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Acting The quality of the actors' performances in the game (including voice acting). 4.0
AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 4.0
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 4.0
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 4.0
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 4.0
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 4.0
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed 4.0
Overall User Score (1 vote) 4.0

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Der erste Eindruck ist wichtig, und glaubt man diesem, ist DSO ein hässliches und zumindest in der englischen Fassung scheußlich klingendes Spiel. Übersteht man diesen Eröffnungsschock und gewährt dem Spiel einen zweiten oder dritten Blick, offenbart sich ein solider und erstaunlich fesselnder Laser-Shootout bester Wing Commander- und Privateer-Schule: An die Steuerung hat man sich schnell gewöhnt, danach herrschen wunderbar spaßige und unkomplizierte Weltraum-Ballereien vor. Wer unbedingt möchte, kann auch den Taschenrechner zücken und den All-Buchhalter mimen, auch wenn mir der übersimple Handelspart gar nichts sagte. Allerdings mangelt es auf Dauer an Abwechslung: Es gibt nur eine Hand voll unterschiedlicher Missionsarten und die Beschränkung auf ein Schiff ergibt zwar durch das Upgrade-System durchaus Sinn, wirkt aber trotzdem fad.
Gaming Nexus
DarkStar One: Broken Alliance is a bit repetitive, but it has enough variety and the gameplay is easy enough to get into that the experience is very addictive. More than the sum of its parts, DarkStar One is a successful translation of the complicated space sim genre onto a console, a real rarity on the Xbox 360. Definitely worth a look for seasoned space jockeys and newcomers alike.
When you look at the list I mentioned at the top of this review you’ll note that all of those titles are a few years old, and all of them are PC titles. The fact is simple – consoles have gotten the short end of the stick, producing poorly done ports or being skipped entirely. DarkStar One is a fairly big (and dangerous) world; while it isn’t always the prettiest game nor does it host a wide variety of missions like other contemporary sandbox titles, the important thing to know is this: for a 4 year old port it still manages to bring something new to the table that is fun and the combat works, and in the end isn’t that exactly what we want out of our games? Now we just need to get other companies to bring, or develop, more space sims to the console market – remember that DarkStar One helped pave the way.
“DarkStar One: Broken Alliance“ ist ein solides Abenteuer, das durch die zahlreichen Nebenmissionen eine Menge Spielzeit und spaßiges Weltraumgeballer bietet. Die schlechte Präsentation der Story drücken aber auf die Stimmung und können nicht darüber hinwegtäuschen, dass der Titel eigentlich bereits vier Jahre auf den Buckel hat. Aufgrund mangelnder Alternativen auf der X360 bleibt es in seinem Genre aber der Spitzenreiter.
DarkStar One: Broken Alliance is big, complex, and just messy enough to make it hard to recommend without some reservation. If you've been hard up for a space combat sim, this is a lot of game for $50. If you're short on patience, though, you may want to sit this trip out.
In truth, the very best thing about Dark Star One is just how little competition it has in the space combat sim genre. The closest you'll get on the 360 is Project Sylpheed, and that's far more arcadey and fantastical than this. In an alternate reality where top-tier studios were cranking out four or five of these sort of games a year, DSO's dated graphics and abysmal presentation would likely relegate it to an afterthought. But here on Earth Prime, where competent space shooters, especially on consoles, are bafflingly rare? I'm happy for whatever I can get.
