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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - Resurgence Package (Xbox 360)

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Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 0.0
Overall MobyScore (1 vote) 0.0

The Press Says

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I'd say to stay away if the mere thought of an undermounted grenade launcher is now enough to have you break out in a rage-induced sweat, but that should really be a given. For the fans, especially the ones who've strayed away in the last couple of months, Infinity Ward's latest collection is more than enough for them to welcome the game back with open arms. Tango sucker!
MS Xbox World
The pricing of the Resurgence Pack is still a bit hard to swallow, but the amount of fun is only limited by the player and how much longer they intend on playing the game. The new maps offer plenty options no matter if you're a camper or run and gunner, and with so many different avenues to take within each map your experience can be altered many times over. Yes this is just an expansion, but fans of Modern Warfare 2 will be pleased by the new map offerings and those who have been yearning for something new will have no regrets popping this back in the disc tray and downloading the pack from the marketplace.
80 (UK)
Until you return, though (and one day, when you've completed one game and have yet to buy another, you almost certainly will) I'll be waiting for you in the whitewashed walls of Carnival funhouse. I'll have a mile-long stare, and I'll still be getting cut to ribbons by players whose voices sound alarmingly like The Stotts, but I'll be happy in my own little world. And Activision will be happy with my money. In short, everyone will be happy.
I can honestly say that this DLC is much more impressive than the Stimulus pack with obscure, yet fun, new maps (baring Fuel) and some of the best classic maps, in my opinion, included in the pack. I can’t help but feel that we should be getting all new maps for the points we’re having to cough up the cash for. Aside from that gripe, I would recommend it to anyone that is looking for more variety in their online games.
El pack Resurgimiento es un gran añadido para los amantes de este shooter, quedando por encima en cuanto a diseño y cuidado de los nuevos mapas. Por si no fuera suficiente las reinterpretaciones de mapas antiguos son más acertadas, quedando la duda de si no tendría más sentido ofrecer únicamente contenido completamente original a un precio más aceptable para el gran público. Y es que 1.200 MP siguen antojándose como un precio demasiado elevado para un pack de mapas de acuerdo a los estándares del mercado en consolas de nueva generación. Es una pena que la respuesta del público a estos pack de mapas no sea proporcional al rechazo creado en una gran parte de la audiencia, por lo que podemos esperar que en el futuro se repita esta situación. El éxito del pack está más que asegurado, a pesar de algunos problemas iniciales en la descarga, ya completamente solventados.