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Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two (Xbox 360)

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G4 Tech: Tech TV
Epic Mickey 2 once again pays heartfelt tribute to animation history, and does it with style and sincerity. As with the original game, anyone who loves Disney, Mickey Mouse, or just animation history in general will find something to enjoy here, and the fact that the game is a superb platformer and co-op title is icing on the cake. Here's hoping for many more adventures in Wasteland courtesy of Junction Point Studios.
Vandal Online
Hay juegos correctos en todos sus apartados, sin fallos destacables, pero que no sorprenden, no son estimulantes y quedan rápidamente en el olvido. Hay otros llenos de imperfecciones, con evidentes errores, pero que en cambios son frescos, arriesgados y dejan un poso en nuestra memoria para siempre. Con Epic Mickey 2 estamos ante el segundo caso, un título que de haber estado un poco más cuidado y pulido podría haber llegado mucho más lejos, pero al que aceptamos tal y como es, con sus imperfecciones. Lo recomendamos muchísimo a los que añoréis los antiguos plataformas tridimensionales, en peligro de extinción, y que aquí demuestran que se puede innovar y explorar nuevos caminos en el género.
Game Revolution
Except for a still-finicky camera (and Oswald being an adorable pain in the ass), I really enjoyed Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two. The Rainbow Caverns stage is one of the prettiest I've ever seen, the animation style for the cut-scenes is simply beautiful FMV, and the puzzles—while not terribly difficult—are fun to solve. It's a bit more work than one should expect as a kids game, but it's really designed for adults looking to recapture some of that childhood Disney fun, and it does the job well enough. Not perfect, but not a terrible way to spend time in front of the TV.
Sans remettre en question les bases établies dans le premier volet, ce nouvel Epic Mickey réussit à corriger les défauts de son prédécesseur tout en poussant le concept encore plus loin. En plus de fourmiller de quêtes optionnelles, le titre met un point d'honneur à faire en sorte que chaque situation puisse être résolue de manières diverses, en laissant toute liberté de décision au joueur. L'intégration des chansons est un plus indéniable en termes d'ambiance, tout comme la possibilité d'évoluer en compagnie d'Oswald et donc de jouer à deux en coopération.
Gamereactor (Sweden)
å pappret är det mycket som gör Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two till ett bättre spel än ettan. Ett kompisläge, HD-grafik och röstskådespelare rakt igenom. Men mer arbete på solokampanjen och artificiell intelligens och uppdragsvariation hade behövts för att göra Musses återkomst så episk som den kunde ha varit.
Official XBox Magazine
But stick with Epic Mickey 2 and you’ll be rewarded by a level design and style that bring the “epic.” It’s one of those perfectly imperfect games you’ll grow to love, even with its annoyances.
Official Xbox Magazine (UK)
It also makes a good fist of co-op play. Unlike your usual 'stand on two separate buttons' guff, Mickey and Oswald have complimentary movesets that demand careful interaction to proceed. Mickey's world-shaping brush is slightly sexier than Oswald's electro-ray, but both cause Goofy an equal amount of pain, so it's hard to complain. Niche then, but nice.
Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two is not the leap forward that many would have hoped and, in truth, feels like it steps back into safer territory for the most part. Having a second character is also held back by the unreliability of the AI and most of the levels feel like they have been designed to look great rather than play well. Good and bad then, rather like a lot of the recent Disney output, but still worth a look.
God is a Geek
The game is a real mixed bag, which is unfortunate as the concept and design of the game and its world is really creative. The art style is stunning, and will surely grab the attention of players and tempt them to try the game, despite the still-present pre-conceptions that a Disney game will be meant only for kids. The music and sound design is also quite beautiful, helping immerse the player even further into the game. The co-operative play is also a lot of fun, and the game deserves to be played along with a friend. But then you have to weigh it up against the weaknesses, both those that have carried over from the original game, such as the temperamental camera and lack of variety in missions, and the new issues, mainly the often lax artificial intelligence.
È evidente l'impegno profuso da Junction Point per arricchire l'esperienza di gioco in Epic Mickey 2, tuttavia la struttura di gioco pare scricchiolare sotto il peso delle aggiunte applicate alle fondamenta non troppo solide del primo capitolo. La meccanica cooperativa sembra spesso un'aggiunta ridondante agli enigmi a base di vernice e solvente, e giocando in singolo la presenza di Oswald è quasi fastidiosa, mentre la struttura aperta delle sezioni in 3D a volte rende difficile inquadrare precisamente cosa si debba fare per avanzare nei livelli. Il risvolto positivo è rappresentato dalla ricchezza di contenuti e di segreti da scoprire, di NPC con cui parlare e quest da portare a termine a prescindere dal corso della storia principale, in un mondo Disney dotato di una vitalità coinvolgente.
