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Gaming Nexus (Sep 28, 2010)
Gearbox’s latest DLC package, Claptrap’s New Robot Revolution, incorporates bits and pieces of what made each preceding add-on appealing to Borderlands. Taking the lead from The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned is a new storyline complete with a new style of enemies. An introduction of a new antagonist rivals the bizarre charm of Mad Moxxi from Mad Moxxi’s Underdome Riot, while extensive loot reminiscent of the ones found in The Secret Armory of General Knoxx also make up this latest package. All of these aspects are taken and combined with the theme of robot revolution, providing for even more entertaining commentary from newly introduced characters, as well as revisits from old ones.
There's not a whole lot more I can tell you about Claptrap's New Robot Revolution without ruining the surprises found within. It's a better expansion than the somewhat pointless Mad Moxxi's Underdome Riot, but it can't come close to The Secret Armory of General Knoxx. Even from its position in the middle of the road, it gave me exactly what I wanted: More of the trademark Borderlands humor and some new reasons to jump back into a truly exceptional game. Yeah, the level cap has been raised with or without a purchase, but if you liked Borderlands, and who didn't?, you'll love this. I can't wait to see where Gearbox goes next.
ZTGameDomain (Jan 19, 2011)
All in All, “Claptrap’s New Robot Revolution” is a great excuse to dive back into the Borderlands universe. With a ridiculous and genuinely funny storyline, some challenging enemies, and a brand new set of environments to roam in, players will find plenty of new content to sink their teeth (or more accurately, a crap-ton of bullets) into.
IGN (Sep 28, 2010)
Claptrap's New Robot Revolution is a good excuse to jump back into the addictive gunplay of Borderlands. It doesn't do much that is new, but it's a fine addition to the game and proof that you can never have enough of a good thing.
Game Informer Magazine (Sep 28, 2010)
A room full of treasure is a great reward, but the most intriguing moment of Robot Revolution came right before the final boss fight. In an all-too-brief cutscene, Pandora's weapons peddler Marcus teases that the treasure hunters are about to travel to a new planet named Eden 6. He doesn't give any details about the planet (and alas the trip is unceremoniously cancelled when INAP shows up), but he says that he has had a lot of crazy adventures there. Could this be a hint of the location for a potential Borderlands 2? Will it be more DLC? After all of the great content Borderlands has provided so far, I can't wait to find out.
Digital Chumps (Oct 07, 2010)
This is a nice DLC pack to finish out this standout game from over a year ago. If you didn't like the game to begin with, nothing in this DLC will change that. On the same token, if you enjoy Borderlands, this game may feel a bit too familiar, but it's enjoyable nevertheless.
Giant Bomb (Oct 04, 2010)
But if you're absolutely fiending for more Borderlands, it's not entirely empty without that character progression. The new quests and areas, combined with a "best of" lineup of characters from the other DLCs and other parts from the main game make for a good, exciting mini-adventure. If you're at all interested by the idea of returning to Borderlands, Claptrap's New Robot Revolution is absolutely solid.
Game Revolution (Oct 07, 2010)
If you've stuck it out this long, then you're going to want to join the revolution, as it's definitely a good way to say goodbye to Pandora and the Borderlands-verse... at least for now.
3D Juegos (Oct 01, 2010)
Nueva Revolución queda algo lejos del nivel del resto de expansiones de Borderlands, y eso se debe a que hace los deberes por las justas. El sentido del humor salva al videojuego de caer en lo más absolutamente genérico, y el reciclaje de escenarios, villanos y situaciones le resta puntos.
GameSpot (Sep 28, 2010)
Whether or not this endeavor is tangibly rewarding depends on where you are level-wise. Players who have not yet reached the level cap will likely find that the game matches their level reasonably well and that experience, loot, and some other goodies await them. Level 61 players have fewer rewards in store and are advised to wait until developer Gearbox Software delivers on its promise of a free level cap update. Without the brisk humor of Secret Armory or the interesting environments of Zombie Island, Claptrap's New Robot Revolution is less of a compelling reason to return to Pandora than those predecessors were. However, even though it doesn't go out of its way to entice you, it does provide a lot of new content to play through. The Borderlands formula is still engrossing, and if you are eager for more mercenary action, your 800 Microsoft points ($10) will be well spent here -- especially if you've always longed to put a bullet in a Claptrap's beady red eye.
70 (Oct 25, 2010)
Pur non introducendo nulla di realmente innovativo, Nuova Rivoluzione si dimostra dunque un DLC di pregevole fattura in grado di arricchire la già ottima esperienza di base di Borderlands. Sebbene l'avventura proposta non brilli di certo per longevità o innovazione, la quantità e la qualità dei combattimenti che ne caratterizzano l'evoluzione sapranno senz'altro spingere qualsiasi appassionato del franchise a tornare in quel di Pandora per un po' d'azione.
70 (Oct 05, 2010)
Après le coup de maître que représentait l'Armurerie du Général Knoxx, cette nouvelle extension, sans être véritablement mauvaise, fait figure de petite déception. Moins bien ficelée, moins originale, moins drôle et moins complète que sa grande soeur, elle se contente généralement de recycler des mécaniques de jeu archi rabâchées dans le jeu de base sans jamais rien apporter de très frais. Reste que le solide gameplay de Borderlands fait toujours mouche, ce qui devrait permettre aux fans de se replonger dans le bébé de Gearbox avec plaisir. En somme, on dira donc de ce quatrième DLC que tout en étant assez sympathique, il reste également tout à fait dispensable.
