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Level (Nov, 2011)
Med F1 2011 har Codemasters valt att dra en tydlig linje i sanden och gjort den där "vägen till de riktiga loppen" ännu hårdare och viktigare. Det är en utmaning som talar sitt nydliga språk – F1-serien tar ett stort steg ifrån casual-spelare som jag och det är fritt fram att gå vidare till andra bilspel eller följa med på Codemasters resa. Den går i 300 kompromisslösa knyck och är det häftigaste man får uppleva bakom en ratt i år.
Minor criticisms aside, the only thing F1 2011 doesn’t have going for it is that it is released just weeks before Microsoft’s 800lb gorilla Forza 4. Casual fans might simply wait for that one. Their loss though. F1 2011 gets top marks in all aspects of the game, especially how it handles. There’s more than enough here to warrant a purchase even if you picked up last year’s game. Heck the online co-op championship mode might be worth the price of admission for many. If this is indeed going to be a yearly release, let’s hope Codemasters continues to evolve things as they have done this year.
games xtreme (Oct 29, 2011)
A slickly presented game and one that I will be coming back to again and again. It's a strong contender for me as being one of the best F1 simulations I have played to date. As the years have progressed they have become more and more playable. I remember with dread the nightmare that was Formula 1 2001 with very twitchy controls and nigh impossible to finish races. That has been improved thanks to Formula 1 championship editon that was released in 2007 leading the way, and has since been built on until we have this addition and last years iteration. I will admit it's unlikely to sway some away from the likes of Forza but as the popularity of F1 continues to grow, then I hope the game follows the same upwards curve and with time more and more people get on board with this gaming franchise. Nice Codemasters Birmingham, give yourselves a pat on the back.
GamesCollection (Jan 17, 2012)
Formula 1 2011 si conferma come un ottimo titolo replicando il successo dell'anno passato . Gli sviluppatori della casa britannica possono stappare lo champagne, perché il loro lavoro si piazza sicuramente sul podio delle simulazioni di guida meglio realizzate. Il gioco per la sua natura sicuramente sarà apprezzato con enfasi dagli appassionati delle monoposto (o di guida in generale) mentre per gli altri giocatori potrebbe essere una valida alternativa a quei generi sportivi che per i motivi descritti all'inizio di questa review ,possono nel tempo dare quella forte sensazione di già visto, non trovate?
Gameplay (Benelux) (Sep 28, 2011)
F1 2011 moet je gewoon een keer gespeeld hebben. En dat geldt zeker voor de tv-kijker die de sport 'saai' vindt. Dit is je kans om je mening te herzien en tegelijk een leuke racer te spelen.
85 (Sep 22, 2011)
F1 2011, en plus de n'omettre aucune des nouveautés relatives à la saison en cours, corrige une bonne partie des défauts de son aîné, notamment en termes d'IA, afin d'offrir des courses toujours plus réalistes aux amoureux de la discipline. D'ailleurs, la majorité des progrès parlera en priorité aux véritables fans ainsi qu'à ceux qui jouent en multi, en ligne ou non. Doté d'un gameplay aux petits oignons et d'une réalisation de qualité, le jeu de Codemasters s'impose sans mal comme une référence, tous sports auto confondus.
IGN (Sep 16, 2011)
Most of F1 2011’s problems only come to light when you kick over one too many rocks or you prod it too hard. Examine the environments close-up or grief the collision system by harpooning your way into clumps of competitors and, yes, the illusion will be temporarily shattered. Play it properly, however, and F1 2011 is an incredibly satisfying experience. Difficult and draining, but ultimately extremely rewarding. Few, if any, other racing games can truly match its intensity.
XboxAchievements (Sep 16, 2011)
Codemasters Birmingham has excelled in improving upon F1 2010, resolving some of the issues that held back its first effort, with a game that offers the definitive Formula One experience. F1 2011 is an awesome racing game, but really, only the hardcore need apply. This is as real as it gets, and as such deserves the champagne and podium treatment.
83 (Sep 26, 2011)
Formel 1 2011 macht sehr viel besser als sein Vorgänger – so viel steht fest! Codemasters hat mit schickeren Kulissen und kernigeren Motorklängen nicht nur die Technik weiter aufgebohrt, sondern auch inhaltlich einige Schwachstellen aus dem letzten Jahr behoben: Endlich gibt es ordentliche Zwischenzeiten, endlich kommt konstruktives Feedback über den Boxenfunk! Und auch die Boliden mit unterschiedlicher Leistung habe ich dank der überarbeiteten Fahrphysik besser im Griff, wobei auch die neuen Zusätze KERS und DRS neben den Pirelli-Reifen maßgeblich dazu beitragen, dass die Formel 1 als Spiel in diesem Jahr insgesamt noch mehr Spaß macht als im letzten. Doch warum fährt dann nicht auch F1 2011 aufs Award-Podest? Weil Codemasters zu viele alte Kritikpunkte unangetastet gelassen hat und sich weitere Schwächen aufgetan haben, die die Lust am Rasen trüben.