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Great game, but rather easy Scott G (729) 4.29 Stars4.29 Stars4.29 Stars4.29 Stars4.29 Stars

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Acting The quality of the actors' performances in the game (including voice acting). 3.2
AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 3.0
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 3.6
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 3.5
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 3.3
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.8
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed 2.9
Overall User Score (19 votes) 3.3

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This aspect, as well as the numerous sidequests and special missions, will keep you playing for well over 50 hours. In addition, the game offers a downloadable New Game+ mode, as well as Hard and Impossible difficulties to entice you play through again and again. Tell your friends to take their social lives and shove it, you've got one hell of a game to play.
Cheat Code Central
If I could sum up the Blue Dragon experience, I would describe it as classic RPG gaming brought to the next gen. Sure it's no political drama, and it won't have you aggressively button-mashing, but Blue Dragon promises engaging gameplay that you'll not only want to play through once, but revisit again and again. Plus it looks great, has a memorable story, and has an absolutely breathtaking musical score. And that's all I think we can ask for in a game.
Xboxdynasty (XD)
Anfangs aufgrund einer eher schwachen und viel zu kampflastigen Demo sowie auf den ersten Blick eher kindlichen Optik stark unterschätzt kann ich mich jetzt gar nicht mehr von diesem sehr kurzweiligen Abenteuer losreißen. Es gibt so wahnsinnig viel zu entdecken und wer auf Japano-RPGs und/oder Animés steht kommt ohnehin um dieses geniale Erstlingswerk aus dem Hause Mistwalker nicht herum. Allerdings solltet ihr dem Spiel ein wenig Anlaufzeit gönnen, denn erst gegen Ende der ersten DVD geht es so richtig los!
What we have here is an epic, addictive, supremely impressive turn based JRPG for the Xbox 360. It’s definitely a title where you will lose track of time and there will be the ‘just one more battle’ moments as you plough through 50 plus hours of story. Microsoft may finally have an RPG to battle Final Fantasy for the hearts and souls of the millions of RPG fans out there. The anime inspired title not only looks stunning but plays like a dream, but who would have thought any less with the talent behind the scenes of such a title. Blue Dragon is a must buy title for all RPG fans out there and screams value for money throwing three jam packed discs at us gamers.
Play Magazine
Blue Dragon may have blown the chance to be a strategic masterpiece along the lines of Final Fantasy V, but it hasn’t missed many other opportunities to impress. But while Blue Dragon’s gorgeous graphics and engaging quest have defi ned the Xbox 360 platform in Japan, it’s been left to drown in a fl ood of high-profi le autumn releases here in North America. I can’t imagine Blue Dragon will fare well against such heavyweights as BioShock, Mass Effect, and Halo 3, but if you’re a true Japanese RPG fan, you’re gonna have to suck it up and fi nd a way to trade your extra blood, kidney, or newborn children for one more $60 masterpiece.
Game Informer Magazine
It is difficult to place too much fault on a game for not shattering storytelling conventions, especially since Blue Dragon feels like a well-oiled RPG machine in the way it integrates combat, character growth and exploration. From it's astounding visuals to the constantly compelling gameplay, this experience will make role-playing veterans recall the good old days and give newcomers the opportunity to start creating some memories.
It might start off slow and you might not feel as if you're getting much out of it within the first ten hours, but once you've gotten into the game, you'll truly come to appreciate the masterful storytelling Sakaguchi has crafted, value the wonderful characters that Toriyama has created for us and most certainly embrace the beauty of Uematsu's brilliant score (and Gillian's kick ass voice). Blue Dragon is, in a word, wonderful and shouldn't be missed by fans of the genre.
