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GamingLives (Sep 29, 2011)
It's been an absolute joy to review Burnout CRASH. It was often difficult to remember that this was something I was doing for the site rather than just indulging in a little guilty pleasure. The game is so much more than meets the eye and has such an absolutely irresistible charm to it that I find myself getting 'angry face' when I meet someone who never found that same spark within. Of course, that frown turns upside down when I remember all of the reasons why I love this game. It's fun, it's rich, it's simple and it's faultless in design. I accept that it's better positioned for Kinect owners and heavy Xbox Live users and that without them, you're getting a lesser experience. That said, it's without doubt the underselling itself at 800MSP for what should be otherwise sold at the 1200MSP point and that's the only counterargument I feel needs to be offered in response to that.
68 (Sep 27, 2011)
Overall, Criterion Games managed to take a mode and turn it into something it never used to be. Burnout Crash is not simply about racing to strike the traffic at a specific area and sitting back, it’s now about planning and debating the best times to use a Crashbreaker or where to place your car. The game is worth a look, if only to see how a game based on racing can use puzzle elements to make it good.
60 (Sep 23, 2011)
Burnout Crash est un soft sympa qui peut occuper quelques minutes par- ci par-là. Des explosions partout, une bande-son accrocheuse, le titre de Criterion avait de quoi plaire. Malheureusement, il peine à se renouveler sur la longueur laissant un peu le joueur sur sa faim, ce qui est aussi dû à un terrible manque de contenu. Du coup, le jeu est à peine plus évolué que sa propre démo, ce qui risque d'en décevoir plus d'un...
Splitkick (Sep 29, 2011)
I’m sure it’s hard to tell because I keep my feelings tucked deep, deep inside but I’m disappointed. I still remember playing Burnout Revenge, passing the controller around during Thanksgiving and letting everyone, even Grandma, take a turn at trying to earn “crash dollars.” We would play that mode for hours. I would have been happy if Criterion had yanked that dated mode out of the 5-year-old Revenge, tacked on the Autolog and charged me 1200 Microsoft points. I would have handed over my cash to enjoy the thrill and speed that the original Revenge crash variation provides. Sadly, Burnout Crash! is about as fun as a real car crash.
46 (Sep 27, 2011)
Es gibt Titel, da fragt man sich, was die Entwickler geritten hat - oder wenigstens, wieso sie es zuließen, dass entweder A) ihr Name oder B) der Name einer Serie derart verstümmelt wird. Und all das ist bei Burnout Crash der Fall. Auf dem Papier eine sinnvolle Reduktion auf einen der Erfolgsfaktoren der Rennspiel-Serie, nämlich die Crash-Kreuzungen, ist die Umsetzung in die Vogelperspektive weitgehend misslungen. Die eingestreute Puzzle-Mechanik ist eintönig sowie zu sehr vom Zufall und schierem Glück abhängig. Die Kulisse würde einem iPad-Titel besser zu Gesicht stehen als einem HD-System - wobei ich überzeugt bin, dass die auf leichten Zugang und wenig Anspruch getrimmte Mechanik auf mobilen Systemen ohnehin einen besseren Eindruck hinterließe.