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HonestGamers (Nov 03, 2016)
It's always fun going back to the classics, especially when they hold up as well as Doom 2 does. I don't mean from a technological standpoint, as the graphics are really dated and you won't be doing such things as jumping or even aiming your weaponry beyond making sure it's pointed in the general direction of your target. I'm talking more about the pure fun factor I have, playing a shooter where the focus is on the single-player campaign. Where you have a total of over three dozen stages, many of them intricately designed with cleverly-placed monsters and traps, as well as useful items hidden everywhere for players willing to explore every nook and cranny. Let others enjoy their Call of Duty games with their pretty graphics, shorter campaigns and focus on multi-player competitions -- this is the only FPS that needs to be on my hardware!
100 (Jun 17, 2010)
Brash, ballsy, gory and full of the sweetest and most playable shooting action available, Doom II is a faithful conversion that is easily worth the 800 points it’ll cost you.
90 (UK) (Jul 15, 2010)
Is it a good port? Just as the original XBLA port of Doom fitted snugly on the Xbox 360 a few years back, this steroid-pumped sequel works well. Wisely, Nerve Software hasn't messed around with visual or audio makeovers, and instead opts for a rather beautiful 'warts and all' approach that delivers the game exactly as id Software intended in 1994. The controls work beautifully, the multiplayer options are ideal, and the No Rest For The Living expansion pack adds nine new levels. What more could you want?
Digital Chumps (Jun 04, 2010)
DOOM II is legendary, plain and simple. It's required gaming for any action/FPS gamer, and this XBLA release is extra special in that it has a new nine level episodes created by Nerve Software. Highly recommended.
Console Monster (Jun 22, 2010)
Despite a poor multiplayer, Doom II really is a great game and if you have never played a Doom title before I urge you to try it. The 800 Microsoft Points price tag might be a little off putting but if you like to fully complete your games the replay value is excellent. Whether you are trying to find every last secret, run through every level on par time or take on the deadly “Nightmare” mode, you will find that Doom II will keep you entertained for a very long time. Why do you think it’s still popular after all these years? Buy it!
82 (Jun 11, 2010)
The legendary Doom 2 is simple and pure. It wasn't the most revolutionary game compared with the original Doom but the extra enemies and 32 levels offered players more than enough to put their teeth in. It's an essential piece of history for any action and FPS gamer. The price of 800 MS Points may be a bit high but the extra episode does make it worthwhile.
Xboxygen (Jun 13, 2010)
Doom est un jeu majeur de l’histoire du jeu vidéo et Doom II peut être une des meilleures suites de l’histoire du jeu vidéo. Si vous n’avez pas connu Doom à l’époque vous aurez peut-être des difficultés à commencer avec ce second épisode mais l’action effrénée qu’il propose et sa difficulté enivrante satisfera les plus difficiles d’entre vous. Pour 800 pts vous aurez un aperçu de l’enfer dont vous ne reviendrez pas intact !
Gamereactor (Sweden) (Jun 01, 2010)
För de som gillar det klassiska Doom är Doom II: Hell on Earth ett givet köp, för oinvigda och de som inte bryr sig om nostalgi torde demot kunna avgöra om det är värt pengarna eller inte. Personligen kan jag tycka att trots att det är rakt och ibland simpelt i sin struktur, bjuder det på en ärligare utmaning än vad spelen gör idag. Grafik och ljud för mina tankar tillbaka till 90-talet och id Softwares egna lilla helvete, ett trevligt ställe att vara, några svettiga och hektiska timmar.
1UP (Jun 04, 2010)
Old-timers like me, who can relish the wonderful feeling of nostalgia when the game's tinny sound effects or simplistic level-design "tricks" carry us back to the salad days of Nirvana and Laserdisc, will garner some enjoyment from the game. But even then, the pervasive sense of antiquity is hard to overcome. Maybe it's just that this game, in particular, didn't hold up well, or maybe it's the genre -- FPS games tend to be half tech demo these days, anyway. Or maybe it's just that a game can be so old that the rift between it and modern culture is too great to overcome. Hell, you wouldn't want to ride to work in a horse-drawn carriage every day, wouldja?
GameSpot (Jun 01, 2010)
The dramatic evolution that the first-person shooter genre has undergone in the years since Doom II's release makes the proposition of going back to hell questionable. You definitely get a lot of game for your 800 points, but the outdated design elements actually make playing the game feel more like an exercise in backward time travel than something to be done for enjoyment. This was an important stepping stone on the path to where we are today, but unless you're eager to experience that evolution for yourself, Doom II is better left in the past.