Xbox World Australia (XWA)
Epic Mickey 2: Power of Two is a charming and well envisioned action platformer that manages to bring the things that make Disney projects special to a video game project. The inclusion of co-operative play is bound to be a hit with younger players or even casuals, boasting a hassle free drop-in drop-out system. The production values are almost through the roof, boasting some colourful visuals that are few and far between this generation.
Despite the new additions, Epic Mickey 2 feels phoned in. The charm and novelty of the paint mechanics are starting to fade, and it lacks the ambitious decision making that helped to distinguish the original. What’s left is a mediocre platformer, and all its allusions to Disney’s rich history can only help it so much. It’s back to the drawing board for Mickey and friends.
Dat is eigenlijk het grootste probleem met Epic Mickey. Het weet je op weinig manieren te raken en het complete product is te slapjes om te enerveren. De schitterende vormgeving van de cutscenes en de levels charmeren in eerste instantie, maar de inhoud weet diezelfde charme nooit net zo goed over te brengen. Daar helpt elke mogelijke nostalgie aan oude Disney-tijden ook vrij weinig aan mee. Wat overblijft is een platformer die alleen goed is in basale traditionele klim- en klauteractie. Dat is weliswaar een legitieme reden om een game aan te schaffen, maar alle elementen in Epic Mickey 2 vragen om meer.
Anche i grandi game designer, insomma, possono inciampare, poiché per Warren Spector questo Epic Mickey 2: L’Avventura di Topolino ed Oswald non può che essere una distrazione, un passo falso in una carriera quasi impeccabile; la disattenzione dettata dall’assestarsi su valutazioni forse troppo ottimistiche per il predecessore, che rimane comunque una spanna al di sopra di questo sequel. E’ bene specificare però che non si tratta di una vera e propria bocciatura: Epic Mickey 2 è un discreto platform preso a se stante, piacevole e divertente se disposti a scendere a patti con una realizzazione di medio livello. Di certo non è il capolavoro che tutti si aspettavano, o il seguito ideale di Epic Mickey; e non è tantomeno il ritorno (o la riconferma) prorompente di Warren Spector, come molti auspicavano.
Console Monster
Epic Mickey 2: The Power of two is a real mixed bag. While some of the original’s problems have been addressed many of the issues still remain making for a somewhat frustrating experience. The look and feel is back, as are the great characters and locations with some great new content thrown in. Unfortunately however for every step forward Epic Mickey 2 takes, it also takes a step back with issues both new and old. Add to this a flawed co-op AI system and you end up with a competent sequel if not a great one.
Game Informer Magazine
Attractive visuals only carry the game so far. Just when I finished one infuriating, monotonous boss fight I’d get thrown into another directionless, obtuse puzzle room. The discrete sections connect into an unbroken string of frustrating gameplay. I’m genuinely sad that a game rooted in the joy of Disney failed to evoke any in me, but Epic Mickey 2 is so disjointed and rambling, I was ready to escape Wasteland when the time came.
If you’re a Disney fan, there’s still much joy to be gleaned out of Epic Mickey 2, but those expecting anything outside of its nostalgic heart should, sadly, look elsewhere.
Spazio Games
Epic Mickey 2 è come un pianeta dal nucleo solido, con una superficie devastata da inquinamento e disastri naturali. Il gioco nel profondo ha del potenziale, presenta qualche meccanica brillante e alcune sezioni piuttosto creative, che dimostrano l’amore degli sviluppatori per tutto ciò che è Disney e la presenza di menti notevoli nel team. Crolla tuttavia in aspetti fondamentali quali la precisione dei controlli, l’organizzazione dei livelli, e l’intera struttura a due protagonisti su cui si fonda il gameplay. Riesce a raggiungere la sufficienza solo perché può risultare godibile se giocato con un amico ed è estremamente ispirato artisticamente, ma non è né indicato per i più piccoli, né tra le teste di serie nel genere platform. Piange il cuore a vedere un nome come quello di Spector su un videogame così mediocre, speriamo non ricapiti.
Bedenkt man die Historie der Spiele Warren Spectors, stellt sich schon die Frage, ob er sich nicht langsam entscheiden sollte, ob er ein "Spector"-Spiel oder ein Micky-Spiel machen möchte. Beides gleichzeitig scheint einfach keine gute Idee zu sein.
