Deadlight Screenshots (Xbox 360)

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Xbox 360 version

Start screen
Your diary, which describes some of the events in the past
Some of the collectibles you can find
As this plays in the 80s, you can find some mini games which look from this time
Enjoy the handhelds from the 80s
The game is divided into three acts
Scene selection
The intro is done in comic style scenes
Welcome to the 80s
Collectibles are accompanied with a small picture
Looks like the usual back alley ... or does it?
The size of the screen elements changes often to give a better view of the surroundings
Since you have no weapon in the beginning, it is best to avoid the shadows below
Electricity is your friend ... well not always
There is always something happening onscreen, even if it does not involve your gameplay
The way Hollywood does it ....
Your character always moves in 2D fashion, however enemies may surprise you from the third dimension
And a sewer ...
secret areas open up sometimes where you would not expect it
Finally a weapon.
Despite having weapons, combat is seldom and most of the time best avoided
Sequence between scenes
Wonder who did this ... and why?
Lightning strikes
Thank god they can not climb
You're dead
Welcome to the sewage ... a maze full of traps ...
... and secrets
Use the sling for to trigger objects
Tread carefully
I am quite sure the shadows can not fly copters
Run for your life, or the heli will kill you
Not all survivors are nice
In quiet times, this was the local NHL stadium
Everybody's favourite, the pump action
Lets try to aim with it
And remember to always go for the head!
The locker room, but not the NHL team inside ... sort of.
Bad dreams ...
... and good memories