Computer Bild Spiele
Endlich ein japanisches Rollenspiel für die Microsoft-Konsole. Was Final-Fantasy-Erfinder Hironobu Sakaguchi hier auf den Bildschirm zaubert, ist ein Fest für Freunde dieser Spielegattung. Die niedlichen Spielfiguren und phantasievollen, farbenfrohen Gegner, die sich in der Spielwelt tummeln, lassen so schnell keine Langeweile aufkommen. Auch wenn sich Ihre Handlungen wiederholen, wollen Sie meistens wissen, wie es mit der Geschichte der drei kleinen Helden weitergeht. Mit satten drei DVDs ist "Blue Dragon" eines der mit Abstand umfangreichsten Rollenspiele für die Xbox 360.
Game Informer Magazine
It's not often that you'll come across an experience that makes you feel warm and fuzzy just as much as it makes you fear for your life, but that's exactly what Blue Dragon does.
In diesem Herbst gibt es mehrere Highlights für die Xbox 360, aber Blue Dragon stellt das einzige RPG neben den zahlreichen Xbox-typischen Shootern dar. Mistwalkers Erstlingswerk geht auf gelungene Weise auf die zahlreichen Bedürfnisse der RPG-Fans ein und präsentiert sich in einem recht ausgefallenen und fantasievollen Design und bietet zudem auch noch eine mitreißende Story und eine äußerst lange Spieldauer. In dieser hat man genug Zeit, seine Charaktere fleißig aufzuleveln, damit sie für die stärksten Boss-Gegner gewappnet sind. Xbox Live-Fans werden jedoch ein bisschen enttäuscht sein, da auf einen Multiplayermodus gänzlich verzichtet wurde, obwohl Kämpfe zwischen den individuell hochgelevelten Blue Dragons sicherlich ein interessantes Zusatzfeature dargestellt hätten. Dafür kann man sich über mögliche Content Downloads erfreuen, welche für die Zukunft angekündigt sind und noch zusätzliches RPG-Futter für alle Blue Dragon-Fans bieten wird.
Extreme Gamer
Blue Dragon is a wild ride that has a lot of character and plot development over a wide range of environments. For those who like the traditional aspects of RPG’s like levelling up, turn-based combat and long winded dialog phases then Blue Dragon will not disappoint. I think Blue Dragon has enough pull to capture non-RPG fans and win them over with its plot driven gameplay. Blue Dragon might not hit the acclaim as the next-Final Fantasy, but what Blue Dragon does is establish it self as one of the best traditional role-playing games for the Xbox 360. Blue Dragon is a must have for J-RPG fans who have been craving some RPG attention on the Xbox 360, or for gamers who are interested in exploring a world with a boy and his dragon.
GamingHeaven / DriverHeaven
Revolutionary games are few and far inbetween, but they help move the genre forward. But traditional games can help move the genre forward as well. Blue Dragon brings little to the table in terms of new features, but the refined system it uses could hardly be possible if the game was pushing the envelope. Hironobu Sakaguchi left the Final Fantasy series behind, but the spirit lives on in Blue Dragon. At times this very spirit is what makes the game so great, but occasionally you’ll probably find yourself wanting something new and just a tiny bit original. Keep playing all the same, in the end you won’t regret it.
Game Captain
Blue Dragon bietet eine sehr solide Umsetzung liebgewonnener Genrestandards, verbunden mit einem motivierenden, einsteigerfreundlichen Charaktersystem, hübschen Monsterkreationen und frischen Ansätzen. Leider offenbart der Spielverlauf aber auch ein paar Längen und anfangs will der Funke nicht so recht überspringen. Für höchste Wertungsregionen fehlt dem sympathischen Japano-RPG einfach noch das letzte Aha-Erlebnis, ein Schuss Dramatik, eine spektakulärere Inszenierung oder einfach mehr Eigenständigkeit.
Klassische Spielmechaniken behutsam modernisiert und mit stimmungsvollen Kulissen ausgestattet. Nicht nur für Fans lohnenswert..
