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Of all the Dragon Age DLC thus far, Witch Hunt appears more thoroughly thought-out and rolls very much like a natural progression from either the Origins or Awakenings finale. This is a must-have DLC for all Ferelden adventurers. Its “to be continued” ending left me screaming (literally) for more, and I found myself trapped in a cliffhanger-type ending from a 1940s adventure serial. When the next piece of the puzzle comes out, I will have no choice but to join in. There are still too many loose ends to be tied. “Change is coming to the World!”
60 (UK) (Sep, 2010)
As an excuse to spend another mildly diverting evening in Ferelden, Witch Hunt does its job, but it's a functional offering rather than an inspiring one. Hamstrung by the piecemeal nature of Dragon Age DLC, and squandering a lot of the brilliantly constructed narrative from the full game, it's for completists only.
30 (Sep 10, 2010)
Scénaristiquement parlant, Witch Hunt est une vaste supercherie, qui ne vous permettra pas d'en savoir plus sur le destin de Morrigan et ne vous proposera aucun épilogue digne de ce nom. Sur le plan du gameplay, cette extension déçoit par son recyclage éhonté d'anciens environnements de jeu et par son absence quasi-totale de challenge. Elle est donc à réserver aux affamés, qui ne peuvent pas se résoudre à la diète en attendant Dragon Age 2.
Game Shark (Sep 14, 2010)
Maybe if Morrigan's ending had been a satisfying one I would have been fine with paying for a 45 minute side quest through places I've already been but it wasn't—so I'm not. What's even more oddly infuriating is that this is how Dragon Age: Origins ends, with a glimpse of your character blankly standing alone as companions walk away before the player is kicked to the menu. This is the ending we're supposed to accept? Perhaps more of Morrigan's story will be told in Dragon Age 2 but rest assured, I no longer care. The only trick this witch pulled off is making my interest in the franchise disappear.