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Vandal Online (Oct 26, 2009)
Corren buenos tiempos para el rol de fantasía, con el lanzamiento en apenas cuatro semanas de tres títulos excelentes: Risen, Divinity 2 y Dragon Age Origins. Los aficionados al género tendrán que hacer cuentas y analizar con lupa las tres propuestas antes de decidirse. Esa será la primera de todas las decisiones que tendrán que tomar.
Console Monster (Dec 02, 2009)
Divinity is not a game to be taken on lightly. If you're looking for something to blow a few hours every now and then, this is not your horse to back. Divinity is a game that really gives back what you put in but if all you have is a few hours spare, it will slap you in the face and tell you to return to your hussy, Modern Warfare 2, before telling you it didn't know what it was doing with you anyway and that all its friends had been telling it you were no good. If you do have the time, though, prepare to be engulfed in a world of mystery, magic and mighty big swords which will most definitely make the hard slog worthwhile.
80 (Oct 14, 2009)
Divinity II développe sa propre vision du jeu de rôle, essentiellement basée sur l'action. Gorgé d'ennemis et d'items, le titre fait honneur à l'antique précepte porte-monstre-trésor. Divinity II n'en oublie pas pour autant ce qui fait l'essence du genre, avec son scénario prenant et ses quêtes bien écrites, sublimées par la possibilité de lire les pensées des personnages. La tour de guerre est une excellente idée, tout comme la transformation en dragon. Ces nombreuses qualités suffisent à occulter une myriade de petites imperfections, notamment techniques, qui ne parviennent jamais à entacher le grand plaisir de jeu procuré.
Impulse Gamer (Nov, 2009)
At the end of the day, I enjoyed the game, even though there were a few pesky issues with the camera mode and the slow start of the game. However prevalence will definitely unleash your inner dragon which is where the game shone for me. It may not be the most original RPG game on the market or attempt to add a curve ball into the future of the RPG market but at the end of the day, it's competent on most levels.
70 (Oct 05, 2009)
Uiuiui! Nach einer anfänglichen Euphoriephase, in der man der Meinung ist, dass den Larian Studios trotz Tearing und gelegentlichen Pop-Ups eine gute Umsetzung des düsteren Action-Rollenspiels gelungen ist, wird man technisch schnell auf den Boden der Tatsachen zurückgeholt. Und das bedeutet, dass man zwar farbenfrohe und gut aufgelöste Texturen genießen darf, dafür aber auch Pop-Ups, Ruckler und Fade-Ins in Kauf nehmen muss, die proportional zur Größe des Gebietes zunehmen. Im Gegenzug zeigen aber Steuerung und vor allem Benutzerführung mit übersichtlichen Menüs und optimierter Schriftdarstellung, dass man sich der Verantwortung bewusst war, der man sich mit der 360-Umsetzung ausgesetzt hat. Inhaltlich zeigt sich Divinity 2 mit seiner vielschichtigen Geschichte, der Möglichkeit, später auch als Drache spielen zu können, seiner gut aufgebauten Missions-Struktur sowie den Rätseln und allem, was die PC-Version auszeichnete, von seiner besten Seite.
Game Watcher (Dec 10, 2009)
Divinity II, whilst not being a direct contender to Dragon Age, is nevertheless going to be in the shadow of that game's PR machine. It's a very good title, and highly addictive in certain areas. It's not often that we play through a game until the early hours of the morning, but this title earned its place on that most hallowed list. Unfortunately, it's far from perfect. Nothing game-breaking, but there's so many oddities, annoyances and moments of utter frustration that keep this game from being as great as it could have been. Nevertheless, there's plenty here to entertain, and it's not every day that a game can stand up against Bioware and not be utterly crushed.
MS Xbox World (Nov 26, 2009)
If it wasn't for the poor battle system and movement this would be an absolutely cracking game, the stories are reasonable (apart from the ending), it looks beautiful and it has a good sense of humor. If you can put up with its flaws and want to lose yourself playing a game for hours then this is for you but if your the kind of person who gets annoyed easily and who wants a truly immersive RPG then stay well away.
NZGamer (Nov 30, 2009)
If you read the above and look at the numbers, you probably imagine that this game is not worth looking at. That's not the case. Yes, it's pretty rough around the edges and yes, it can be frustrating to interface with. What it is, however, is a very good story with an engaging combat engine, lots of content and a good bias towards action. If you think you can handle the amateurish presentation and clumsy interface and are looking for a solid story-driven RPG, you should definitely check it out. Just be prepared for roughness and you'll be happy with the result.
64 (Nov 24, 2009)
Divine Divinity isn’t that divine. It is littered with lag issues, repetitive environments and boring and pointless story mode. The post-war enemies are out of place in the setting looking so clean from a game like Fable 2. It’s not well thought out and it’s not well done, which is unfortunate really.
Legendra (Feb 27, 2010)
Divinity II est un jeu bourré de potentiel et de bonnes intentions. Cependant, faute à une mauvaise exploitation de ses idées, Larian Studios n'en a fait qu'un jeu parfois agréable sans plus et qui peut très vite devenir lassant. Le scénario, s'il se pose évidemment en gros point fort du jeu, aurait gagné à connaître une narration moins décousue. Au final, l'ensemble paraît léger comparé à ce que peuvent proposer les derniers jeux de rôle en date (Dragon Age, The Witcher ou Oblivion pour remonter encore dans le temps, et j'en passe), même si l'ensemble reste globalement sympathique à jouer.
60 (UK) (Nov 25, 2009)
The story is compelling and well told, and there's certainly enough flow to put it in the category of "just ten more minutes" games - but you'll need a lot of patience to get the most out of Ego Draconis.
RPG Site (Jan 31, 2010)
It has been 6 long years since Beyond Divinity, but we are looking at the "Matrix Revolutions" of the series. Divinity II's pacing is horrible, the visuals are poor, the story very much forgettable, the gameplay mechanics downright dreadful, and the lack of any real sort of replayability - something you wouldn't actually expect from an RPG trying to be this epic in scope - makes this game a privileged member of your local game retailer's bargain bin. This is the kind of title you will only enjoy if you decide to turn your brain off for 40 hours whilst in the comfort of your chair. Do yourself a favor and pass this one up for much more fantastic games like Dragon Age or The Witcher. I just do not seeing this title becoming a true contender.
IGN (Jan 15, 2010)
I can’t recommend the Xbox 360 version of this product to anyone. The occasionally glitchiness of the PC version was much more pronounced on the console, particularly when it came to enemies getting stuck in the environment. The aiming mechanic is cumbersome and confusing when dealing with more than one target, which happens frequently, the menu system and interface are a chore to sift through, and character movement and control is more imprecise. An inconsistent framerate, low level of detail compared to other Xbox 360 releases in this genre, and jerky animations combined with the already unoriginal art style makes this an unpleasant experience for anyone. Even worse, at one point a door disappeared from the environment so I couldn’t actually exit and had to reload a previous save (which didn’t solve the issue), and in multiple instances save files I overwrote multiple times didn’t load correctly.
I know you can argue that I didn’t give Divinity II: Ego Draconis enough of a chance. Trust me playing this game for the amount of time I did is more than enough. Releasing this game at full price on the Xbox 360 is a crime. Think Rogue Warrior, it is that bad. I really don’t know if I can recommend this game to anyone. Maybe if you played the first one you might care to try this one. There are dragons in it and you can make or raise your own creators. But I’m sure that aspect of the game is just as bad as the rest.