Dragon's Lair Credits

Dragon's Lair Created by

Dragon's Lair Created byDon Bluth, Gary Goldman, Rick Dyer, John Pomeroy

Digital Leisure Inc.

Digital Leisure Inc.David Foster, Paul Gold, Courtney Hilbig, Brian Kayfitz, Mark Kim, Stefan Lipsius, Miguel Maglutac, Alex Pipher, Adam Watson
Additional ProgramingJohn Kenworthy Nielson (Bacon Wrapped Games), Kevin Pancrazio (Bacon Wrapped Games), Frozen North Productions

Microsoft Studios - Xbox LIVE Arcade Team

ProducerStuart Platt
Test LeadCala E. Posey (Xtreme Consulting Group Inc) (Cala Posey)
Design TeamCraig Ledski Leigh (Craig Leigh), William Hodge, Christopher M. Rubyor (Christopher Rubyor), Daniel Fornace
Development TeamJeffrey S. Blazier (Jeff ), Yukie Yamaguchi
Release ManagementJosh Mulanax, Shogo Ishii (Teksystems)
Lead ProducerKevin Hathaway
Executive ProducerMark Coates
Director, XBLA PublishingTed Woolsey
Business DevelopmentCherie Lutz
Portfolio DirectorChris Charla
Product ManagerDaniel McConnell
MarketingMichael Wolf, John Dongelmans
Europe Localization TeamGerard Dunne, Ricardo Cordoba, Magali Lucchini, Malika Kherfi
Asia Localization TeamMunetaka Fuse, Hiroshi Hosoda, Changseon Ha, Yuko Yoshida, Shinya Muto
User Research TeamTim Nichols (User Research Lead), Michael Medlock (User Research Engineer)
Milestone Acceptance TesterBrian McCarty (Xtreme Consulting Group Inc)
Special ThanksOliver Miyashita, Kevin Salcedo, Matt Golz, Daniel Smith, Chuck Harrison, David Boker, Josh Bliggenstorfer (Volt)

Experis IT

Test LeadLloyd Bell
STE LeadRussell Allen
Software Test EngineersAllyson Burk, Nicholas Hardy, Kim Lyles, Chris Merritt, Eric Ranz
Software Development Engineer in TestValeriy Novytskyy (Val Novytskyy)
Test AssociatesJosh Breese, April Culberson, Jason Fox, Clayton K. Hopper, Matthew Howells, Alan Hume, Kevin Lourigan, Risë Lugo, Youngmin Kim, Ryan Naegeli, Isaac Price, Masha Reutovski, Jonathan Tote, Gillian Williams, Marc Williams, Jeffrey Woito, Tyler Young, Jae Yslas

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Credits for this game were contributed by Michael Cassidy (17977)