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Xbox 360 version

Main Menu
Loading Screen
Awww, the little sister made a little big daddy.
The only real time you'll see yourself.
Big Sister incoming - prepare for a hard fight.
Walking underwater is a whole new experience.
The new face of evil: Dr. Sophia Lamb.
Instant-resurrection for a low price.
Letting others fight for your - still the most fun.
The new hacking-mini-game is fast and can be used while moving around.
The little sisters like you - surprise!
The little sister is starting to collect Adam. Prepare for an attack!
The map of the level is detailed but you don't really need it at all.
The short movies explaining the plasmids are back, too.
The lighting effects are quiet good.
Filming a Thuggish-Splicer while he gets poisoned by my hacked health station.
Burning a Big Sister with the help of a plasmid.
I'm dead - damn splicers.
Hacking a turret from afar.
I've to protect my little sister while she's collecting Adam.
The Scout plasmid allows you to leave your body.
A Spider Splicer gets a taste of my huge drill.
I honestly don't want to know...
The little sister brought gifts.
Once the home of great artists - now the home of dead fishes.
The console-release uses a circle-menu for weapon- and plasmid-selection.
I guess that Big Daddy has a problem with me.
What the heck is that?
That Big Daddy on the right is fighting for me!
Hypnotize on the highest level allows you to recruit splicers.
Sorry, I won't explain that scene. Just this much: Near the end of the game your perspective changes.
Finally arrived at Lamb's home in Rapture.
Eight plasmids - that's all you can carry at once.
My friendly turret is looking at some art.
A burning Alpha Big Daddy desperately trying to hurt me.
So that's where all the little sisters are coming from...