Worth Playing
Overall, Blue Dragon is a great RPG for a next-gen system. It doesn't earn a perfect score because every element of Blue Dragon has been done time and time again. Yes, the title brings back old features from classic RPGs and gleans some good traits from more current games, but there is little innovation here. The story line is new but certainly not powerful enough — it could have used quite a few altercations! If you're looking for a next-gen RPG, Blue Dragon certainly suffices, but if you're looking for an amazing story line or a brand new RPG with exciting new features, you'll have to wait a little longer.
XBox Front
Alles in Allem ist Blue Dragon ein schönes Rollenspiel, kann jedoch storytechnisch nicht ganz mit einem Final Fantasy mithalten. Die bunte Grafik nimmt teilweise einigen Elementen ihre Tiefe, weiß aber dennoch zu gefallen. Für Freunde von japanischen Rollenspielen und Animes ist Blue Dragon in jedem Fall einen Blick wert. Fällt einem die Kaufentscheidung schwer, sollte man zuerst die Demo via Xbox Live herunterladen und anspielen.
Blue Dragon hat mich schon enttäuscht. Ein halbes Jahr nach dem tollen Final Fantasy 12 mit seinen actionreichen Echtzeitkämpfen machen mir die taktisch zwar wertvollen, aber spielerisch auf Dauer langweiligen Rundenschlachten einfach keinen Spaß mehr, zumal das Spiel für große Teile der Zocker viel zu leicht sein dürfte. Ebenfalls nicht warm geworden bin ich mit dem Charakterdesign, die japanischen Kinder mit ihrer Pieps-Stimme sprechen mich einfach nicht an. Da dann auch noch die Story eher blass bleibt, verschenkt Blue Dragon viel Potenzial. Wer sich mit Setting und Gameplay arrangieren kann, wird aber ein routiniertes RPG-Epos vorfinden, das durchaus seine Reize hat. Mangels Konkurrenz auf der Xbox360 erhält der Titel daher noch so gerade eine Kaufempfehlung.
GNT - Generation Nouvelles Technologies
A n'en pas douter ce titre va avoir du succès. Le trio de réalisation a assurément fait du bon boulot, les dessins d'Akira Toriyama sont pour beaucoup dans la qualité de ce titre. N'oublions pas les efforts des créateurs des Final Fantasy, car la musique est magnifique et le jeu très prenant.
UOL Jogos
"Blue Dragon" prova que Sakaguchi é realmente um profissional de talento, que não fica apenas deitado nas glórias do passado. O game pode não virar uma lenda como suas obras mais famosas, mas se trata de um dos melhores RPGs japoneses lançados nos últimos anos. Não inova, mas superlativa o que já deu certo no gênero - traz conteúdo aos montes -, sem, no entanto, complicar demais. Além disso, traz um sistema de batalha inteligente, difícil de cair na mesmice. Não é à toa que "Blue Dragon" seja o título de maior sucesso para o Xbox 360 no Japão. Houvesse mais jogos desse nível, certamente o console teria um destino melhor na terra do sol nascente. O game é praticamente única opção de RPG japonês para o console da Microsoft, mas diante dessa obra do "dream team", a concorrência é quase desleal.
There is more to Blue Dragon's combat strategy than just the order however, naturally success in combat is also about picking and choosing the best attacks for the type of enemy you face. If you're up against a giant dragon that seems to be half rock half fire for instance, it might be best to consider attacks that don't involve fire. And it isn't just the physical and magical attacks your characters can do either, certain items you pick up in your journeys may also be useful during combat not to mention very useful to replenish either of the game's two bars when it comes to your characters - HP and MP, representing health and magical power respectively.
Mistwalker et son personnel expérimenté montre avec ferveur toute la passion qui les anime aujourd'hui encore pour leur métier. Les heureux gagnant sont les joueurs, qui obtiennent un RPG de grande qualité. Certes quelques défauts sont notables, comme la construction et certaines bases classiques qui ne surprennent pas, mais ce serait faire injure au reste. Magnifique, visuellement et musicalement, avec une richesse remarquable et une histoire plaisante, Blue Dragon est bel et bien le grand RPG japonais attendu sur la Xbox360, et quelque part, en tenant compte de tous ces éléments, c'est aussi un coup de maître du nouveau studio. Chapeau bas !
