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    Dark Messiah of Might and Magic™: Elements, powered by an enhanced version of the award-winning Source™ Engine, allows Xbox 360 gamers worldwide to experience the brutal combat, highly detailed and interactive environments and dark atmosphere that won the hearts of PC gamers, while expanding the experience in several areas.

    Players will embody the young hero Sareth, who has been trained in the arts of magic and war in order to battle the prophetic Dark Messiah. Players will have the choice to become expert warriors, mages or assassins; each with their own arsenal of devastating weapons and spells to use in battling huge and vicious enemies. Through combat, players will unlock new skills and equipment, advancing Sareth’s experience and improving his performance, battle combos, hits, spells and techniques and setting his course to fulfill his destiny.

    • The Might & Magic Universe’s Darkest Side. Explore the most remote recesses of Ashan populated with fearless orcs, dreadful undead, elusive cyclops and many other creatures that defy nature’s creation. This is the darkest side of the legendary Might and Magic universe, where the forces of evil are stronger and more cunning than ever.
    • More Action, New Challenges. Live the Dark Messiah of Might and Magic™ experience like never before on Xbox 360 with refined game mechanics carefully crafted for pad-controlled carnage, including a brand new lock-on feature, tweaked level design and game statistics. Explore four previously unreleased secret levels with new objectives, gameplay and rewards.
    • Multiplayer Remixed. New multiplayer maps have been created exclusively for Xbox 360 and other maps and multiplayer gameplay have been completely re-mastered for an optimal Xbox Live experience, allowing you to play with up to 10 players. Enlist with the humans or undead and choose to play as an archer, priestess, mage or knight. In the Crusade mode, players can earn new skills and weapons as they progress in dynamic online campaigns where only united teams will prevail.
    • Choose your way to kill. Challenge the forces of evil in intense melee combat with swords, bows, staffs and daggers. Alternately, kill your enemy by summoning your magic powers or skulking in the shadows.
    • Environmental Mischief. Use your environment as a weapon to outsmart the most fiendish monsters. From bottomless pits and fiendish traps players will find that that their spells and weapons and not always the most effective solution to dispatching their foes.
    • Cutting-Edge Technology. Discover the power of the Source engine on Xbox 360 featuring jaw-dropping environments, incredible graphics and top-notch physics. Immerse yourself in a gritty experience featuring an innovative first-person melee combat system.

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