Dishonored Screenshots (Xbox 360)

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Xbox 360 version

Title screen
Main Menu
Loading screen for Dunwall Tower
Scene from the introduction, where you get ferried by boat to the empress
Your first mission involves the daughter of the empress and you get to learn the basics of hiding your character.
New moves and skills are displayed with an small picture and description
Remember the picture and people, you will meet them again later. And the picture is a collectible.
You learn to fight during your meeting with the empress. Prove yourself!
You can play the game the stealthy way, where you sneak up to an enemy from behind ...
... and strangle him. You can also opt to leave him unconsciousness.
Collect money to buy items.
Doors are usually closed. It is advised to peep through the keyhole first before opening the door.
Guards become suspicious if you are not careful.
You current objective is marked on your screen with a distance meter.
Rats in packs attack anything in sight ... use this to your advantage.
Everyone's favorite ... the sewers.
Books can be found in all locations, they only provide background information though.
Beware of the rats ... you have to make your way past them without alerting them to your presence or they will attack.
Yummy ... rat on stick to replenish your health.
Your trusty crossbow. The second ranged weapon besides your pistol.
Quick access menu for your weapons.
Safes are scattered around the world. Knowing the combination usually rewards your with money or other useful items.
Some items that you can collect are needed to buy upgrades for weapons.
The guards is unaware of your presence. Use this to you advantage.
Always try to use the high grounds to avoid confrontation.
Summary screen after a mission. Collectibles for each mission are displayed to the lower right.
You will get ferried to your new mission by Samuel.
Two of your new allies ... you will grow fond of them (kind of)
Your current objectives
This guy is the shop in your home base, be nice to him as he also provides upgrades for your weapons.
Whale oil is the energy source in Dishonored. It can also be used as an explosive barrel.
You have a weird dream ...
... where you will meet a guy name "The Outsider".
He provides you with some new abilities and a special item called "mechanical heart" which will help you locate runes and charms.
Once it is equipped, runes and charms will show up on your screen.
Bone charms provide perks for your character.
You can also use the heart to look inside NPCs and hear what they are thinking.
Peering through the peephole before opening a door.
High ground is safe ground.
The game features some real weirdos. Pull the lever for some funny comments from this guy.