It has been nearly two years since the debut of our cherished Xbox 360, and yet there is one genre of games that has been noticeably absent from its otherwise stellar library of titles: the Japanese role-playing game. Granted, a vast portion of 360 owners probably couldn't care less about this fact, content to play Gears of War, GRAW and Oblivion. Nobody can deny that those games are indeed awesome; however, for that slice of the 360 populace that craves a classic Final Fantasy-style experience (Final Fantasy XI, decent though it may be, does not count because it's an MMO), your prayers have finally been answered with Blue Dragon.
Based on previous paragraphs, it would seem that Blue Dragon might not be that special a game. Anyone who was hoping for an original RPG that would blow away the competition will be disappointed. However, to write off this game as being like every other RPG would be an injustice. Blue Dragon is a fine game for anyone who’s a fan of the genre, gameplay is rather simplistic and in a world where the Final Fantasy games try to reinvent the wheel with often unspectacular results, Blue Dragon takes what’s been done before, refines it and just makes things work. There are few bells and whistles here. However, what you do get is a three disc long adventure that can grow on you if you stick with it. Gamers may have to wait for a little bit longer for the 360s de facto RPG but until then, giving this game a go won’t leave you feeling blue.
Blue Dragon is op zijn eigen manier tot in de kleinste details uitgewerkt. De game is helemaal geworden wat de gamers er mee wilden bereiken en er werd geen enkel compromis gesloten.
Blue Dragon is not the most original RPG as far as design goes. Nor is it the first "must have" RPG on a Microsoft console. The pacing through the first half of the game is far too slow to stay engaging for all but the hardcore JRPG fan and the story is not nearly as epic as the multiple disc, 50+ hour game implies. But for those needing a solid traditional role-playing experience on Xbox 360, Blue Dragon will fit the bill.
Als je geen problemen hebt met een ouderwetse turn-based game dan krijg je met Blue Dragon een mooie, sfeervolle game waar duidelijk veel energie in is gestoken. Het verhaal wordt na enige tijd meeslepend en is lang genoeg om je een flinke tijd zoet te houden. Voor turn-based RPG-fans een must dus!
Sans bousculer les acquis, Sakaguchi nous livre un RPG avenant, plaisant mais sans grande originalité. Est-ce un mal ? Du tout mais avouons qu'on aurait aimé un peu plus de prises de risque en ce qui concerne le scénario ou le gameplay. Néanmoins, malgré plusieurs points critiquables (système de combat parfois contraignant, difficulté étrangement gérée, aventure linéaire) on ne peut enlever au soft son charme bien réel venant en grande partie du travail de Toriyama et Uematsu. Du coup, la Xbox 360 s'offre un mets fort savoureux en attendant le plat de résistance qui devrait prendre la forme d'un Lost Odyssey ou d'un Eternal Sonata.
Finishing fights in Blue Dragon is a lot more fun than following the storyline and the many beautiful cut-scenes. Unfortunately we want a complete experience in a top RPG and in that the game doesn’t succeed. The beautiful visual effects, the accompanying music and some nice mini games can’t make up for the lack of daring and innovation as well as hide the failing of the story and characters. If you’re someone that likes graphics combined with more than decent fights then this is for you. If you’re looking for epic and immersive storylines than you’re better off waiting for Mass Effect!
70 (GAF)
Blue Dragon doesn’t offer a story that will change the world of JRPGs, but it does show rather well what a next-generation RPG can be like. The battle system, although basic, is appealing once you’ve added the right skills through ranking up your classes. And you’re able to interact with nearly every object in the background to find various items, gold, and medals that will keep the completionist gamer satisfied for hours on end. While not being great, it is fun. Plus, you can play through in French. Not too many games offer that.