Das Universum und die Möglichkeiten sind bei Darkstar One riesig. So könnt ihr euch nur mit den Kampfaufträgen begnügen, Pirat oder Weltraumpolizist sein oder stattdessen einfach Darkstar One: Der Test des Weltraum-Shooters als Händler große Gewinne erzielen. Wenn ihr euch lediglich auf die Story konzentriert, seid ihr in gut 20 Stunden beim Schluss angelangt. Dagegen wirkt die Präsentation veraltet. Die Grafik ist detailarm und insgesamt mäßig, das Spiel ist textlastig und die Zwischensequenzen sehen für heutige Verhältnisse billig aus. Zwar hat Darkstar One ein Tutorial und auch die Speicherpunkte sind fair gesetzt, aber eure Missionsziele müsst ihr umständlich über ein Logbuch abrufen. Ebenso archaisch wirkt die Landung auf einer Raumstation: Wie beim 20 Jahre alten Wing Commander fragt ihr per Funk um Landeerlaubnis und bewegt die Darkstar One anschließend auf die Station. Wenn ihr dabei zu langsam seid, müsst ihr das Ganze wiederholen. Spaß macht das nicht.
Totally Gaming Network
Darkstar One Broken Alliance is an interesting title. It is definitely showing its age in some respects as the developers didn’t do a whole lot of improvements when they were porting it to the Xbox360. With that said though there aren’t a whole lot of games like this on the Xbox360. Keeping that in mind it will definitely have its fan base as it will be serving a group of people that has been largely ignored. There are definitely some fun moments to be had and once you adjust to the control scheme and the way things work it could also become a fairly deep game. It’s also not a short game so if you are someone who likes titles that you can sink your teeth into then you will definitely want to give this game a try. Your enjoyment of this title will be based on whether you can look past some of the flaws. If you are able to do so then you should find your time in outer space enjoyable.
Console Monster
Despite this, DarkStar One still manages to feel fresh, open and free of frustration - it's easy to lose yourself in the adventure. If you’re prepared to put up with a little bit of grinding and can deal with some of the more repetitive missions outside of the main quest, there’s a lot here to enjoy. For those hankering for an Elite style fix, there’s definitely an amount of homage and given that there’s a distinct gap in this genre, DarkStar One is ahead of its competition. If you fancy yourself as the next Han Solo, it’s one to consider.
Eurogamer.net (UK)
DarkStar One is undoubtedly a bit of a throwback. It's not the all-singing, all-dancing AAA space combat title which could still make a lot of console owners' days, but it does go an awfully long way to proving that a game of that calibre is eminently possible on consoles, as well as providing an entertaining diversion. Perhaps as a cut-price download title, Kalypso could have scraped an 8 with this, but age has weathered the full-price score by one since its debut.
You could add a few other nitpicks to the list of DarkStar One: Broken Alliance's minor problems. The inability to drop a side mission in progress can be a real pain if you select one that takes you to a location you haven't yet unlocked, for example. Sometimes, selecting a neutral object on your target list will not select it on your screen, while another bug may keep you from collecting all 100 available artifacts. Yet with all its foibles, this space combat sim is a lighthearted and enjoyable adventure that could last you upward of 30 hours, depending on how quickly you decide to blow through the story. If you've been looking to light up the heavens with lasers and missiles, there's no reason you shouldn't forgive DarkStar One's flaws and take to the intergalactic trade lanes.
Darkstar One: Broken Alliance is a good game. It will find a dedicated following in the RPG/Space Sim/Combat gamers and most will enjoy the 20 or so hours of gameplay provided. However, this is due in part, to the lack of good genre games being created instead of being because of the outstanding playability. If the developers had focused more on the combat and less on the RPG and if they had not touted the HD aspect I believe there would have been a wider appeal.
Game Shark
And now here is that same basic gameplay, working just fine on a console system. It can be tough getting used to the short throw of the analog stick if you're a joystick guy. There's a fair bit of futzing around with the d-pad and radial menus, which are a minor hassle in the heat of battle. And good lord, it's a pain in the afterburner managing the map, whether it's comparing supplies to demands, finding the nearest pirate gang, or just figuring out the goofy name of whatever system where you're parked. Otherwise, this adaptation to the gamepad works about as well as can be expected, considering there's nothing to sap the feeling of being in a spaceship cockpit quite so thoroughly as clutching a gamepad. But Darkstar One on the Xbox 360 isn't the way to relive the golden era of joysticks and keyboards. Those days are gone and you're on the couch now, taking what you can get. Be glad it's as good a game as Darkstar One.
