Braid Screenshots (Xbox 360)

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Xbox 360 version

Title screen.
This constellation keeps track of your collected hidden stars.
Each level has books that tell part of the story.
Tim's house is the hub to each of the worlds.
Find puzzle pieces to build a portrait for each world.
Your basic power is the ability to rewind time.
You can use the shoulder buttons to speed up the rewind.
You can also fast-forward up to the point you started to rewind.
This world gives a ring you can drop that slows time around it.
This world creates a clone that repeats your previous movements when you rewind time.
This world changes the direction of time based on your movements.
This world features green sparkly objects immune to changes in time.
Braid references classic videogames.
A reference to Donkey Kong.
Time Trial mode has you trying to beat levels before a specific target time.