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Boogie Bunnies (Xbox 360)

ESRB Rating
Critic Score
100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
User Score
5 point score based on user ratings.

Boogie Bunnies Credits

Artech Studio: Management

DirectorsRick Banks, Paul Butler
Head of EngineeringAntonio Santamaria
FinancesCarmen Richer

Artech Studio: Development Team

Product DirectorAntonio Santamaria
Interface ProgrammingLise Mendoza, Mark Fournier
Gameplay ProgrammingLise Mendoza, Rob Kilbride, Jimmy Lord, Mark Fournier, Tim Sandwell
Localization ProgrammingLise Mendoza
Xbox Live ProgrammingRob Kilbride, Jimmy Lord, Peter Meneguzzi
Multiplayer ProgrammingRob Kilbride, Jimmy Lord, Peter Meneguzzi
Audio Engine ProgrammingPeter Meneguzzi
Game Engine ProgrammingAndrew Creskey
Effects ProgrammingAndrew Creskey, David Eccleston
Concept ProgrammingTim Sandwell
Renderer ProgrammingDavid Eccleston
PC Installer ProgrammingTim Park
Concept ArtBruno Fournier, Kristofer Eggleston, Chris Hale
3D ModellingBruno Fournier, Kristofer Eggleston
Graphic DesignNancy MacDonald
User InterfaceNancy MacDonald
AnimationCory Humes
WritingAdam Volk, Richard Cooper
Technical SupportRoger Camm
Additional ProgrammingRichard Lalancette, Pierre Proulx, Bret Rowdon

Sierra Online Games: Production

Senior ProducerTerry Coleman
ProducerScott Mackintosh

Sierra Online Games: Worldwide Marketing

DirectorLori Inman
Global Brand ManagerKatherinn Tran McDonald
Associate Brand ManagerChristine Catle

Sierra Online Games: Public Relations

Vice President of Corporate Communications & PRMichele Guthrie
PR ManagerJose Zavala Sr.

47 Communications

Account DirectorLaura Weir

Sierra Online Games: Business Affairs

Corporate CounselMichael Walker
ParalegalPam Teller

Sierra Online Games: Quality Assurance

Senior Director of Quality AssuranceSamer Raad
TRG ManagerGrant Bryson
Studio Support Services - Office ManagerAnna Booth
Studio Support Services - Administration AssistantNuria Andres
Senior QA ManagerMichael Gonzales
QA ManagerWilliam Guerrero
QA Project LeadDwayne Zamora
QA TestersWilliam Alejandrino, Jeff Anderson, José Bernabel, Andrew Campese, Candice Capen, Elliot Gomez, Gabriel Hidalgo, Scott Heinrich, Michael Longley, Raquel Q. Maihofer, Jacob O'Brien, Rodney Phillips, James Prescott, Peter Rodriguez, Paul Tetu, Claudia Villa, Ryan Wiley, Ian Lynch, Zachary Smith
Senior TRG SupervisorJoseph Olivas
TRG SupervisorJose Beltran
TRG TestersRaymond Lee, Dustin Carter, Jessica Eckstein, Jeremy Hibnick, Christopher Lane, Geoffrey Mason, Lana McCarthy, Christopher McCue, Eloy Palacios, Brian Sager, Richard Tom
QA SupervisorsJames Pasque, Marcus Quinn
End User Support TechniciansShawn Lomas, Mark Smith, Jett Castaneda
Project Leads VGPC GroupBrandon Valdez, Cyra Talton, Fausto Lorenzano
Senior Engineer VGPC GroupRichard Benavides


LocalizationSDI Media Group Inc.

Sierra Online Games: Media Productions

Vice President of Media ProductionsJames Carey
Project SupervisorAmy Allison
Image SpecialistsBlake Hill, Kevin Hill

Sierra Online Executive Management

PresidentEd Zobrist
Chief Technology OfficerJan Lindner
Senior Vice President, Global MarketingDavid Haddad
Vice President ProductionFred Shean
Vice President of Marketing and DistributionAmy Chen

Vivendi Games Executive Management

Chief Executive OfficerBruce Hack
Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy and Marketing OfficerCindy Cook
Executive Vice President and General CounselTerri Durham
Chief Financial OfficerJean-François Grollemund
Executive Vice President - Human ResourcesMark Halacy

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Credits for this game were contributed by Sciere (357963)