Darkstar One : Broken Alliance n'est pas sans défauts, et pas que des petits, il est assez répétitif, très inégal dans le rythme de sa progression et surtout, il a pris un vilain coup de vieux. Mais si on fait abstraction de ces quelques lourdeurs, il offre malgré tout un gameplay et une aventure assez riche. Par ailleurs, il n'a guère de concurrence sur Xbox 360 et ceux qui sont intrigués par ce genre de titres peu accessibles et réservés au PC peuvent en profiter pour tenter une première approche.
Spazio Games
DarkStar One: Broken Alliance è l’adattamento di un gioco che quattro anni fa riuscì a farsi apprezzare sul mercato PC grazie all’immediatezza, alla vastità ed al fascino dell’ambientazione, elementi rimasti invariati in questa riedizione per Xbox 360. Purtroppo il titolo non è uscito indenne dalla prova del tempo, col risultato che il comparto tecnico e l’offerta ludica generale, fin troppo ripetitiva, ne abbassano irrimediabilmente la valutazione globale. A nostro parere una distribuzione digitale ed un prezzo più allineato al mercato del Live Arcade avrebbe giovato molto al gioco che, nonostante la cronica mancanza di concorrenza, si ritrova comunque affiancato sugli scaffali a titoli di ben altro spessore, sia tecnico che contenutistico. Un vero peccato, in quanto DarkStar One: Broken Alliance è comunque in grado di intrattenere gli appassionati del genere, ai quali consigliamo di dargli un’occhiata: potrebbero regalarsi numerose ore di divertimento.
Vandal Online
Si os gustan los simuladores espaciales con toques de rol, muchas horas por delante y un vasto universo por explorar deberíais prestarle atención a este juego ya que no hay otro igual en X360. Muchas misiones, una historia larga, cientos de galaxias con distintas razas, sistemas políticos y económicos, configuración y mejoras de la nave constantes, un juego bastante completo que no puede ocultar en ningún momento su carácter humilde en sus apartados técnicos pero que contentará a un público muy específico, y encima sale a un precio reducido por lo que si alguien llevaba tiempo esperando un juego de similares características en X360 debería probarlo, aunque teniendo muy en cuenta que se encuentra completamente en inglés y se necesita un nivel medio para poder disfrutarlo ya que su elaborar historia es uno de sus puntos fuerte.
Gamers' Temple, The
In The End, This Game Hath Been Rated: 65%. When you stop thinking about how much better this game could be and accept it for what it is, you realize it's an enjoyable, story-driven, partial sandbox, space-flight sim that doesn't hold your hand like most current games. But even a space geek may not be able to overlook all of its out-dated and ill-conceived elements.
MS Xbox World
Darkstar One: Broken Alliance is not a terrible game, but it will very likely only appeal to a small amount of gamers. The presentation might put some people off, but the depth of the gameplay and the customisation options mean there is a lot to discover. Although sometimes the missions can get repetitive, the story does move at a suitable pace so any boring spells are minimised. The game incorporates a nice mix of exploration, customisation and combat but perhaps the danger is there is no stand out niche, so for those say looking for a solid space flight combat sim, perhaps might feel the game has missed the mark. Some polishing would perhaps make the experience a little smoother, such as sorting the awkward controls and other various options such as not being able to quit missions outright.
It’s hard to recommend a four-year old game whose main selling point for the AAA price-tag is upgraded graphics, but leaves the core gameplay unchanged. The game has a lot of substance that unfortunately becomes repetitive quite early on. For those who missed the opportunity to play DarkStar One on the PC, I recommend giving that a shot first.
Despite the flaws, and the fact that this has been better before, Darkstar One has kept me interested. Maybe it’s because you get that lonely man in space feeling – I have just watched Moon after all – or maybe it’s because I’m in the mood for a open-world (universe, whatever) game that doesn’t involve running around America shooting pricks, but either way I like it. You might like it too, or more likely, you’ll hate it. But with the price dropping to less than half-price within two weeks of release (thanks to the ‘couldn’t deliver a game in a reasonable length of time if the customer was in their building and everyone they loved would be executed if they failed’ retail fuck-ups Zavvi) you can’t go too far wrong. Unless you literally hate space’s guts, that is.
