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74 (Jul 16, 2008)
Big Game Hunter ei ole täysihintainen peli, eikä sillä sellaiseksi olisi rahkeitakaan. Noin 35 euron hintaan se tarjoaa kuitenkin metsästyspelien ystäville, tai niille joita moinen genre etäisesti kiinnostaa, muutamaksi illaksi puuhaa. Kenttien teemojen suunnittelussa on nähty kohtalaisesti vaivaa, Xbox-versio tiputtelee palkitsevasti achievementtejä huonommallekin pelaajalle ja ennen kaikkea pelikokemus on erilainen kuin n+1:ssä first person shooterissa.
Planet Xbox 360 (Jan 04, 2007)
Cabela’s Alaskan Adventure is for fans of hunting games only. The graphics and sound are not even close to what 360 gamers deserve. The gameplay is less than inspiring, and there are some absolutely awful minigames you must complete to progress in your career. Even if you are a fan of hunting games, buy it used. Don’t pay full price! If you have your heart set on spending $60, buy an old NES, Duck Hunt, and a product from one of Planet Xbox 360’s fine sponsors. You’ll be much happier in the long run. In the meantime, I’ll be waiting for Fun Labs to make a 360 hunting game, instead of a game that barely meets the original Xbox standards.
TeamXbox (Jan 11, 2007)
Despite some high load times and a few instances where the game seemed like it wanted to freeze the 360 (although it never actually froze), Cabela’s Alaskan Adventures runs well, and with at least some purpose. The progression in the career mode is interesting, and trying to bag a moose from a down-town one-shot-kill is just plain intriguing. The rest of Cabela’s Alaskan Adventures’s modes (fishing, sledding, and shotgun hunting) are less interesting, but it is there for those who are into such activities. If you are an avid hunter or marksman, then Cabela’s Alaskan Adventures is worth a look on the first go-around. General shooter fans may want to scour the bargain bins to see if they can pick up this fun title for less than its thirty dollar retail tag.
Game Chronicles (Jan 04, 2007)
While it’s nice that the game tries to mix stuff up with the duck hunting and the fishing, none of these additional activities excel in any way. The A.I. is lacking, the excitement is lacking, and so are the graphics and sound to convince me I’m there. Cabela’s Alaskan Adventures like most Cabela games before it - falls flat. It’s not that hunting is a bad concept for a videogame; the problem is that this one never lives up to the technical possibilities that the 360 can afford it.
IGN (Oct 06, 2006)
Cabela's Alaskan Adventures needed a complete overhaul for Xbox 360 and, instead, we've been given a sloppy port of the old generation engine and gameplay. The way hunting and fishing are presented falls outside the realms of pure simulation and arcade fun, making for a confounding mishmash of ideas that don't work together. The presentation, graphics and sound too are indicative of Alaskan Adventure's budget status. With all of the progress made in recent years towards creating good stealth and FPS engines, as well as in AI, its clear that with the proper design and effort, an excellent hunting and fishing game could be made. That was not the case here.
Operation Sports (Oct 27, 2006)
After giving this title all the time that I felt that it deserved, I gave my dad a call. I asked him what it was about hunting and fishing that kept him coming back every season for the last 50+ years. He told me that the thrill was in the hunt itself. It wasn’t what he shot or how big it was. It wasn’t about the fish he pulled in or the one that got away. He enjoyed every moment of the experience, regardless of the outcome. He said that a bad day hunting was better then a good day doing almost anything else. Maybe my dad was more passionate about sports then I gave him credit for? Maybe there is something to this whole outdoorsmen thing? That actually made it a little more depressing that Cabela’s Alaskan Adventures wasn’t a better game. It wasn’t the subject that was problem, it was the execution.
Xbox World 360 (Feb 11, 2007)
This would be a nice (if distasteful) stalk-'em-up, but it's so wretchedly broken in places. Animals identical to the ones you're supposed to hunt cost you dear far too often. Oh, the lack of feedback when a moose is chewing on the back of your head causing you to die suddenly and without warning. And let's not forget that your hunter runs out of breath after a mere five seconds of casual strolling - a fatal flaw in a game that's 95% aimless traipsing. So: rubbish.
XboxAchievements (Jul 29, 2007)
Despite being plagued with bugs, repetitive gameplay, and some of the worst visuals you'll see on a next-gen console, Cabela's Alaskan Adventure is fairly entertaining. You probably won't play for more than half an hour at a time before you lose interest, but for that half hour, you'll have some fun with it. There's a lot of untapped potential here, and I think the series could benefit from a bigger budget. Given some better visuals, more attention to detail, and better QA, this game could have been quite good. The core gameplay elements are fun, but the bugs and poor design really hurt the game. I wouldn't recommend purchasing this game unless you're really into hunting, but it's worth a rental if you want a quick boost to your gamerscore.
Thunderbolt Games (Dec 16, 2007)
The second and last option for gameplay is Open Season. It’s essentially player-chosen hunting. You choose the level, select the tags which apply, and wander into the wilderness – then you turn off the 360.
The Video Game Critic (Mar 20, 2008)
Alaskan Adventure's graphics are fair, and the audio features nice crunchy footsteps and howling winds. But without delivering the realism of a simulation or the fun of an arcade title, Alaskan Adventures languishes in the dreaded "no-man's land" of video games. You can bump up the grade by a letter if hunting is your thing, but as a seasoned video game addict, my time is better spent shooting ninjas, robots, and fat guys who blink red.