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Fable II: See the Future (Xbox 360)

Fable II: See the Future Screenshots

Xbox 360 version

New loading screen.
Arriving at the Celestial Keep.
Fighting the undead.
You can switch to 1st-person perspective when you're not walking.
Using magic to create ghost warriors to fight at your side.
Using bow and arrow while your ghost warriors are occupying the undead enemy.
Entering mysterious cave through one of the crypts.
Fighting a pack of hobbes.
Bow and arrow can pin down enemy leaving them no time to retaliate.
A satisfied smile of a victory... or his belly's full.
Cursed snowglobe is one of the cursed objects that will let you teleport to a new location.
A village inside the cursed snowglobe.
Many notes and messages are of little importance, but may provide you with a clue of what has happened.
Found a treasure box.
Day and night occur dynamically... you can witness dawn as it approaches.
Alas, you can not take a dip and go for a swim.