All in all Blue Dragon is a satisfactory, albeit highly uneventful, RPG. As a whole the game is likeable, but as players venture through the three discs most will find very little to raise it above that initial assumption. Everything about the game makes it seem like it was created to play it safe, and nothing on show seems to be truly spectacular. Nevertheless, the 60+ hour quest is somewhat fun to partake in, and as you adventure through the game it is certainly a whole load of fun while it lasts. However, with big names in the field of RPG greatness such as Hironobu Sakaguchi, Akira Toriyama, and Nobuo Uematsu on board for Blue Dragon we should have really got more bang for our buck, a whole lot more to be perfectly honest.
Defunct Games
Old school role-playing fans who have only owned Xbox products recently will no doubt get a kick out of Blue Dragon. This is a worthwhile game if only because it's the only game of its kind currently available for the Xbox 360. As more and more Japanese RPGs start flooding the store shelves this game will no doubt lose some of its significance, but if you're looking for a role-playing game to sink your teeth into at this very moment then you could do a lot worse than Blue Dragon. Hopefully this is a sign of things to come, because it's about time some of the Japanese companies started offering traditional RPGs to Microsoft's next generation console.
Het valt op dat de drie bekende heren een grote invloed hebben gehad op de ontwikkeling van Blue Dragon. Eumatsu heeft een overwegend kwalitatieve soundtrack weten af te leveren, Toriyama heeft het uiterlijk van de personages kleurrijk in beeld gebracht en Sakaguchi heeft succesvolle elementen uit zijn voorgaande titels toegepast op deze Japanse RPG. Toch zitten er nog enkele storende elementen in het spel verscholen die ervoor zorgen dat deze game vol potentie niet helemaal gesmaakt zal worden in onze contreien. Wie weet zal het volgende project van Mistwalker, Lost Oddyssey, dat wel doen.
Blue Dragon is charming and competent, and certainly the best Japanese RPG available on Microsoft’s console to date, but it’s a far cry from the masterpiece that fans of the genre were hoping for.
Maybe the expectations were set too high for Blue Dragon. Gamers wanting the next evolution of the Japanese RPG will likely be disappointed, but those that know what to expect will find a huge, 60-hour adventure to grind through. The story won’t leave you in tears and the gameplay doesn’t break the mold in any way, but as the first epic Japanese RPG on the Xbox 360, Blue Dragon is adequate. Those wanting the next big thing in the JRPG genre will want to hold out for Sakaguchi’s next Xbox 360 project Lost Odyssey, which will be out in early 2008.
Gamer Within
Overall, Blue Dragon isn't the most original or outstanding of RPG's. For those looking for the next Final Fantasy, this isn't it. Blue Dragon is an accessible, engaging and enjoyable RPG that plays it's hand a little too close to it's chest. The long hump to get to the most enjoyable aspects of the game will be far too long on even forgiving gamers, and the poor dialogue and story is uninteresting and won't engross most RPG fans. Getting Blue Dragon for the reason it's the only real Japanese RPG offering for the Xbox 360 seems to be the only reason for your purchase. It has a lot of promise, but there isn't enough here to truly engage. A solid, if unremarkable effort from a top-tier development team that could have offered so much more. Best wait for Lost Odyssey.
Retrogaming History
Consigliato esclusivamente ai grandi appassionati di J-rpg, Blue Dragon è un titolo incapace di proporre alcunché d’innovativo o stimolante, sia sotto il profilo squisitamente concettuale che artistico. A fronte di una storia e di un comparto tecnico decisamente sotto tono, l'unica vera attrattiva del titolo risiede in delle meccaniche di stampo classico ottimamente implementate.
