Dead or Alive 4 Screenshots (Xbox 360)

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Xbox 360 version

Title screen
The main menu swoops through arenas in the background.
Team battles are available, with teams up to 7 in size.
Fighter select screen. Battle of the satin.
The practice mode gives you some control over your AI opponent.
You can engage an exercise mode to practice all of your character's moves.
Casino strip level.
Watch the traffic!
Note the reflections in the windows.
Most levels have extra zones you can knock, drop, or throw enemies into.
That's gotta hurt.
Victory celebration.
Temple level.
Kyoto in bloom level.
Vicious counter move.
... it's a Japanese game.
The wrestling ring level projects the fight live on the big screen.
Arenas that don't have ring-outs have electrified walls.
Multiplayer match lobby. Run your avatar around or watch the actual fight.
Store for your multiplayer avatar.
You can save fight replays and watch them with improved camera control.