Written by  :  havoc of smeg (22291)
Written on  :  Jan 05, 2010
Platform  :  Xbox 360
Rating  :  4.86 Stars4.86 Stars4.86 Stars4.86 Stars4.86 Stars

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The best FPS you are likely to ever find.

The Good

This is arguably one one the best FPS games to come our in a while. That's for a reason. Well, several to be exact. First off, it has what consider the finest multiplayer segment's. It gives you the most varied map's that are highly detailed, each needing different player strategy's. And unlike most recent shooter's that i can think of, it also offer's split screen and system link games for those without Xbox Live. You can also customise not only your weapon layout's, but also the weapons themselves with choice of scope, add on's and other customization's. The perk's that you can unlock just makes specializing them all the easier.

MW2's spec op's co op mode is also a nice touch, adding variation's and a co op buddy to the already familiar single player experience. The single player mode itself, entitled "For The Record", is not new in any respect, but the story itself is certainly top notch and lives up to it's predecessor. And as with COD4, you have an arsenal for all these game modes that will cater for any scenario and taste.

The Bad

The cliffhanger ending. While it is not as awful as halo 2's, i don't like it, because it makes the single player feel like half a game. With is a pain, when you consider you will finish it in about 8 hours of gameplay.

The Bottom Line

Hand's down, game of the year.