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Tango! Roger! Alpha Six! Take Point! Pixelspeech (1006) 3 Stars3 Stars3 Stars3 Stars3 Stars
The best FPS you are likely to ever find. havoc of smeg (22291) 4.86 Stars4.86 Stars4.86 Stars4.86 Stars4.86 Stars

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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the actors' performances in the game (including voice acting). 3.7
AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 3.6
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 3.7
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 4.1
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 3.5
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.7
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed 3.5
Overall User Score (33 votes) 3.7

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GameSpy (Nov 10, 2009)
The fact that I didn't even get into the stunning visuals and amazing sound design speaks volumes about the sheer amount of content in the game, and I could probably write another 800 words simply about the ridiculous attention to detail on display in each level. It's ultimately up to you whether you want to listen to the marketing hype or not, but believe this: With its combination of an engaging single-player campaign, addictive adversarial multiplayer modes, and enjoyable cooperative Spec Ops action, there's no denying that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is one of the year's finest games.
100 (Nov 20, 2009)
Overall I give “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2”, 5 n00btubes (if you don’t know what they are, google them) out of 5. Finally a game that lives up to the hype that’s been created for it.
Xboxygen (Nov 14, 2009)
Une fois n’est pas coutume, Infinity Ward réussit haut la main l’examen du jeu hollywoodien. L’ambiance de ce Modern Warfare 2 est excellente, la partie graphisme/esthétique/sonore est toujours aussi bien travaillée et les quelques heures que compte la campagne solo passent vraiment trop vite. Même si les missions spéciales sont une bonne idée, on regrettera quand même l’absence d’un vrai mode coop. Modern Warfare 2 ne révolutionne pas la série mais contribue assurément à sa renommée méritée. Nous avons bien là le blockbuster tant attendu et on n’a plus qu’à souhaiter un mode coop et une narration mieux maitrisés pour le prochain !
The Video Game Critic (Feb 25, 2010)
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 often pushed me to the point of sensory overload, but I played until my wrist was sore. It's a pretty amazing ride, packing enough "holy cow!" moments for six games!
Console Obsession (Nov 27, 2009)
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 could have been one of those over hyped games that didn’t deserve its inevitable sales success, although this one deserves every bit of record breaking success that it has already enjoyed and will likely continue to enjoy. The explosive high production values of the campaign and the stunning and rewarding multiplayer makes for a truly excellent package, and one that is deserving of all the attention in the world.
XboxAchievements (Nov 15, 2009)
Modern Warfare 2 shatters the old standard of excellence and has raised the bar for what it means to be an epic shooter. With a mind-shattering campaign, superb co-op play, and the deepest multiplayer experience on Live, Modern Warfare 2 is one of the greatest shooters in gaming history, and a must-own for fans of the genre.
GamingEvolution (Sep 11, 2012)
All in all Modern Warfare 2 is a major upgrade to the original. The improve game engine helps create immersive environments that do a great job of mirroring what the actual locals would look and feel like. This coupled with the graphics make Modern Warfare 2 the best first person shooter out. The single-player campaign will take you around 7 hours at max and that is if you are a novice in the FPS genre. However, this is not that big a deal once you add in the highly addictive Spec Ops mode. In addition, once you have polished off those two modes there is the online multiplayer and all I can say about that is OMG. You will spend months playing this mode trust me. With all the perks, kill streaks and leveling up you will be prestiging over and over again. If you do not have this game, buy it! This game is definitely not a rent especially if you are big on playing with your friends. This is a must have in your game collection.
95 (Nov 10, 2009)
There's so much more I could have talked about, too, the sense of peril in the splashes of blood that cloud your vision as death gets dangerously close, the new fixed gun emplacements, the smile-inducing diversions like the drone bombings and the occasional but hugely entertaining use of vehicles. Indeed, perhaps this broad-ranging virtuosity is the whole point, Modern Warfare 2 can mean so many things to so many games players, and entertain on so many levels. The cinematic appeal of the singleplayer action makes it infectious and hugely memorable in a way few if any other games can manage. That this is bundled with the best multiplayer experience of any game really leaves us in little doubt that this is the complete package. Two years ago we awarded the original Modern Warfare 95 percent, I see no reason why this tour de force, despite its occasional lack of originality, deserves anything less.
