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Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project (Xbox 360)

100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
5 point score based on user ratings.

Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project Credits

Xbox 360 version developed by 3D Realms

Project LeaderGeorge Broussard
ArtistJay Brushwood
ProgrammerEric Bailey
QA TesterBryan Turner

Xbox LIVE Arcade Team

ProducerStuart Platt
Test LeadsNeil Widmaier (VMC Consulting Corporation), Daniel E. Smith
Release Management TeamJosh Mulanax
Software Test ManagerMatt Golz
Product Planning & Business TeamCherie Lutz
MarketingJustin Mier, Jennifer Yi
PRJulianne Diaz
VMC Test ManagerScott R. Griffiths
VMC MAT Test LeadJustin Davis
VMC Senior Test LeadCala E. Posey
VMC Test LeadKelly Shipman
VMC TestersRobert C. Minnick, Jason Yeager, Kieran R. Hunt, Tyler Bearce, Anna Dahm
International Project ManagerMalika Kherfi
Localization Software EngineerMichael Ivory
Lead Localization Test EngineerEnda Kelly
Translation Project ManagerMagali Lucchini
Special ThanksOliver Miyashita, Kevin Salcedo, Ted Woolsey, Andrew Williams

Originally developed by Sunstorm Interactive,

ProducerRobert Travis
Lead ProgrammerDaniel Edwards
Behavorial ProgrammingDarren Mohle
ProgrammingChris Brooks, Michael Kraack, Dustin Russell
Lead ArtistRyan Butts
ArtistsMike Buck, Jeramy Cooke, David Graham, Jason Smith
Additional ArtDavid Manuel, Todd Marshall, Thomas Miller, Robert Travis
AnimatorRichard Lico
Lead Level DesignRobert Travis
Level DesignersJeremy Blumel, Matt Harris, Kris Stout, Chris Voss
Additional Level DesignJan Konopásek, Sean Lynn
Game Concept / DesignJeramy Cooke, Daniel Edwards, Darren Mohle, Robert Travis
Creature / Weapon DesignRyan Butts, Todd Marshall, Jason Smith
Sound DesignGary Phillips
Voice TalentJon St. John (as Duke Nukem)
Additional VoicesDavid Manuel, Judith Peterson, Jennifer Wildes
MusicDarren Mohle, Loud Science
Musical ContributorsMatthew Diffin, Gary Phillips, Justin Chornenky
PRISM 3D Programming SupportDaniel Edwards, Matt Gdowski, Gary McNickle, Darren Mohle

Arush Entertainment

PresidentJim Perkins
CEOJim Perkins
EVP of Product DevelopmentDavid Adams
Chief Financial DirectorDean Hoffman
Manager, Marketing Comm.Donald Case
ProducerChris Boxmeyer
ArtistJustin Chornenky
Play TestingTiffany Kronebusch, Eric Konzal, Absolute Quality
Very special thanks toPeter Armstrong

Xbox 360 version developed by 3D Realms

Design ConsultantsGeorge Broussard, Scott Miller, Bryan Turner
Play TestingTerry Nagy, Petri Järvilehto, The Remedy Crew, Chris Rhinehart, Joe Siegler
Special Thanks toAllen H. Blum III, Todd Jason Replogle

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