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Examiner (Feb 03, 2014)
Overall, the game is rather solid. It is a good edition and is very intriguing on how it was developed. It follows with the logical timeline being involved with the Lords of Shadow. While it is traditional is the main villain, at least it shows a different version seen more as a tragic character than an outright villain.
Rely on Horror (Nov 04, 2013)
Mirror of Fate was already an amazing game back on the 3DS. It always felt like it belonged on a home console, so this HD version is certainly much appreciated. It doesn’t just improve the visuals, but it also adds to the game and remedies some of its previous issues. Mirror of Fate is still one of my favorite games this generation and one of my favorite games in the series. It’s a near-perfect evolution of the game’s action-platforming roots, while continuing to expand upon the Lords of Shadow saga. Before, the series’ side-scrolling entries used to be more about just the gameplay, but Mirror of Fate changed that, offering a tragic and emotional tale that’s just as enjoyable as the game’s actual interactivity.
Pixelvolt (Oct 25, 2013)
(...) Mirror of Fate HD’s improved visuals make it the definitive version of the game, and its few leftover issues are easy enough to overlook when the core experience is this fun. If you’re a fan of the series, this bridge gap’s remake offers more than enough to make it worth your time.
The Gamers Paradise (Nov 13, 2013)
Although you should not let graphics get in the way of playing a game anyway in my mind, because you would miss out on some incredible experiences, and to me personally gameplay is so much more important than graphics. And that is not saying the graphics look bad it is just stating the obvious in this case where a 3DS game have been transformed to TV HD quality. With some minor changes in the overall gameplay like taking away some of those pesky quick-time events that was overflowing in the 3DS version of the game there isnt really too much negativity to spew out at this game. It is pretty simple, if you havent already played the game on your 3DS then you should go get it right now as it is entertaining and it also manages to answer a few more questions in the sage, but if you already played the game on your 3DS then you need to claim to be a hardcore fan if you should have a reason for playing it over again, and you should.
Gaming Age (Nov 14, 2013)
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate HD is a fun ride and will take you some time to play through. It also looks good, especially for being a port of a Nintendo 3DS handheld title and will provide fans with more of the Belmont history than you could find on
GuiltyBit (Nov 16, 2013)
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate es un Castlevania a la antigua usanza sobresaliente y uno de los mejores títulos del catálogo de 3DS. Sin embargo, aunque su versión HD siga demostrando lo bueno que es, se echa en falta más contenido exclusivo que haga mas atractiva la compra del mismo para los que ya jugamos a la versión portátil. Los que no habéis jugado al original, encontraréis en él un juego cargado de la mejor acción en 2D, mucha variedad de situaciones y un apartado artístico digno de ver. ¿Tenéis lo que hay que tener para empuñar el Vampire Killer?
Yeousch (Dec 09, 2013)
Mirror of Fate is a welcome addition to the Lords of Shadow saga, bringing together old and new characters in what is an epic story. The motion comic style of the cutscenes, the fantastic voice acting and once again movie quality score means this is a truly immersive experience. The anticipation for Lords of Shadow 2 is slowly building, so to have this in the meantime is only a good thing.
IGN España (Nov 14, 2013)
Tras ver como mi copia de 3DS acumulaba polvo en los últimos meses, esta versión HD me ha permitido redescubrir un buen juego, que ningún fan de Castlevania debería perderse. Su arranque no es muy brillante, y en general no alcanza la calidad de Symphony of The Night o de cualquiera de los "metroidvania" de GBA y DS, pero si le das una oportunidad descubrirás en él no pocos homenaje a la saga clásica y una mecánica mucho más atractiva que lo deja entrever al principio. Si ya tienes la entrega 3DS no te merecerá la pena volver a pasar por caja (mas allá de la comodidad de jugar en pantalla grande), pero si te lo perdiste en su día, no lo dejes escapar. Por poco más de lo que cuesta una entrada de cine y unas cortezas de cerdo, podrás hincarle el diente a un Castlevania. Y eso, amigos, siempre han sido palabras mayores. Salvo en el caso de las entregas Amiga y GameBoy Color, que eran un asco.
Meristation (Nov 03, 2013)
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate HD es una buena oportunidad para que los jugadores de Playstation 3 y de Xbox 360 (quizás llegue a PC en el futuro) no se pierdan un capítulo capital en la trama de la trilogía que concluirá el próximo mes de febrero. No obstante, debe jugarse asumiendo que es una conversión de un videojuego nacido por y para una portátil, con los consiguientes sacrificios y ventajas técnicas (más lo segundo que lo primero). Si no tienes una 3DS, ésta es la mejor oportunidad para profundizar en el clan de los Belmont antes de que Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 desembarque en las tiendas. Y una oportunidad a precio reducido (11,99 euros) que supone un ahorro de más de 20 euros sobre la edición original, además de incluir la demo de la secuela.
GamerHub (Nov 09, 2013)
Throw in some quality voicework and music – par for the Castlevania course – and you have a game that's an improvement on all fronts, mostly. The cinemas still look a little shoddier than they could've been, and the story isn't as compelling as the original Lords of Shadow. Still, Mirror of Fate HD is an enjoyable entry in the series, and a nice holdover until the real conclusion arrives in a few months.
Dealspwn (Nov 03, 2013)
Mirror of Fate fits snugly in between the old and the new worlds of Castlevania, although purists will feel it leans more towards the newer games. The leap in quality for the visuals makes this the clear choice over the 3DS version and the story sets things up nicely for the concluding part in February when the game returns to full fat 3D gameplay.