Destructoid (Nov 12, 2009)
If the campaign's story was shaped better and made more sensible, and if the online Perks were just a tiny bit more balanced, this would be a near-perfect game, no shadow of a doubt. As it stands, however, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is an utterly stellar achievement that knows exactly what its audience wants, and delivers in abundance. Truly, this is the biggest game of 2009.
Atomic Gamer (Dec 04, 2009)
If Modern Warfare has always been about the visceral thrill of modern military combat (if viewed through a somewhat skewed, hollywood-ized lens) then you’ll struggle to find fault with this one. And should Infinity Ward be able to piece together an amazing (and, one can hope, a more politically relevant) story mode for the inevitable Modern Warfare 3, then we’ll really be in business. For now, suit up—we’re oscar mike.
IGN UK (Nov 10, 2009)
The question is, do you get enough bang for your buck? Bear in mind this is one of the most expensive games of all time to be released without a peripheral in the box, so Activision must be pretty confident of our readiness to screw Nan out of her pension for our expensive Christmas gift. The storyline certainly isn’t going to win any Oscars and what plot there is is all pretty poorly and confusingly delivered. And if you strip away the bombast, this truly is the most conventional of sequels, with the unshakeable feeling that you’ve cowered in a similar crater before two years ago, including an almost blow-by-blow retread of one of the first game’s most iconic sequences. But boy, what bombast it is.
games xtreme (Nov 27, 2009)
It's a big fun mess, and a deliberate mess at that. The chaotic nature of the gameplay in single and multiplayer feels just like a game about playing war should, and only some poor storytelling decisions hold the game back. This is a fantastic game and worthy of a place in any shooter fans catalogue.
90 (Nov 16, 2009)
I think Infinity Ward have achieved what they set out to do with this game. It improves the overall experience, with more content and tweaks the multi player in a way to keep it interesting to series veterans and give newbies at least a fighting chance. Spec Ops is a genuinely brilliant addition that adds hours to the game. The single player experience is brilliant and in many ways better than the first game, but in other ways it doesn't quite achieve the impact. A very impressive package. One of the best shooters ever made, one of the best games released this year and probably soon to become the highest selling game of all time.
Thunderbolt Games (Nov 16, 2009)
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is one of those rare breeds to actually live up to the hype. The single player, albeit disappointing, is still an excellent thrill ride and precursor to the main pull: the multiplayer. CoD4 cemented its place as one of the best online shooters going and Modern Warfare 2 builds on it, adding a plethora of new features that constantly reward and amaze. Infinity Ward has managed to improve on the multiplayer without changing the fundamentals that made it so great in the first place. If you don’t have Xbox Live it’s not worth the inflated price tag since the short single player isn’t worth it, but Spec Ops and the multiplayer are so superb that it’s hard not to call Modern Warfare 2 one of the games of this generation.
GameSpot (Nov 11, 2009)
Fortunately, the action generally remains on the good side of hectic, and the stream of rewards is as satisfying as ever. Two new elements, title and emblem, are little graphics and titles that you earn through your match performance, and these range run the gamut from serious to totally goofy. While not exactly in keeping with the serious tone of the campaign, they add an amusing way to further customize your online presence. With a robust variety of playlists in which to ply your deadly trade, Modern Warfare 2's competitive multiplayer is the best in the series and one of the best available on consoles. The inelegant campaign plot may make you feel like you're just along for the ride, but it is such an intense, roaringly great ride that you will be glad just to have played it. The cooperative missions provide a uniquely fun angle on the action that rounds out the package superbly, making Modern Warfare 2 thoroughly entertaining, thoroughly rewarding, and thoroughly worth the wait.
Lens of Truth (Nov 10, 2009)
Once again, Infinity Ward sets the bar for first person war games. The feeling you get when playing through the campaign and battling online isn’t matched by any other FPS. This is an easy must buy and, just like Uncharted 2, what a true sequel should be. I wish Infinity Ward had realized what they had and didn’t try to shock people into buying their game. It would have sold fine without the “No Russian” stage.
90 (Nov 10, 2009)
Vous avez aimé le premier Modern Warfare ? Vous allez adorer cette suite. Cet opus donne dans la surenchère, poussant le genre du FPS-spectacle dans ses derniers retranchements. Avec une mise en scène parfaitement maîtrisée soutenue par une réalisation technique sans faille, Modern Warfare 2 place la barre très haut. En dépit de faiblesses narratives et de quelques mécanismes éculés, le titre constitue bien le blockbuster incontournable de cette fin d'année.
