Blue Dragon Screenshots (Xbox 360)

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Xbox 360 version

Main menu... it really can't get any simpler than that.
Main title... that's me running in the distance, not a cinematic.
Something wicked is attacking the village and everybody sought shelter in the higher area.
Shu has decided to stand up to the land shark that's been plaguing the village and took many lives over the years.
All the monsters are visible and how the battle starts will depend on who initiates it and from which side.
Reuniting with your friends, Kluke and Jiro.
Press A repeatedly to close the door before the army of robots reach you.
Until you acquire shadows, use various items to aid you during combat.
Escaping Nene's fortress in a stolen mechat.
You can have any of the party members represent you during gameplay. When others are required, they will automatically all appear.
There are various chests scattered around the world, but those carrying more valuable items are either guarded or harder to locate.
Magic and special moves require you to charge the strength bar which may seriously increase your attack, but also postpone your turn.
Passing through one of the several sheep tribes. Each location usually comes with a place to buy spells, items and accessories.
Activating warp devices will allow you to, well, warp from one location to another in an instant.
Taking the shortcut by riding the rope... apparently there are breaks in there somewhere.
The Devee have the dance for pretty much anything. This one is a dance of joy for finding a cure.
Caravan from your village ambushed by the horde of vicious tigers.
Marumaro dashing through the streets of Jibral.
When you buy accessories, you can immediately see increase and decrease in your abilities if you were to equip them.
King Jibral is launching a preemptive strike.
Avoid being spotted by the scout drones or they will call for backup units.
Depending on who gives the final blow, that character will take a victorious pose.
Dogfight with the enemy mechat.
There's a feast at the king's palace.
Pause screen covers with plethora of options.
Toripo is a mysterious explorer wearing jersey that will sell you upgrades for your shadows.
Nene, the game's villain, searching for power, power, and more power.
Shu using the mow down ability to strike at the entire first row.
Exploring the snowscape.
This tree looks ominous and is holding the entire village population captive.
During your travels, you will run into many barriers that won't be passable until much later in the game. You will have to acquire a device that negates each of the barrier type.
Shu's trying to save the girl from committing suicide.
Shu lives by a simple motto... never give up!
A special powerful strike that temporarily turns your shadow into a full creature.
As you level up, your attacks and abilities will become stronger and stronger, so utilize elements based on who or what you fight against.
Gathering points after the battle to level up your characters and their shadows.
World map.
Kluke has mastered the black magic abilities.
After acquiring a mechat, you'll be able to cover great distances quickly and visit otherwise inaccessible locations by land travel.
Using water magic to flush away the pests.
A short gameplay sequence in your home village before the title appears
Concerned parents
It may not be sharp, but it'll do
Approaching the sky fortress
Heave! Heave!!
Company of heroes
At the banquet
Looks like the only way is to fight through
A little farting accident
Scanning enemy before a conflict