It was a great game to show to non-gamers in that “hey, look at how weird this game is” kind of way. Then the sequel came out and the novelty waned a bit. Now, Beautiful Katamari arrives, and gives me a very short experience that I couldn’t have cared less about. It’s the exact same game as the last two, with virtually no significant upgrades. This should have been a $10 XBLA title at the most, and it’s a crime that they’re selling “unlockable” levels on the Marketplace despite the fact that the content is already on the disc. Do not buy unless you’ve never played the series before.
60 (Mar 12, 2008)
De ontwikkelaar slaat - of moeten we zeggen: rolt? -de bal hier toch duidelijk mis door geen vernieuwingen door te voeren. De verslavende gameplay en absurde humor is gelukkig wel nog aanwezig, maar het spel is zo uitgespeeld. Ook aan de graphics is weinig vernieuwd, waardoor deze niet veel verschillen van de PS2-versies. Het spel heeft dan weer wel een grappige soundtrack met Japanse muziek, die bij de fun-factor van de game past. De Katamari-spelreeks moet je spelen om ze te kunnen beoordelen, aangezien de charme ervan moeilijk vast te leggen is in een review. Mocht je alleen een Xbox 360 hebben, dan moet je je afvragen of je de vijftig euro over hebt voor een kort, maar wel verslavend spel. Mocht je nog een Playstation 2 hebben staan, dan ben je beter af met Katamari Damacy en We Love Katamari.
GameCell UK (Mar, 2008)
The fact is that although this is an extremely Japanese game, complete with unfunny “jokes”, derisive comments on your fledgling efforts (do Japanese games always have to do this?) and dodgy translation, Western gamers of just about any age might enjoy BK’s simple but addictive gameplay, or I equally accept that they might just as easily be driven mental by its occasionally tight time limits and faintly mental, drug-induced graphic stylings. An intermittently unhelpful camera and some ridiculously and unnecessarily unique and quirky controls mean that sometimes you won’t be able to see where you’re going, or even be able to move in the direction you want because of sticky-out bits of scenery, and yet something will still most likely drag you back for ‘just one more go’ … Fortunately you can try before you buy as there’s a demo on the 360 marketplace. I strongly suggest you try it.
60 (Mar 03, 2008)
Beautiful Katamari is a fun little game, but it's a long way short of the game the Xbox 360 deserved. Whether the King of all Cosmos is getting a little old or the designers have just lost their way slightly, this latest Katamari game lacks the quirky humour of previous games, favouring more obvious quips, and in turn the whole game feels a little forced. Newcomers will likely find everything a little bizarre and wonder what all the fuss was about while fans will wonder why this next-gen debut pales in comparison to previous entries in the series.
60 (Mar 03, 2008)
Beautiful Katamari is een simpel vervolg op We Love Katamari dat te weinig vernieuwing voor de dag brengt, geen gebruik maakt van de mogelijkheden van de nieuwe generatie consoles en qua inhoud ook nog eens bijzonder summier is. Alleen aan te raden voor echte Katamari-verslaafden en mensen die kennis willen maken met de reeks, maar We Love Katamari nergens meer kunnen vinden.
Daily Game (Nov 01, 2007)
The third time is definitely not a charm. Multiplayer is better in concept than practice, and the rest of the game just feels "tired." Even fans of the series will lose interest.
Bordersdown (Nov, 2007)
While it’s great to see it on the newer generation of systems (and on a Microsoft system at that), it doesn’t feel like it’s progressed very much at all since its first iteration, a problem that dogged even We Love Katamari, but which feels even more apparent here.
60 (UK) (Oct 26, 2007)
Atari founder Nolan Bushnell was in the news this week defending his wholesale rejection of modern games as "trash" by pining after games that left you struggling for context and means of comparison. Katamari Damacy was and remains among those games. Beautiful Katamari inherently cannot be, but what it does offer pales for other reasons, namely its lack of coherency, imagination and self-awareness.
GotNext (Dec 05, 2007)
In a series lauded for its accessibility, kid-friendliness, and beauty in simplicity, Beautiful Katamari is a strange entry. It's too hard at the beginning for newcomers and young ones, too simple in its stage and artistic direction, and overall, it plays like a prototype to the previous and superior Katamari titles. This isn't to say that long-time fans won't have some fun with it, because they will (particularly if they go online), and the transition from the DualShock to a 360 controller is natural and instantaneous. Nonetheless, if you or anyone else is new to the royal family of the cosmos and their wacky adventures, pick up one of their PlayStation 2 jaunts instead.
G4 TV: X-Play (Dec 04, 2007)
Beautiful Katamari doesn’t reinvent the wheel – this is the fourth time we’ve seen what is basically the same game. While that might be pushing the whole thing a bit far, the simple fact of the matter is that this setup hasn’t yet worn thin. If there’s anything to complain about in Beautiful Katamari, it’s that vets will likely tear through the game in a matter of hours. Still, there’ll always be the online multiplayer aspect to keep them going.
Game Shark (Nov 08, 2007)
The bottom line is if the gameplay grabs you it carries with it an addictive quality. However there is nothing remarkable about it; this is just an over produced and pricey 360 Arcade title. Only those looking for the truly bizarre need apply.
MS Xbox World (Mar 02, 2008)
Beautiful Katamari is an unusual game, and probably the strangest non XBLA game on the system. I'm not sure who the game is aimed at, but primarily the game's puzzle element is what makes it a captivating experience. However, unusual doesn't necessarily make a game any good, and from where I'm standing the game is borderline. I can see that some fans will gain enjoyment, and those gamers tired of the norm, but for my tastes, the appeal of the game was lost pretty early on. I have no compulsion to go back and play the game again, not even for fun. I'm glad I've experienced such an unusual game, but when all is said and done, there's something memorable here, but for the wrong reasons. I'm not left in awe or inspired by the game, just glad that I beat the levels and can move on to a more traditional gaming experience. In this respect, Beautiful Katamari has failed to capture my imagination, and I suspect for the majority of gamers, they would have similar feelings.