Game Watcher
So it's easy to end up yearning for more. None of the single pieces of Darkstar are particularly shoddy (voicework aside), but mixed together they form an experience that's largely devoid of anything memorable, but also one that remains hypnotically sedate until eventual boredom sets in. There is a subset of people reading this that will absolutely fall in love with the low-budget production and simplistic exploration here, but for everybody else, it will likely remain a curiosity rather than a necessity, even after extended play. Regardless however, it sits alone as king of the console space exploration genre for now.
Game Critics
Although I certainly admire the attempt and have no damning complaints against DarkStar One, the combination of sameness during play and lack of transparency in the game's systems caused the experience to cool off for me before credits rolled. I certainly understand that it's unrealistic to expect a developer to fill an entire "universe" with stunningly unique content, but while DarkStar One's heart might be in the right place, it needs a top-down overhaul before I can recommend that anyone climb aboard for the journey.
Cheat Code Central
It's a game that's worth experiencing, if only to try out a wholly different genre from anything else available on the major systems. However, the niche it will appeal to is so small that 99% of gamers will be better off renting this one rather than plopping down the full $50 for a risk like this. It's far from being a bad game, but it's equally far from being a good game. If you love exploring space or didn't feel like Mass Effect 2 gave enough of that swashbuckling space explorer feeling, then this is a worthy rental.
It might not be the Elite sequel of your dreams but this space trader is in a field of its own on 360.
Ce n'est certes pas le représentant rêvé d'un genre quasi abandonné sur console, mais il a de sérieux arguments à faire valoir tout de même. Suffisamment pour nous donner envie de filer vers l'infini et au-delà en sa compagnie.
Despite this, DarkStar One is recommended to patient Xbox 360 owners who fancy a game that involves something different to sniping or scoring.
DarkStar One: Broken Alliance has a lot to offer people who are easily entertained by doing the same things over and over, but for the rest of us what's offered here is a far too expensive version of a dated PC title. The game's combat and ship customization are fun, and were great at the time they were originally released, but now simply aren't enough to keep the many hours of random quests and predictable story from losing their luster.
DarkStar One: Broken Alliance has solid combat and a promising RPG-type leveling system. It is unfortunate that everything else seems to have been sucked into a black hole. The campaign is repetitive, and the lack of explanations and direction makes this game a confusing play and provides an overall thin experience.
Nulla da fare quindi per chi sperava di potersi divertire nelle immense distese siderali: Darkstar One: Broken Alliance è da bocciare praticamente sotto ogni aspetto, anche se gli va riconosciuto il merito di aver tentato di introdurre delle componenti potenzialmente molto interessanti. Se lo sviluppo fosse stato più curato e i vari aspetti del gioco fossero stati approfonditi con maggior attenzione ci troveremmo sicuramente di fronte ad un titolo diverso e più gratificante. Un gioco arrivato senza clamori, destinato a scomparire in maniera altrettanto silenziosa.
Gamereactor (Sweden)
Problemet med Darkstar One: Broken Alliance är att det känns utgånget. Gammalt. Mossigt. Spelet är helt enkelt inte med och leker med de coola kidsen. Visst görs försök till att skapa en spännande upplevelse eftersom de val av uppdrag man gör leder till att man kan nischa sig mot olika fraktioner, men det ger inte så mycket effekt i spelet som man kunnat hoppas på. Det går ju bevisligen att göra en bra återutgivning, och tillika uppiffning, av ett äldre spel. Men då kanske råmaterialet ska ha vissa kvalitéer till att börja med.
At full price, Broken Alliance is heresy: it has a place on the 360, but repackaged as tribute to Elite and launched as an XBLA download at half the price.