Gamer 2.0
Blue Dragon is not a complete mess. It has its moments and is surely a worthwhile experience for RPG fans who have an Xbox 360. Though if you’re looking for that definitive classic that it was hyped up to be, you’re going to have to look elsewhere or wait for Lost Odyssey, the companies next game. Let’s hope that one doesn’t turn out as clichéd and ultimately unfulfilling as this one did. Blue Dragon is more of a rental than it is an immediate purchase, or wait until it hits the bargain bins. But either way, if this is your type of game you should at least give it a shot.
Super Play
Ett spel som kan användas för att styrka två teorier. 1. Hironobu Sakaguchi har tappat sitt magiska handlag och 2. om ett spel utvecklas av fel anledning så kvittar det hur berömda dess utvecklare är.
Lässt man aber die Story mal beiseite bleibt trotzdem nur ein Spiel über, das zwar gute Ansätze hat, aber vom Gameplay aufgrund der vermurksten Spielbalance nicht überzeugen kann. Xbox Besitzer mit Hang zu rundenbasierten Rollenspielen finden daher momentan mit Enchanted Arms das bessere Spiel und können vielleicht auf Eternal Sonata hoffen. Im jetzigen Zustand kommt Blue Dragon leider nur auf ein Befriedigend. Ein Update, das die Gamebalance oder einen fordernderen Schwierigkeitsgrad nachliefert, könnte jedoch die Wertung positiv verändern.
Game Freaks 365
Blue Dragon might have blown the socks off of Xbox 360 owners in 2005 or early 2006, but it definitely is not favorable over any RPG I have played in the last year or so. PlayStation 2 games like Odin's Sphere and Rogue Galaxy were far more impressive in 2007, and so is Mistwalker's second effort, Lost Odyssey. For hardcore RPG fans playing Blue Dragon is like drinking your favorite soda when it is flat and lukewarm. It keeps the taste, for the most part, but in the end you are probably just going to want to pour it out or get a fresh new can.
Blue Dragon is not a game that is going to elicit a strong reaction from you. It's not terrible, or particularly great or memorable, so the most remarkable thing about it is how unremarkable it is. It's big: three DVDs big, thanks to loads of cutscenes and voice clips. But it isn't grand and sweeping, and it isn't particularly charming, either. Blue Dragon is simply "there." If you wanted to play a Japanese role-playing game on your Xbox 360, this will get the job done. If you wanted to play something that makes an impact, you'll need to keep waiting.
All in all, Blue Dragon is the type of game that would have made much more of an impression about a decade ago. Unfortunately, a forgettable story, cast, score, and battle system make for something that feels more akin to the eager ambitions of novices as opposed to the calculated work of seasoned veterans. Players who've yet to tire of ceaseless grind-sessions and don't care at all about the story being told will be appreciate at least a little of what Blue Dragon brings to the table. For everyone else, however, the developers' fascination with poo becomes an almost ominous portent.
50 (UK)
However, instead of making that game, these three past masters of the RPG genre clearly chose to go on a self-indulgent nostalgia trip to the games of their youth. In the process, they have made a game which serves as a very poor introduction to the genre for Xbox owners. It's by no means terrible; but without borrowing Sakaguchi's rose-tinted glasses, it's not much fun either.
Game Positive
Blue Dragon ends up being a game where there are not only no guilty pleasures, but you feel bad for having spent your money on this dredge. Even fans of Japanese-specific RPGs won't want to spend their time moving through the plodding storyline and lumbering gameplay. This game fails on many levels, with the minigames being one of the few enjoyable aspects of play. Needless to say, it's probably best to avoid this game, even as a rental. Blue Dragon has the distinct pleasure of constantly irritating a player while simultaneously never living up to any of its hype.
Blue Dragon should have been a masterful game given who was involved, however, almost nothing here is worth talking highly of. There are far more compelling and enriching RPGs available still on the GBA, let alone any of the other consoles. You almost get the sensation Mistwalker (the super group mentioned earlier) just pocketed the cash and delegated everything else to Artoon - I wonder where the money went then? Karaoke or strippers...