Extreme Gamer (Oct 05, 2010)
Even though I enjoyed having a new excuse to fire up Borderlands, 'Claptrap's New Robot Revolution' seems a little dry after General Knoxx's monumental adventure. The Claptrap "robolution" doesn't have the same punch, or nearly the same challenge for players above level 40, which is a good portion of Borderlands gamers. Out of the four DLC packs that have been released for Borderlands, 'Claptrap's New Robot Revolution' is the least inspiring, yes even over Moxxi. Still, if you need to fuel your loot shooting addiction the 'Claptrap' DLC is worth checking out, but don't expect to be dazzled by our little mechanical friends and their robotic robolution.
65 (Oct 13, 2010)
Che gestire le espansioni di Borderlands sia un affare complicato è cosa arcinota: non avendo una struttura lineare, ogni DLC deve essere equilibrato e tarato in maniera tale da poter essere approcciato in maniera soddisfacente da giocatori con personaggi a diversi livelli di sviluppo, senza generare problemi o incompatibilità. Claptrap's New Robot Revolution è però un lavoro accademico e privo di personalità, che ha il sapore di un riempitivo buono per mitigare l'attesa di "qualcosa di più importante". Soprattutto per chi ha già raggiunto il level cap di 61, questa espansione offre davvero troppo poco, e il suo acquisto va quindi valutato con attenzione. Anzi, al momento è proprio sconsigliato, in attesa della patch destinata ad alzare al livello 69 che potrà quindi dare qualche senso in più a questa nuova e purtroppo insipida visita su Pandora.
Xboxygen (Oct 05, 2010)
C’est avec une étrange sensation que l’on ressort de cette pseudo-révolution ; en effet, il s’agit ni plus ni moins d’un pot-pourri des personnages célèbres du jeu, réutilisés de façon maladroite dans une histoire loin d’être captivante. De surcroît, on se voit obligé de tirer sur les claptraps, qui passent ainsi du statut d’excellent symbole humoristique à celui d’ennemi lambda à tuer jusqu’à plus soif. La course à l’XP et à un meilleur équipement aurait pu donner un intérêt non-négligeable à ces quelques heures de shoot mais malheureusement, ou heureusement, Gearbox a préféré garder les meilleures choses pour un patch gratuit qui arrivera courant octobre. Devant une telle situation, on voit mal ce qui pourrait vous motiver à aller aider Hyperion dans l’immédiat, mais si vraiment vous êtes intéressés par ce DLC nous vous suggérons de patienter jusqu’à la sortie du patch pour profiter de ces quelques heures de jeu dans les meilleures conditions.
Thunderbolt Games (Oct 05, 2011)
As the finale to Borderlands‘ DLC escapades it’s underwhelming—it isn’t the huge expansion that The Secret Armory of General Knoxx is nor does it have a unique setting like The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned. It is head and shoulders above Mad Moxxi’s Underdome, but that’s damning by faint praise. Claptrap’s New Robot Revolution offers no surprises, and it’s really only for Borderlands players that are looking to get one last bit of mileage out of the game.
60 (UK) (Sep 30, 2010)
But then, of course, the Borderlands gameplay is still as strong as ever. This may be more of the same, but when the same is this good, it's hard to feel too aggrieved, even if it never quite feels like the experience is worth another 800 Points (£6.29 on PS3 and PC). High-level players won't be missing anything remarkable if they decide to wait for the level cap increase before quelling the Robot Revolution.
Gamernode (Oct 12, 2010)
But here’s the deal: If you like Borderlands to begin with and just want to keep playing (mind you the level cap isn’t raised here), that is, if you want some new missions, some slight variations on loot, and really hilarious dialogue throughout, then this DLC will win your heart. The problem is, after three other pieces of DLC that have provided essentially the same thing (aside from Mad Moxxi’s Underdome Riot which is just a lengthy arena mode), it feels like Borderlands could use some freshening up. I don’t want to say that Claptrap’s New Robot Revolution fails to entertain, it simply fails to do so in a new and unique way. Perhaps our expectations for DLC have become too demanding, but I couldn’t help but leave Pandora disappointed this time around.
Game Shark (Oct 12, 2010)
Don't get me wrong, Borderlands is still one of the best co-op experiences in gaming and the mix of player classes and relentless stream of enemies is very easy to slip back into, however with the ability to play more than one playthrough of the main game and all of the DLC packs, if all you want to do is shoot high level dudes, you don't need to pay another ten bucks to do so. There is a satisfying mention of what the future of Borderlands holds as well as a cute final credits movie that has you ending where it all began but without some extra experience to go with all of the killing, or a way to finally get all of the points in the game, right now that ending is only worth it to the diehard Borderlands fans.
Destructoid (Sep 28, 2010)
Shit. I just wrote the review. I'm seriously considering just posting this e-mail reply, and pointing out that I don't want to spend any more time thinking about this wretched, wretched thing any longer than I already have. I love Borderlands. It was my #2 pick for Game of the Year in 2009. This is a disgrace and fans should let Gearbox know that it's very easy to perceive this as a lazy cash-grab. Small comfort comes from the knowledge that they outsourced its development to a company I can't remember the name of and won't check because it would require me to play through that fucking thing again. At least they have someone to share the blame with. (Oct 01, 2010)
Players that are expecting content as big as General Knoxx will be disappointed. Instead, Claptrap’s New Robot Revolution seems more akin to Zombie Island of Dr. Ned. Some new areas to explore, new enemies to face and plenty of fetch quests to do. Borderlands fans will still love the content, as it holds the series charm. It provides some hours of entertainment, and adds good closure to the series.