Carcassonne Credits (Xbox 360)

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Carcassonne Credits


Carcassonne Board Game DesignKlaus-Jürgen Wrede

Sierra Online Games: Sierra Online Seattle

ProducerBecca Yucha
Lead EngineerPaul Burslem
Lead DesignerIsaac Barry
Lead ArtistJeff Selbig
Lead UI ArtistPamela Ansman-Wolfe
EngineersJohn Lykins, John Cuyle
DesignersDavid Kimber, Scott Hungerford
QA LeadsEric Snyder, Tim Jones
Product SupportGrace Chien
Director of EngineeringRick Lambright
Director of DesignNicholas Newhard
Director of ArtSteve M. Suhy
QA ManagerProdipto Roy
Creative DirectorJay Minn
Studio ManagerJason Robar

Sierra Online Games: Sierra Online Shanghai

Production SupportLu Renji (Prod)
Lead ArtistLe Libin (Larry)
ArtistsXing Xiaopeng (Pink), Gao Chao (Karl), Chen Qinning
EngineersLi Tao (Robert), Chen Fangxing (Penny), Tang Yu (Rock)
QAQiao Dong (Joy), Xiao Yang (Carol), Liang Dong (Landon)
Studio ManagerLi Lei (Kevin)

Sierra Online Games: Worldwide Marketing

DirectorLori Inman
Associate Brand ManagerKatherinn Tran McDonald

Sierra Online Games: Public Relations

Vice President of Corporate Communications & PRMichele Guthrie
PR ManagerJose Zavala Sr.

47 Communications

Account DirectorLaura Weir

Sierra Online Games: Business Affairs

Corporate CounselMichael Walker

Sierra Online Executive Management

PresidentEd Zobrist
Chief Technology OfficerJan Lindner
Vice President ProductionFred Shean
Senior Vice President, Global MarketingDavid Haddad
Vice President of Marketing and DistributionAmy Chen

Vivendi Games Executive Management

Chief Executive OfficerBruce Hack
Executive Vice President and Chief Strategy and Marketing OfficerCindy Cook
Executive Vice President and General CounselTerri Durham
Chief Financial OfficerJean-François Grollemund
Executive Vice President - Human ResourcesMark Halacy

Additional Development Support

LocalizationSDI Games
Music and Sound Design produced bySomaTone Interactive Audio
Additional Quality Assurance Testing provided byVMC Game Labs

Xbox Live Arcade Team

Program ManagementKatie Stone Perez
Microsoft Test LeadMark Nemecek
Release Management TeamShu-I Chang, Victor Pearson (Excell Data Corporation)
Microsoft Test DeveloperMichael Jones
VMC Test ManagementNoriko Fritschle, Michael Fu
VMC MAT TesterTyler Barrett
VMC Test LeadScott R. Griffiths
VMC TestRobert C. Minnick, Charles Cho, Cala E. Posey, Jonathan Seeger, Joel Tippett
Lead Program ManagerTony Harlich
Microsoft Test ManagerMatt Golz
Group ManagerBryan Trussel
Product Planning & Business TeamCherie Lutz, Kim Pallister, David Schenone, Christopher Martin, David J. Edery, Erin Friesen (Kelly Services Inc)
Platform TeamBrian Ostergren, Trisha Stouffer
MarketingCraig Evans, Jeremy Wacksman, Peter Orullian
PRKari Dilloo, Aaron Greenberg
Content ReviewPeter Turcan, Brent Metcalfe, Jeyen Barham-Kaiel
LocalizationPadraig Keaney (SDL), Shinya Muto, Sangjin Kang, Robert Lin
Special ThanksOliver Miyashita, Kevin Salcedo, Georg Wild, Dirk Gellenkeuser

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Credits for this game were contributed by Sciere (505964)