88 (Nov 05, 2009)
Wie der Vorgänger ist das Spiel hart, dreckig, laut, brachial, spannend und hochmotivierend. Okay, am Anfang könnte man über die plump die Patriotismuskeule schwingende Story noch kotzen, aber zum Ende hin ergibt auf einmal alles Sinn und man ist verblüfft darüber, wie die Entwickler diese clevere Wendung hinbekommen haben! Hat man die Karriere hinter sich, bleiben noch zwei Spielmodi: Der Multiplayermodus, brillant und motivierend wie eh und je, aber mittlerweile nicht mehr spektakulär. Sowie die coole neue »Spezialeinheit«-Variante, die gerade mit einem Partner für eine Weile verdammt viel Spaß macht. Und dennoch bleibt unterm Strich »nur« ein sehr gutes, aber kein Ausnahme-Spielerlebnis mehr. Dafür haben sich die Entwickler zu sehr auf den enorm bequemen Lorbeeren ausgeruht, haben sich zu oft selbst zitiert, sind zu wenige Wagnisse eingegangen. Das kann man ihnen nach dem brillanten Vorgänger aber auch nicht übel nehmen.
Game Observer (Nov 28, 2009)
With the best multiplayer shooting that money can buy, superb co-op and an incredibly action-packed campaign, this is without a doubt a real contender for game of the year.
85 (Nov 19, 2009)
Looking great and sounding better than ever thanks in part to voices like Kevin McKidd and the music of Hans Zimmer, Modern Warfare 2 is by no means a substandard entry for the series—it's just not as good as the first game for the most part. With the sequel Infinity Ward continues to show their mastery of the multiplayer mode, but it's going to take more from the entire package than just the addition of cooperative play to satiate gamers the next time around.
The A.V. Club (Nov 16, 2009)
In what will no doubt be 2009’s most controversial gaming moment, Modern Warfare 2 has gamers infiltrating a terror cell, then reluctantly participating in an attack on an airport. Hundreds of civilians are killed. As the living attempt to drag away the dying, you wind up in a stomach-turning ethical catch 22: “Do I shoot?” It’s in these moments, between the high-resolution bursts of gunfire, that Modern Warfare 2 comes alive.
Gaming Nexus (Nov 17, 2009)
Overall, I found Modern Warfare 2 to be fun but it's starting to lose the appeal it had for me after the fourth time around with Infinity Ward. The campaign is really short and the story's pretty weak. Also, there will be parts that offend people but at least you can skip the "one" mission. Multiplayer can be fun and addicting if you don't get frustrated easily.
Game Critics (Nov 10, 2009)
Whatever the case may be, the game is also a statement on Infinity Ward's strengths. Every trailer they released was not just promotional material, it was sabre-rattling to other publishers, daring them to release another game this week. And it worked. The holiday season is noticeably bare, and Modern Warfare 2 stands tall, with its brilliant, value-packed missions, maps, and promised endless nights of thousand-yard stares and slack-jawed home entertainment. It is a commanding presence in living room electronics. But most importantly, it's a powerful affirmation for those who define games less as art, and more as a sport of group dynamics that fuels the innate necessity of "must play" human contest. There is no greater argument.
FOK!games (Nov 19, 2009)
Modern Warfare 2 bevat een hoop fouten en slechte punten, maar zal desondanks weinig mensen echt teleurstellen. De singleplayer is verre van bijzonder en biedt voornamelijk een flinke lading aan vijanden die uit alle hoeken en gaten lijken te komen. Het is een rollercoaster-ride die je een keer door zult lopen en daarna nooit meer aanraakt. De Spec Ops-missies zijn een leuke toevoeging aan de game die co-op met een vriend zeer leuk zijn om door te raggen. Zeker de snipermissies waarbij je tezamen vijanden moet neerhalen om geen argwaan te wekken. De game komt wel echt tot zijn recht in de multiplayer die ten opzichte van Modern Warfare een flinke boost heeft gekregen in mogelijkheden en killstreak-rewards, maar desondanks goed gebalanceerd is met leuke maps die mogelijkheden bieden voor elk type speler. Ik kan me niets anders voostellen dan dat deze game minimaal net zo lang populair zal blijven onder de multiplayer-gamers als zijn voorganger.