Daily Joystick Podcast (Nov 02, 2013)
I really enjoyed MoF. It may not be the grand spectacle that the previous games are but that’s okay. This one rests in a comfortable middle ground that will supply you with hours of fun. I totally didn’t expect this to pop up on Xbox Live, especially with a full fledged Lords of Shadow 2 in the works, but this is a great hold over until that game is released in a few months. Even if you’ve played this on 3DS, I would suggest at least checking out the demo. It plays great with a controller and the HD graphics are a welcome enhancement to what is on the portable version. Castlevania fans should definitely check this out.
Esperino (Nov 14, 2013)
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate HD is worth taking a look at as it is a fairly polished and well produced entry to the series. Lords of Shadow helped to re-invigorate Castlevania and perhaps Mirror of Fate HD isn’t going to define the genre, but it does present a new vision and makes a welcome inclusion to the long-running lore.
Digital Hippos (Nov 05, 2013)
With a ton of quality story, arse whipping a plenty and a peek at where the Belmont family is headed before the big sequel hits, this is a load of content for a downloadable title. The graphics are stellar, the sound is awesome and it's a perfect mix of old and new. With 2.5d games becoming more and more popular, this is one of the better of the genre. Sink your teeth in. (/silly puns off)
GameSpot (Oct 31, 2013)
(...) I no longer view Mirror of Fate as a good Castlevania game plagued by annoying design issues. Now, in the case of the HD port, the positives rise to the surface rather than the negatives, and Mirror of Fate finally feels like a great addition to the series. It has the most intriguing story in any Castlevania game to date, even if it is a bit predictable, and the emphasis on combat above exploration is a fair trade, primarily because the combo system is so fluid and sports a good amount of depth. Mirror of Fate on the 3DS may not have been the side-scrolling, vampire-hunting adventure that we all hoped it would be, but with its heightened presentation and revamped mechanics, Mirror of Fate HD is a big step in the right direction.
76 (Oct 31, 2013)
Obwohl man dem Titel vor allem hinsichtlich Effekten die Handheld-Ursprünge anmerkt, hat Mercury Steam eine ordentliche HD-Anpassung vorgenommen - mit einer Ausnahme: Dass das Bildformat vom 3DS nur aufskaliert wurde und damit zu schwarzen Vertikalbalken rechts und links führt, anstatt den Bildausschnitt entsprechend anzupassen, ist für mich schwer nachzuvollziehen. Schade ist auch, dass es keine zusätzlichen Inhalte gibt oder die bestehenden z.B. mit zusätzlicher Sprachausgabe aufgewertet wurden. Dafür ist die Steuerung über das Pad akkurater als seinerzeit auf dem 3DS - was jedoch dazu führt, dass der in der Anfangsphase ohnehin niedrig angesetzte Schwierigkeitsgrad weiter verringert wird. Was übrig bleibt, ist ein unterhaltsamer Action-Plattformer alter Schule in neuer Kulisse, der seine wuchtigen Kämpfe in den Vordergrund rückt und damit eher wie ein zweidimensionales God of War als eine moderne Castlevania-Interpretation wirkt.
NZGamer (Jan 15, 2014)
So should you buy the game? Mirror of Fate HD is definitely the best version of Mercury Steam’s Lords of Shadow spin-off - if you haven’t played the game but want to, owning a 3DS but no 360 or PS3 is about the only reason I can think of to get the original over the remaster. If you already played the game on 3DS, there’s really not much reason to pick it up again, unless you planning on playing through again anyway and want a less tedious experience of it.
ZTGameDomain (Nov 08, 2013)
On one hand, Mirror of Fate HD is a steal. Considering this game was worth my time and money on the 3DS and now they have removed the annoying quick-time events in cut scenes and it is $25 cheaper on consoles, feels wrong. On the other hand I have already smashed through the castle and conquered evil, so why am I double-dipping? These are the only concerns when considering a purchase here. If you have already been down this road, there is really nothing here to warrant a second play, however if you haven’t played the second entry in the Lords of Shadow narrative, this is the one to get.
Official XBox Magazine (Jan 08, 2014)
MoFHD was originally developed for the Nintendo 3DS handheld, and it shows. The characters are slightly blocky and sometimes animate stiffly, and every so often we’re hit with what are clearly pop-out 3D effects — which are wasted, because this HD version doesn’t support 3D TVs. Still, this is a smartly executed return to the kind of gameplay that made Castlevania great, and we’d love to see it grow into something more.
DarkZero (Jan 22, 2014)
The game is worth a prod though because the feeling can’t be matched. It’s a classic game, with most of the best elements, tossed into a nifty hitch of a game ported over from the DS. Some elements of the game, such as the text, will make you question your sanity but the gameplay redeems that and will show the light at the end of the tunnel. The style brings together a classic style of gameplay that can have everyone sighing with a wash of comfort, wishing to sink their fangs past the bad to experience some heart-thumping fun.
Gamestyle (Nov 02, 2013)
Overall, this is a game that will likely divide Castlevania fans. It’s still that a dark and forbidding fairy tale told that worked so well on the 3DS. It doesn’t quite fit as well here but it does manage to create some of the same atmospheric, dark and brutal adventure and if more people get a chance to experience it then that can only be a good thing. Its home is clearly on the 3DS though.
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate HD presented MercurySteam with a chance to correct many of the original release’s problems and glaring issues. What we ended up getting was an airlifted port with the only new addition being online leaderboards. Sure, the gameplay is tighter on a controller, but that doesn’t make this lazy port any better than the original release.