Curse of the Crescent Isle Screenshots (Xbox 360)

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Xbox 360 version

Title screen.
Yes, an Xbox 360 game that still uses passwords!
Introduction. The king is the short one with the shifty eyes.
The king sets out to save his loyal subjects!
Most enemies can be picked up.
This is surprisingly safe!
Smack these things to make them stop shooting.
Ouch! Good thing that heart container is there...
Climbing the outside of the tower...
These objects must be gathered here.
The four-armed green man inside a fish inside a psychedelic flower is grateful for the king's assistance.
The tower is collapsing!
Different enemies have different abilities. This guy breaks boulders!
This guy lets you stick to the ceiling!
That guy... who knows?
First boss is in need of a good dentist.
Smack the eye when it opens!
Hey there!
The king leers at an unusually well-endowed subject. Isn't he married?
Pause the game for a quick control recap and your current password!
Not every citizen you save will have something useful to say.
The ice guy can freeze water... well as fireballs, which defy the very lays of physics in multiple ways!
Careful, careful...