Dragon Age II Screenshots (Xbox 360)

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Xbox 360 version

Title screen
Scene from the intro movie
Character selection screen
Targeting enemies for your spell
Dead enemies sometimes leave loot
Some chests are locked and need to be picked by thieves
An ogre, your first dangerous enemy
Dragon age features .... dragons!
Welcome to Kirkwall ... you will spent a lot of time in this city
The journal contains all sort of information
Varric deals with his brother
Map view
The Chantry of Kirkwall
Party selection screen
Your party in combat ... this can get somewhat confusing sometimes
Inventory screen including item comparison
Note the cave ... you will see the layout of this cave a lot in this game
Ingame tutorial
Finally a dragon you can fight and defeat
Map view
Items can be stored in your personal storage for later retrieval
Templars are another faction in the game
Another repeating dungeon layout
Dialogue options are similar to Mass Effect
You can build relations with your companions depending on your actions
The game is bloody
This is the only kind of vegetation you will see
You will receive letters and quests from your desk
Crafting screen
Everyone's favourite ... a desire demon
The big spider did not stand a chance against the puny humans
Lightning strikes
The Vartteral is a formidable enemy .. do not underestimate it
Quick selection radial menu
Character creation screen
No RPG without quests ...
... and leveling
Character stats
Learning spells