Il carisma di Disney Epic Mickey 2: L'Avventura di Topolino e Oswald risiede unicamente in un comparto audio di spessore e nei personaggi che fanno da sfondo all’avventura: Topolino, lo stesso Oswald, Pippo, Clarabella, lo stesso Dottore Pazzo e tanti altri non potranno non entrare nel vostro cuore. Purtroppo la presenza di enigmi molto poco comprensibili e di una pessima gestione del coprotagonista in single-player rendono il gioco frustrante e poco adatto tanto ai più piccoli quanto ai giocatori più navigati
Console Obsession
If you can forgive the flaws and put up with the controls, then there is a solid mixture of platforming and puzzles to invest time in. For many, this will appear to be a sequel that has not fixed what was wrong with the original game – and the difficulty will put off younger players. The execution does not live up to the ambition, and Disney fans will ultimately be disappointed that this lacks real magic.
Epic Mickey 2 is disappointing. There is no other way to put it. For a game I was genuinely excited to play, I found myself constantly forcing play sessions. The worthless AI partner, confusing direction and poor design really hold this game back. My journey into wasteland was not a pleasant one, and that is the most disappointing aspect of it all. I really wanted to love Epic Mickey 2, but in the end I simply just did not want to play it anymore.
That's an awful lot of criticism for a game born from love, and one that might see more appreciation from younger players. I'd have added forgiveness too, but I think kids may be even more sensitive to how Epic Mickey 2 feels – and it feels bad, man. The gap between concept and execution has rarely felt as wide, and the Mad Doc's redemption has only come closer by a smidge.
Escludendo questo discorso, il gioco in sé fallisce comunque anche nei fondamentali e soffre di difetti che il genere platform dovrebbe ormai considerare troppo antichi per caderne vittima, primo tra tutti il sistema di telecamere inadeguato. Il design è comunque centrato, ma il gioco che c'è dietro non riesce a riproporre i fasti Disney in maniera convincente.
Level 7
Epic Mickey 2 är ett plattformsspel som lider av en hel del brister. Kameran är bångstyrig, kontrollen är för oprecis och tekniken är föråldrad. Spelar du dessutom ensam får du dras med en korkad AI. Tillsammans med en vän lyfter Epic Mickey 2 något, men det blir aldrig bättre än mediokert.
Such is the disappointment of Epic Mickey 2 that fans of the original will feel that the entire soul of the game has been ripped out and replaced with a cheerier but gormless imposter, while anyone who didn't rate it will find even less to enjoy here. In many ways, Epic Mickey was fortunate to get a sequel. But given how that opportunity has been squandered, I'd be amazed if a third game is ever given the green light.
Strategy Informer
Epic Mickey 2 is like a wonderful celebratory book of Disney lore where 80% of the pages have been torn, ripped, doodled over or spilled coffee on. On a base level there are numerous things to love, but the actual playing of the game turns that joy into hard, bitter anger. I enjoyed the first game despite its flaws, but the lack of a compelling story and a less interesting world combined with the variety of problems enforced co-op brings has rendered the sequel painful to get through. If you throw your pad down in disgust more than five times in a single play session then you’re not having fun. I certainly didn’t have fun with Epic Mickey 2. Shame.
Such is the disappointment of Epic Mickey 2 that fans of the original will feel that the entire soul of the game has been ripped out and replaced with a cheerier but gormless imposter, while anyone who didn't rate it will find even less to enjoy here. In many ways, Epic Mickey was fortunate to get a sequel. But given how that opportunity has been squandered, I'd be amazed if a third game is ever given the green light.
Video Game Generation
Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two is anything but epic. Unless you mean epic fail, a designation which the game fits admirably. Conceptually, this one had a lot of potential…well, it had a playable Oswald anyway!...but lousy development and an overbearing attention to marketing and promotion of the bizarre and somewhat frightening cult of Disney leads to a complete failure to follow through on any such promise. The game feels slapped together and produces the curious reaction in the player of half wanting to continue playing and half wanting to throw the game at Walt’s cryogenically frozen head with pinpoint accuracy and deadly force. Oh, well. At least it’s nice to look at.
40 (UK)
Throughout the tangled adventure, Junction Point clings to one classic Disneyland idea, of course: the Hidden Mickey - the moment where three circles join to create that iconic silhouette. In truth, Mickey's lost rather than merely hidden here, trapped within a game that won't come into focus. Fascinating and frustrating by turn, there's just enough to make you cling to the hope that one day the development team will actually find him. For now, I'd love the big, glossy, elephant folio art book of the Epic Mickey series, but I can probably do without the games themselves.